Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
08/15/11 Foreclosure Crisis Fades to Black and Brown (PDF, 195 KB) City Limits
09/19/12 Foreclosure Crisis: Buzz Fades, Protests Continue (PDF, 687 KB) City Limits
07/01/08 Foreclosure Epidemic Skips Big Apple…So Far (PDF, 131 KB) The Cooperator
10/05/10 Foreclosure in the Family Harms School Performance, Report Finds (PDF, 44 KB) The Wall Street Journal Metropolis
06/17/11 Foreclosure Notices Up for Owners of NYC Rental Buildings (PDF, 53 KB) WNYC
03/25/11 Foreclosure Prevention Funds Still Necessary (PDF, 12 KB) New York Law Journal
03/11/09 Foreclosures and Minorities Nevada Public Radio
11/30/09 Foreclosures Continue to Threaten Neighborhoods (PDF, 134 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/14/10 Foreclosures Draw Flippers, Study Shows (PDF, 26 KB) New York Times
08/26/08 Foreclosures Mean Crises for H.I.V. Positive Renters (PDF, 44 KB) New York Times
07/19/11 Foreclosures on Apartment Buildings Surge Reducing Living Conditions for Tenants (PDF, 116 KB) New York Daily News
03/12/09 Foreclosures Rose 7 Percent on Staten Island, Firm Says (PDF, 23 KB) Staten Island Advance
10/04/10 Foreclosures Taking Toll on More City School Kids (PDF, 41 KB) Crain’s New York
11/07/19 Fort Greene, Brooklyn: Riding the Wave of Gentrification New York Times
03/30/13 Fortifying our financial infrastructure doesn’t mean bailing out wealthy homeowners (PDF, 150 KB) Sun Herald
04/06/09 Four Neighborhoods Roll with the Punches (PDF, 55 KB) Crain’s New York Business
09/19/16 Four Signs the South Bronx is Gentrifying WNYC
01/16/14 Frustration at Lack of Sites to Ease School Crowding in Sunset Park City Limits
07/21/14 Furman Center: Resilience Requirements Ensnare Multifamily Owners Commercial Observer
06/12/12 Furman Report 2011: Lower East Side Population, Housing Snapshot (PDF, 175 KB) The Lo-Down
05/02/12 Furman Report Highlights Low Tax Rate for Houses (PDF, 108 KB) Brownstoner
03/28/12 Furman: Sales Volume Down but Prices Unchanged (PDF, 195 KB) Brownstoner
01/04/16 Geeky Solutions For Affordable Housing Crain’s NY Business
08/17/10 Geithner Calls for Housing Finance Reform The Financial Times
08/17/10 Geithner: Housing System Needs Government Support Marketwatch
07/31/19 Gentrification Did Not Displace NYC’s Most Vulnerable Children CityLab
01/20/15 Gentrification May Be Complicated, But It’s Not a Myth and Neither is Displacement New York Observer
10/19/14 Get Ready for a $5 Billion Bill, NY Crain’s New York Business
05/12/14 Gimme Shelter The Economist
06/15/13 Give Queens a Place at the Table (PDF, 263 KB) Times Ledger
02/10/20 Global Entry: What to Know About the Enrollment Freeze New York Times
05/20/11 Gloomy First Quarter for NYC Housing Brownstoner
10/03/11 Glut of Parking Spaces in City (PDF, 40 KB) Crain’s New York
04/23/13 Go Figure: 25% of Twin Cities Home Buyers Paid in Cash (PDF, 1 MB) Minn Post
03/02/08 God’s Row (PDF, 71 KB) New York Times
10/28/16 Goldman, Community Preservation Corp. Line Up $70M Loan Facility for Affordable Housing Commercial Observer
03/04/08 Governor Proposes New Foreclosure Legislation (PDF, 38 KB) NY1
10/27/09 Great Houses of New York: The River Club, the Best Address, Part III (PDF, 411 KB) Huffington Post
06/24/12 Greg David: Another tax break that benefits the rich (PDF, 368 KB) Crain’s New York Business
11/04/09 Groups Urge Opening of Vacant Condos to the Poor (PDF, 31 KB) The New York Times
07/27/08 Growing Pains Come and Go (PDF, 46 KB) New York Times
09/12/07 Guests in Own Homes’s: NYC’s Low Owner Rate. (PDF, 204 KB) New York Post
04/01/16 Habitat for Humanity Came to Bedford-Stuyvesant And Many Longtime Residents Got Pushed Out New York Daily News
02/25/11 Hangover Lingers for City’s Housing Market (PDF, 26 KB) Crain’s New York
07/09/13 Harlem townhouse is a record-breaker at $4M as gentrification speeds up. (PDF, 1 MB) New York Daily News
06/24/09 Harlem Wants Residents to go Shopping (PDF, 54 KB) Marketplace
09/23/15 Harvard Report Says Millions More Families Will Spend Half Their Income on Rent Boston.com
04/01/19 Heard the Term ‘Rent Control’ Lately? What It Is and the Pros and Cons Boston.com
02/04/08 Helping to Keep Homelessness at Bay as Foreclosures Hit More Families (PDF, 52 KB) New York Times
05/12/16 Here Are City’s Top 15 Gentrifying Neighborhoods DNAinfo
