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User Guide

About CoreData.nyc

CoreData.nyc is New York City’s housing and neighborhoods data hub, presented by the NYU Furman Center. The interactive data and mapping tool standardizes over 20 datasets from a variety of city, state, and federal sources to present over 100 indicators on New York City’s housing and neighborhoods. It includes both property-level housing subsidy information, as well as neighborhood-level information on housing markets, home affordability, land use, demographics, and neighborhood conditions. CoreData.nyc combines this data with independent analysis by the NYU Furman Center, including New York City housing market indicators, analysis, and data visualizations. Users can create maps, download tables, and track trends over time. CoreData.nyc is user-friendly, updated regularly, and publicly-available.

CoreData.nyc’s Subsidized Housing Database includes the only publicly available, property-level database of New York City’s subsidized housing. It allows users to identify currently subsidized properties in the city, the subsidy type and program applicable to specific properties, and the start and end date for the subsidy on a property, allowing the user to identify properties at risk of exiting from affordability restrictions.

CoreData.nyc also includes data describing New Yorkers and the city’s neighborhoods, including information on:

  1. Demographics, including household composition, income, poverty, and race/ethnicity;
  2. Housing Market Conditions, such as lending, housing stock, and sales;
  3. Land Use and Development, including building permits, zoning, and flood zones;
  4. Neighborhood Conditions, such as commute times, crime, and schools; and
  5. Renters, including affordability, subsidies, and rent burdens.

Funding for CoreData.nyc has been provided by the New York City Council. Additional support has been provided by Capital One.

The NYU Furman Center first launched the Subsidized Housing Information Project (SHIP) in 2011. The searchable database consolidated dozens of public and private data sources on the city’s subsidized properties. The development of SHIP was funded by a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and additional support for maintenance and expansion was provided by the New York City Council, Capital One, and the F.B. Heron Foundation. The NYU Furman Center rebranded and relaunched the site as “CoreData.nyc” in November 2016 to mark the expansion of its data sources and addition of user-friendly interactive tools and features.