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  • The Dream Revisited: Local Control, Affordable Housing, and Segregation

    March 5th 2019

    The NYU Furman Center has launched the twenty-sixth discussion in the The Dream Revisited series, an online forum of debates and perspectives on racial and economic segregation. The new debate Local Control, Affordable Housing, and Segregation, explores how local control in land use decision-making may influence the availability of affordable housing and contribute to economic and racial segregation. Featuring four essays from legal scholars, practitioners, and advocates, the new debate weighs the potential benefits and drawbacks of “scaling up” the zoning process, and moving land use decision-making towards the city, state, or regional level. Read more »

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    Research & Policy

    Supply Skepticism: Housing Supply and Affordability

    January 31st 2019

    Will building more housing lead to more affordable rents and lower home prices? Economics 101 says yes, but an increasingly vocal cohort of advocates and activists—supply skeptics—oppose new housing construction on the grounds that it will not enhance affordability in their communities and might, instead, increase prices and rents. Read more »

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    Research & Policy

    Policy Minute: Perspectives on Housing Supply and Affordability

    January 30th 2019

    This Policy Minute examines whether increasing the supply of market-rate housing improves housing affordability. Read more »

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    The Dream Revisited: Contemporary Debates about Housing, Segregation, and Opportunity

    January 21st 2019

    The Dream Revisited takes as a starting point the belief that all people should be able to live with equal dignity and recognition of their humanity, and that part of the realization of the ideals of the United States is a continuing responsibility to advance equal access to opportunity for all individuals. Even with these basic principles as a starting point, there is still significant disagreement about the causes of contemporary residential segregation, the consequences of that segregation, and how we as individuals and as a nation should address it. Learn more about The Dream Revisited, available now from Columbia University Press. Read more »

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    Policy Minute: Access to Counsel and Other Strategies to Prevent Displacement

    December 21st 2018

    This Policy Minute rounds up recent developments and research on increasing access to legal representation to prevent displacement. Read more »

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