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Place Not Race: Reforming Affirmative Action to Redress Neighborhood Inequality

by Sheryll Cashin

Reforming Affirmative Action at Universities Misses Deeper Problems

by George Galster

Race and Place

by Gerald Torres

Keeping the American Federal State Active: The Imperative of 'Race-Sensitive' Policy

by Desmond King


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Discussion 4: Neighborhood Gentrification

The fourth discussion explores the relationship between gentrification, neighborhood integration, and public participation.  Read more >>




Discussion 3:Ending Segregation: Our Progress Today

The third discussion in The Dream Revisited asks why we haven't made more progress in reducing segregation.  Read more >>




Discussion 2: Economic Segregation in Schools 

The second discussion in The Dream Revisited explores economic segregation within our schools and argues for its continued relevance today.  Read more >>



Discussion 1: Why Integration? 

The first discussion in The Dream Revisited asks what we mean by "integration" and why it may be a necessary strategy to achieve racial and economic equality.  Read more >>





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