Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
05/26/22 Why a Lucrative Tax Break for Developers Is Likely to Die in Albany The New York Times
05/25/22 Discrimination Weakens Tool for Reducing N.Y. Homelessness, Lawsuit Says The New York Times
05/23/22 City Council Speaker Adams calls to triple city budget for affordable housing Crain’s New York
05/19/22 Debate swirls over property tax exemption for real estate developers Gothamist
05/18/22 Why do so many LA apartments come without fridges? Los Angeles Times
05/16/22 Now Is The Time for Gainesville Residents to Get Informed, Involved in Housing Issue The Gainesville Sun
05/12/22 City Council to Push for More Affordable Housing Investment in Budget Negotiations City & State NY
05/08/22 Facing Soaring Rents, Some U.S. Tenants Are Fighting Back Yahoo News
05/06/22 These Employers Are Helping Workers Achieve Their Dreams of Homeownership Fortune
05/05/22 Panel Backs Rent Increases for More Than 2 Million New Yorkers New York Times
04/25/22 Housing Court Is Breaking Curbed
04/25/22 Rising Construction Costs Stall Affordable Housing Projects Pew
03/31/22 Will Ending a Lucrative Tax Break Ease or Fuel the N.Y.C. Housing Crisis? The New York Times
03/31/22 Five predictions from Fed event on ‘future of New York’ Crain’s New York
03/29/22 Inside the government’s feeble fight to end redlining HousingWire
03/29/22 Why California succeeded—and New York failed—at turning hotels into affordable housing Quartz
03/28/22 Salvation In The Sky: As congregations dwindle, air rights become more valuable to churches—and to developers building into the heavens Crain’s New York
03/22/22 After Slow Start, U.S. States Spend Billions in Emergency Rent Relief Bloomberg CityLab
03/16/22 Can NYC Live Without Its $1.7-Billion-a-Year Developer Tax Break? Dueling Claims Define Budget Talks THE CITY
03/10/22 As US homeownership surges, Black families still left behind Smart Cities Dive
03/09/22 New York’s First Supertall Tower Outside of Manhattan Rises in Brooklyn The New York Times
03/01/22 Battery Park City Residents Seek Relief From Upper-Middle-Class Poverty Curbed
02/26/22 In first year, Boulder’s Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services program finds success Boulder Daily Camera
02/23/22 How the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Drives Housing Inequality CityWatch Los Angeles
02/22/22 Hochul drops controversial proposals to boost housing POLITICO
02/14/22 A Tenant’s Guide to 421-a, the City’s Biggest Tax Break for Developers and Landlords The City
02/08/22 New York Needs to Learn a Housing Lesson From … New Jersey? Slate
02/02/22 Progressives and Hochul Battle Over Fate of $1.7B Developer Tax Break The City
01/22/22 One Week After Eviction Moratorium Ends, Thousands Of At-Risk Tenants Seek Assistance Gothamist
01/20/22 How Fire Defined the Bronx, and Us The New York Times
01/10/22 A Bronx Community Bloomed After One Housing Crisis. Can It Survive Another? The New Republic
12/20/21 Newly-Approved SoHo Rezoning Promises Affordable Homes. How Much Will they Really Cost? City Limits
12/10/21 New York takes aim at apartment bans The Real Deal
11/23/21 New York Targets Affluent Neighborhoods in Push for Affordable Housing The New York Times
11/16/21 How the Pandemic Worsened a Housing Crisis in the Bronx The New York Times
11/11/21 What rising rents mean for inflation Marketplace
10/27/21 Voters in St. Paul, Minnesota, to decide on strict rent control proposal Marketplace
10/18/21 Low-income New Yorkers face an outsize risk from extreme weather Crain’s New York
10/15/21 How to Make Universal Vouchers Actually Work Shelterforce
10/14/21 How a $2 Million Condo in Brooklyn Ends Up With a $157 Tax Bill Bloomberg News
10/11/21 Hotel conversions race against the clock The Real Deal
10/07/21 Can Biden Deliver on His Promise to Expand Housing Vouchers? Bloomberg CityLab
09/30/21 Voucher recipients less likely to be vulnerable to eviction, study finds The Real Deal
09/22/21 NY Says More Funds Needed As Rent Aid Speeds Up Law360
09/21/21 How to Convert Hotels Into Housing for the Homeless Slate
09/21/21 Why Black homeownership thrives in this special pocket of New York City National Geographic
09/10/21 Why $46 Billion Couldn’t Prevent an Eviction Crisis The New York Times
09/09/21 How much should you expect to spend when you rent your first apartment? CNBC
09/04/21 Andrew Cuomo Left Behind a Rent-Relief Debacle The New Yorker
09/03/21 It Wasn’t Just the Shadows That Stopped a Pair of Brooklyn Towers Curbed
