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    Research & Policy

    Gentrification And The Health Of Low-Income Children In New York City

    September 4th 2019 | Gabe Friedman

    Gentrification is one of the most loaded terms in urbanism—its very definition subject to intense analysis and variation. While many agree that community reinvestment and revitalization may bring certain benefits—increased safety, greater access to high-quality schools, and enhanced economic opportunity—critics fear that rapidly-changing neighborhoods erode local cultures, hike rents, and displace long-time residents. As debate continues to grow about gentrification and its consequences, it is critical to examine the evidence about the relationship of rapid neighborhood change to the well-being of residents. Read more »

  • City Street with text Policy Minute

    Research & Policy

    Policy Minute: New York City Public Housing

    August 22nd 2019

    As New York works to preserve and stabilize its public housing, this Policy Minute explores related research, recent developments, and viewpoints. Read more »

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    Research & Policy

    Proposed Legislation Expands Private Activity Bond Recycling

    July 9th 2019 | Mark Willis, Luis Hernandez

    As the nation grapples with an affordable housing crisis, a recently proposed bipartisan bill aims to address the shortage of affordable housing by expanding and strengthening the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2019 will reportedly create 1.9 million additional affordable housing units over the next decade. The new proposal includes a simple tweak that the NYU Furman Center wrote about previously which has the potential to significantly expand financing for affordable housing in New York and across the country. Read more »

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    Data Updates

    Updates from CoreData and Directory of Housing Programs

    June 24th 2019 | Luis Hernandez

    The NYU Furman Center released data updates related to and the Directory of NYC Housing Programs. A few weeks ago, our annual data refresh updated all of the neighborhood indicators on CoreData. We also added new data categories and visualizations on elementary school diversity. Read more »

  • Panel discussion of school and neighborhood diversity

    News & Events

    Panel Discussion: The Diversity of New York City’s Neighborhoods and Schools (Video)

    June 20th 2019

    On May 28th, the NYU Furman Center hosted nearly 300 guests for By the Numbers: The Diversity of New York City’s Neighborhoods and Schools, highlighting key findings from a new Furman Center analysis of racial differences in elementary school enrollment patterns and the relationship of school diversity to changing neighborhood demographics. The Chapter was released in conjunction with the Furman Center’s annual State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2018 report. Read more »

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