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News and analysis on real estate and land use from Furman Center researchers.

  • Research & Policy

    Policy Minute: Exploring Gentrification

    May 26th 2016

    Gentrification is an evolving topic, affecting many urban areas and highlighting some of the challenges that arise as neighborhoods evolve. This Policy Minute presents some of the latest research on gentrification, displacement, and neighborhood change. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    The Dream Revisited: Public Housing and Deconcentrating Poverty

    May 17th 2016

    The nineteenth discussion debates what we should do about high-poverty, distressed public housing developments in light of recent research from the Moving to Opportunity Program about the costs of concentrated poverty. Read more »

  • News & Events

    The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2015

    May 9th 2016

    On May 9, 2016, the NYU Furman Center released its State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2015 report, which provides a compendium of data and analysis about New York City’s housing, land use, demographics, and quality of life indicators for each borough and the city’s 59 community districts. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    Report Analyzes New York City’s Gentrifying Neighborhoods and Finds Dramatic Demographic Shifts

    May 9th 2016

    A special report on Gentrification in the NYU Furman Center’s annual State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods report identifies 15 gentrifying neighborhoods in New York City and finds that they have seen greater growth in the shares of the population that are young adults, college-educated, white, and living alone or with roommates. Read more »

  • News & Events

    NYU Urban Seminar: Adam Milliard-Ball on “Street Network Sprawl”

    April 20th 2016

    Co-hosted by the NYU Furman Center and the Marron Institute, this week’s NYU Urban Seminar welcomed Adam Milliard-Ball, an assistant professor of Environmental Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz, who led a discussion about street network sprawl and its history, geography, and climatic consequences.  Read more »

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