08/27/21 No, New York rent is not more expensive than San Francisco Crain’s New York
08/23/21 Why affordable apartments are so hard to build The Real Deal
08/19/21 Here’s the rent control question St. Paul will vote on this fall Minnesota Reformer
08/17/21 What Gentrification Means for Black Homeowners The New York Times
08/17/21 The Resilience of New York’s Black Homeowners The New York Times
08/15/21 Avert the eviction crisis Times Union
08/14/21 Landlords and Tenants Worry About Effects of Ruling on Eviction Moratorium The New York Times
08/04/21 Undoing Structural Racism: The Need for Systemic Change in Housing Policy Nonprofit Quarterly
07/31/21 Struggling US renters at risk as eviction moratorium expires Financial Times
07/26/21 ‘Unprecedented Spike’ in U.S. Evictions Looming as Ban Expires Bloomberg News
07/25/21 New York Has $2.7 Billion for Rent Relief. Many Have Yet to Receive Aid. New York Times
07/24/21 As Moratoriums Lift, Will America Face a Wave of Foreclosures and Evictions? The Economist
07/12/21 Covid Didn’t Kill Cities. Why Was That Prophecy So Alluring? New York Times
06/28/21 Addressing the Housing Needs of Small and Midsize Cities DS News
06/26/21 Is This Railroad for the Rich? The New York Times
06/24/21 Modest Rent Increases Approved for 2.3 Million N.Y.C. Tenants The New York Times
06/24/21 NYU’s Furman Center Opens Housing Solutions Lab for Small to- Midsize Cities Builder
06/21/21 Boulder Joins National Efforts To Promote Equal Opportunities Through Housing Policie Daily Colorado News
06/21/21 Are homes infrastructure? Biden’s proposal says better housing policy will improve access… NBC News
06/17/21 City of Oakland Joins National Effort to Advance Opportunity & Equity Through Housing Policy City of Oakland
06/17/21 Arlington’s High Housing Costs, Segregated Neighborhoods Could Be Focus of Partnership Fort Worth Star-Telegram
06/17/21 Arlington Joins a National Initiative to Address Equity in Housing The Dallas Morning News
06/17/21 City Of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Joins Six Midsize Cities In National Effort To Advance Opportunity An Patch
06/14/21 New York Has a Housing Crisis. How Would the Mayoral Candidates Fix It? New York Times
06/02/21 Security Deposits Are a Barrier to Affordable Housing. What Can be Done? Shelterforce
05/26/21 Low-Income Renters Who Fell Behind Face Staggering Debts New York Times
05/25/21 Cuomo’s Back-Rent Relief Finally Arrives. Tenants and Landlords Ask: Will it be Enough? THE CITY
05/25/21 ‘Discriminatory’ City Property-tax System Needs a Federal Civil Rights Probe, Landlords and Tenants Crain’s New York
04/27/21 Federal Aid to Renters Moves Slowly, Leaving Many at Risk New York Times
04/20/21 How Will New York Convert Unused Buildings into Housing? City & State
04/08/21 The Government Is Helping People Pay Rent, but Something’s Gone Wrong Slate
03/29/21 As Eviction Deadline Looms, Some Cities Provide Free Attorneys to Renters WCNC
03/24/21 Despite coronavirus relief dollars, many still waiting for rental aid to arrive ABC News
03/23/21 Eviction Moratoriums: A Lifeline For Thousands Of New Yorkers NY1
02/26/21 A Push for Zoning Reform in Connecticut The New York Times
02/23/21 Mayoral candidates’ big plans for homelessness will be tough to see through Politico
02/19/21 NY lawmakers urge tenants to complete ‘hardship’ paperwork to delay eviction Queens Daily Eagle
02/17/21 Despite Deep Rent Cuts, Essential Workers Are Mostly Left Out The New York Times
02/11/21 Openigloo Tracks Renters Receiving Pandemic Relief From Landlords Greenpointers
02/10/21 NYC Anti-Eviction Forms Slow To Roll In, Stirring Unease Law360
02/09/21 NYC’s Small Landlords of Color Among Those Battling for Survival Amid Rent Moratorium THE CITY
01/01/21 Best of 2020: How wealthy towns keep people with housing vouchers out The CT Mirror
12/28/20 New York Will Ban Most Evictions as Tenants Struggle to Pay Rent New York Times
12/21/20 Ideas for a new New York City and State New York
12/11/20 Lawmakers Mull Action on Evictions as Rent Relief Expansion Stalls The Real Deal
12/11/20 Midtown Is Reeling. Should Its Offices Become Apartments? New York Times
12/11/20 When Togetherness Means Home Is No Safe Haven WHYY
12/09/20 Don’t flush this opportunity: A revived Queens waterfront instead of a fetid mess NY Daily News
11/24/20 New York’s Covid Comeback Must Target Equitable Growth Forbes
11/23/20 Put housing first in the next COVID relief package New York Daily News