Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
07/09/13 As Bloomberg Built Affordable Housing, City Became Less Affordable (PDF, 2 MB) WNYC
10/15/09 As City Adds Housing for Poor, Market Subtracts It (PDF, 64 KB) The New York Times
01/19/09 As Economy Stalls, Fewer New Yorkers Moving Out of State (PDF, 49 KB) New York Times
03/29/21 As Eviction Deadline Looms, Some Cities Provide Free Attorneys to Renters WCNC
07/24/21 As Moratoriums Lift, Will America Face a Wave of Foreclosures and Evictions? The Economist
08/19/20 As New York Hurtles Toward an Eviction Crisis, These Are the Tenants Most at Risk Curbed NY
02/06/20 As NYC neighborhoods push back against rezonings, can the city meet its affordable housing goals? Curbed
12/13/18 As Other Cities Look to Copy it, a Report on How Right to Counsel is Working in NYC City Limits
08/05/16 As prices soar, NYC homeowners saddled with housing costs The Real Deal
07/07/17 As Rents Rise in the Bronx, Old-Timers Feel the Pressure New York Times
05/05/15 As Tenants Rail Against Subsidy, REBNY Comes Out Swinging Capital New York
06/07/11 As the High Line Grows, Business Falls in Love with a Public Park (PDF, 199 KB) WNYC
08/12/20 As the Pandemic Empties Office Buildings, Can Those Spaces Help Solve the Housing Crisis? Realtor
03/10/22 As US homeownership surges, Black families still left behind Smart Cities Dive
07/30/16 At home in the club: the LGBT parties changing the face of Brooklyn’s nightlife The Guardian
07/07/17 At the Center of Change, Cherry’s Unisex New York Times
10/10/22 At the Root of NYC’s Housing Crisis, a Decades-Long Problem of Supply Not Meeting Demand Spectrum News NY1
10/30/15 Atlanta Luxury Apartment Boom Puts The Squeeze On Renters WABE, Atlanta’s NPR Station
07/01/11 Austerity Measures Threaten Legal Aid for New Yorkers Facing Foreclosure (PDF, 129 KB) World Socialist Website
08/30/13 Average New Yorkers Being Priced Out of Manhattan Real Estate Weekly
08/15/21 Avert the eviction crisis Times Union
06/06/13 Awaiting Immigration Reform (PDF, 135 KB) New York Times
03/30/09 Bad News Up North: In a Season of Shrinking Sales Volume, Harlem’s Been Hit Extra-Hard (PDF, 190 KB) New York Magazine
11/19/13 Baltimore County’s poor need housing, too The Balitmore Sun
08/13/09 Banks Abandon Foreclosed Homes CNN
01/21/11 Banks Want Pieces of Fannie-Freddie Pie (PDF, 49 KB) The New York Times
09/22/13 Barclays at 1: Taking the next step New York Daily News
03/01/22 Battery Park City Residents Seek Relief From Upper-Middle-Class Poverty Curbed
01/11/15 Battle Looms Over NYC Rent Stabilization Law amNewYork
07/15/15 Bed-Stuy is Focus of Concerns Over Fate of Community Gardens CityLimits
09/04/10 Bedford-Stuyvesant: Buyers Have Upper Hand (PDF, 200 KB) The Wall Street Journal
10/19/09 Behind a Stolid Facade, The Whole Nation’s Crisis (PDF, 60 KB) City Limits
05/09/16 Behold, NYC’s 15 Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods Curbed NY
11/30/07 Being Able to Live Where You Work (PDF, 168 KB) USA Today
06/04/15 Berlin Imposes Rent Caps As World’s Most Desirable Cities Become ‘Gated Communities’ Vice News
02/10/12 Bernanke’s speech to home builders (PDF, 140 KB) Reuters
09/19/08 Best Design: West Village (PDF, 176 KB) Time Out New York
01/01/21 Best of 2020: How wealthy towns keep people with housing vouchers out The CT Mirror
08/23/10 Beyond the Poverty Line (PDF, 4 MB) Stanford Social Innovation Review
07/25/07 BIDs Raise Commercial Property Values (PDF, 36 KB) Crain’s New York Business
03/03/08 Bill Would Set Foreclosure Moratorium (PDF, 53 KB) New York Times
01/26/14 Biz improvement zones: A concept that’s picking up Crain’s Detroit Business News
11/20/09 Bloomberg Busts Out the Cash (PDF, 50 KB) The Indypendent
09/15/11 Bloomberg Housing Plan Hits Milestones, Obstacles (PDF, 209 KB) City Limits
02/22/10 Bloomberg Retools Affordable MF Program Globe Street
02/22/10 Bloomberg Shifts Affordable Housing Focus (PDF, 39 KB) NY1
04/22/10 Bloomberg’s PlaNYC Not So Green, Critics Say (PDF, 69 KB) NBC
12/24/08 Board 1 Opposes Urban Pathways’ Building Queens Gazette
01/17/14 Borough builders bought more air rights in 2013 Times Ledger
06/08/09 Borough Park Takes it to the Bank (PDF, 66 KB) Crain’s New York Business
06/21/21 Boulder Joins National Efforts To Promote Equal Opportunities Through Housing Policie Daily Colorado News