01/11/18 Here’s how HUD’s new housing voucher rule affects recipients Curbed NY
08/05/16 High Costs Squeeze New York City Homeowners Wall Street Journal
04/13/11 High Rents Keep Movers, Brokers in Business (PDF, 122 KB) BrickUnderground
09/27/11 High-Priced Neighborhoods Less Safe for Property Crime, Report Says (PDF, 704 KB) DNAInfo
06/10/10 Higher Ground (PDF, 148 KB) The Wall Street Journal
09/28/14 Higher Land Prices Test Affordable-Housing Plan Wall Street Journal
12/02/11 Higher Loan Limits, Again, For Pricey Markets (PDF, 43 KB) The New York Times
09/30/11 Higher US mortgage rates coming for costlier homes (PDF, 30 KB) Reuters
01/01/10 Higher-priced Homes Get Turned on Their Heads The Real Deal
03/08/16 Historic districts in the city are just as dense as its neighbors, report says Crain’s New York
09/28/09 Holding On to Stability in Queens (PDF, 33 KB) The New York Times
04/27/12 Home foreclosures take longest in Bklyn (PDF, 225 KB) Crain’s New York Business
11/12/10 Home Lending Rose in NYC for Low and Moderate Income Buyers, Despite Overall Decline WNYC
08/10/11 Home Loans Rose in 2009 for Borrowers with Low to Moderate Income (PDF, 94 KB) HousingWire
02/26/11 Home Prices Fall, Foreclosures Ease (PDF, 98 KB) The Wall Street Journal
11/14/08 Home Run: Asian American Homeowners and the Subprime Mortgage Fallout (PDF, 211 KB) Asian Week
03/28/12 Home sales across city fell 11% in 4Q (PDF, 45 KB) Crain’s New York Business
07/23/12 Home sales held hostage by junior lien holders (PDF, 218 KB) Bloomberg
01/21/12 Home-Crisis Program Gets A Late Start (PDF, 126 KB) The Wall Street Journal
01/13/12 Homebuyer tax credit may explain surge in lending to less affluent (PDF, 87 KB) Inman News
11/18/08 Homeless Pledge a Real Challenge (PDF, 30 KB) The Globe and Mail
02/22/12 Homeowners Roll Up Sleeves to Trim Costs (PDF, 91 KB) The Wall Street Journal
01/23/17 Homeownership: NYC’s Missing Affordable Housing Foundation New York Daily News
11/06/16 Housing Activists Push to Stop New York Pols from Reviving Tax Break for Building Developers New York Daily News
03/25/10 Housing Boom Brings 170K New Units to NYC (PDF, 36 KB) The Real Deal
12/06/12 Housing Choice Vouchers Don’t Lead to Better Education (PDF, 318 KB) The Huffington Post
12/20/07 Housing Crisis Extends to the Rental Market (PDF, 130 KB) New York Sun
01/31/12 Housing Groups Warn Homeowners Still Struggling (PDF, 62 KB) WNYC
09/12/06 Housing in New York City—Figuring Out the Big (and Little) Picture (PDF, 142 KB) Gotham Gazette
05/19/11 Housing Market Continues to Disappoint (PDF, 86 KB) WNYC
02/27/08 Housing Market Faces Anxiety from Many Sources (PDF, 63 KB) Gotham Gazette
02/13/09 Housing Plan Will Accelerate Loan Modifications, HUD Says (PDF, 40 KB) Los Angeles Times
02/20/09 Housing Plan: The Virtues of Moderation (PDF, 24 KB) New York Times
12/15/15 Housing Policies Still Pin Poor in Baltimore, But Some Escape to Suburbs The Baltimore Sun
03/24/20 Housing Policy Must Change in Wake of COVID-19 Shelterforce
12/02/10 Housing Prices Rise in Manhattan, Fall in Queens (PDF, 30 KB) WNYC
11/10/07 Housing Program on Track Amid Financing Concerns (PDF, 43 KB) New York Times
05/25/18 Housing Supply Growing, but Getting Outpaced by Population’s Swell, Jobs Boom City Limits
05/15/17 Housing Tax Credit Investigation Highlights Profit Amid Poverty Next City
03/23/16 Housing think tank gives policymakers the tools to build a dialogue Crain’s NY Business
06/16/06 Housing Tighter for New Yorkers of Moderate Pay (PDF, 31 KB) New York Times
01/29/12 Housing visionary draws a crowd in Brownsville (PDF, 99 KB) Crain’s New York Business
02/22/07 Housing’s Impact: Need for New Research (PDF, 45 KB) Gotham Gazette
11/10/18 Housing-Voucher Recipients Get Help Moving to Better Neighborhoods Wall Street Journal
01/03/18 How ‘Not in My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’ New York Times
04/21/10 How ‘Transit-Oriented Development’ Will Put More New Yorkers in Cars (PDF, 83 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/26/18 How a red-hot housing market became a crisis Marketplace
01/04/16 How Affordable Housing Mandates Make Housing More Expensive Los Angeles Times
10/02/13 How Affordable is Affordable Housing? MetroFocus
12/27/10 How Big Is Too Big For New York City? (PDF, 18 KB) City Limits