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News and analysis on real estate and land use from Furman Center researchers.

  • Research & Policy

    Policy Minute: New York State Property Tax System

    February 5th 2016

    In January, the New York State Assembly Committee on Real Property Taxation held a public hearing to evaluate New York City’s real property taxation system. Over the years, there have been numerous calls for reform from public officials, advocates, and academics alike, to address inequities within the current four property class system.  Read more »

  • News & Events

    NYU Urban Seminar: Marquise McGraw on Airport Hubs and Urban Growth

    February 2nd 2016

    Co-hosted by the NYU Furman Center and the Marron Institute, the kickoff event for the Spring 2016 NYU Urban Seminar featured Marquise McGraw, assistant professor of Economics at Middlebury College, who discussed his preliminary research on the the marginal effect of an airport hub on a metropolitan area’s economy. Read more »

  • News & Events

    Ingrid Gould Ellen Speaks at “HUD at 50” Event to Commemorate HUD’s 50th Anniversary

    January 29th 2016

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development commemorated their 50th anniversary with an event that explored how HUD’s policies have evolved and the direction they may take moving forward.  Read more »

  • Data Updates

    Mapping the Melting Pot: Where Foreign Born New Yorkers Live

    January 28th 2016

    According to the 2010-2014 American Community Survey, the 37% of New Yorkers who were foreign-born hailed from over 100 different countries. This map shows the distribution of immigrants from the 10 countries with the largest representation in New York City.  A dot in a census tract indicates that 500 people born in the specified country lived in that tract. Read more »

  • News & Events

    Jessica Yager Named Executive Director of NYU Furman Center

    January 6th 2016

    The NYU Furman Center announced today the appointment of Jessica Yager as its new Executive Director. She succeeds Mark A. Willis, who agreed to step into the role two years ago in an interim capacity when Vicki Been, who was a Faculty Director along with Ingrid Gould Ellen, left for the de Blasio administration. Read more »

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