12/03/15 Brace for Impact of 421-a Statute, MIH and Issues of Subsidies Real Estate Weekly
09/01/09 Breaking the Co-op Barrier (PDF, 114 KB) The Real Deal
08/01/10 Brokers Get Creative to Attract House Hunters The Real Deal
01/01/10 Bronx Distress Hits Middle-income Areas Hardest (PDF, 85 KB) The Real Deal
08/04/17 Bronx Youth Quiz Two Council Candidates on Cabrera’s Sermon, Other Issues in 14th District City Limits
12/03/09 Bronxites Want Action on Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 45 KB) Norwood News
07/30/23 Brooklyn community calls for NYC ferry service to Canarsie Gothamist
08/23/11 Brooklyn Home Prices Increase 8%, But Still Down 24% From Peak (PDF, 192 KB) Brooklyn Daily Eagle
03/01/11 Brooklyn Pol Wants to Put Banks on the Hook for Maintaining New York Homes They Foreclose on (PDF, 101 KB) New York Daily News
04/27/12 Brooklyn Shelters Homeowners With Longest Foreclosures (PDF, 138 KB) Bloomberg
01/10/14 Brooklyn’s Median Household Income Is Less Than $45,000 Slate
10/24/11 Brownstone Brooklyn Between 2 Projects (PDF, 44 KB) The New York Times
05/16/11 Budget Cuts Imperil Aid in Foreclosure Cases (PDF, 221 KB) New York Times
06/08/22 Building Boomlet Added Nearly 200K Apartments — and Intensified Income Segregation THE CITY
11/30/23 Building Housing Lowers Prices But “Supply Skeptics” Don’t Believe It Forbes
08/22/16 Building Justice: New York City’s Separate and Unequal Neighborhoods City Limits
03/15/17 Building Permits Up to Start the Year - But the Data Warrants a Closer Look The Real Deal
11/19/06 Building Prosperity (PDF, 37 KB) New York Times
08/14/16 Building the next New York: The city must create more housing to have a bright future. Here’s how. NY Daily News
09/30/15 Bushwick Developer Sells Out, Takes Housing Promises With Him CityLimits
02/08/10 Bushwick is Dying (PDF, 55 KB) El Diario
08/07/15 Business Improvement Districts Are More Than Just a Name on a Trash Can Next City
08/21/16 Bustling Crown Heights Hits Its Stride Wall Street Journal
03/24/09 Buyforeclosedhomes.com? Online Auctions Are Catching On (PDF, 27 KB) New York Daily News
01/15/19 Call for City to Assess Racial Impact as it Reviews Impact of Real-Estate Development City Limits
09/27/19 Call for City to Take Aggressive Steps on Affordable Homeownership City Limits
08/05/19 Can a ‘Storefront Tracker’ Save New York City From its Vacancy Crisis? CityLab
06/27/22 Can Adams’ citywide affordable housing plan finally tear down the NIMBY wall? City and State
09/04/12 Can An Ex-Lehman Banker Save New York’s Last Affordable Apartments (PDF, 4 MB) The New York Observer
10/07/21 Can Biden Deliver on His Promise to Expand Housing Vouchers? Bloomberg CityLab
04/23/19 Can California boost home building without supercharging gentrification? LA Times
05/01/17 Can Mayor Garcetti Convince Neighborhood Groups to Stop Opposing Homeless Housing? LA Weekly
03/29/23 Can New York Fix Its Housing Crisis? It Depends on the Suburbs The New York Times
03/16/22 Can NYC Live Without Its $1.7-Billion-a-Year Developer Tax Break? Dueling Claims Define Budget Talks THE CITY
07/20/16 Can Training Programs Help Improve Police-Community Relations? The Atlantic
09/05/13 Cash for Homes: Policy Implications of an Investor-Led Housing Recovery Center for American Progress
10/03/19 Cause of poverty decline in NYC fuzzier than de Blasio claims Politico
03/17/14 Central Harlem residents line up at food pantry just steps from upscale restaurants, food shops New York Daily News
11/29/11 Chart of the Day: New York Housing Price Dip (PDF, 137 KB) The Atlantic Cities
04/28/14 Check Out This Depressing Rental Market Infographic Curbed NY
03/02/11 Chelsea Residents Fight Over a Small Patch of Land (PDF, 252 KB) New York Press
11/20/14 Chicagoland’s Vanishing Middle-Class Neighborhoods Chicago Magazine
11/23/08 Children Who Live in Public Housing Suffer in School, Study Says (PDF, 42 KB) New York Times
08/25/08 Chinatown’s ‘Glorious Flute’ Facing an Unusual Primary Challenge (PDF, 124 KB) New York Sun
07/28/16 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity Wall Street Journal
07/29/16 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity Wall Street Journal
06/18/20 Citing Pandemic, City Grants Rent-Regulated Tenants One Year Rent Freeze Gothamist
03/25/10 City Added 170,000 Housing Units During Boom Crain’s New York Business
07/19/18 City Adds Record Number of Affordable Apartments Crain’s New York