Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
01/29/12 Housing visionary draws a crowd in Brownsville (PDF, 99 KB) Crain’s New York Business
02/22/07 Housing’s Impact: Need for New Research (PDF, 45 KB) Gotham Gazette
11/10/18 Housing-Voucher Recipients Get Help Moving to Better Neighborhoods Wall Street Journal
01/03/18 How ‘Not in My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’ New York Times
04/21/10 How ‘Transit-Oriented Development’ Will Put More New Yorkers in Cars (PDF, 83 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/26/18 How a red-hot housing market became a crisis Marketplace
01/04/16 How Affordable Housing Mandates Make Housing More Expensive Los Angeles Times
10/02/13 How Affordable is Affordable Housing? MetroFocus
12/27/10 How Big Is Too Big For New York City? (PDF, 18 KB) City Limits
09/19/17 How can I budget when my rent is so high? The Dallas Morning News
04/01/10 How Credible is Case-Shiller? (PDF, 86 KB) The Real Deal
06/19/13 How do you prepare for a lifetime of renting? BBC News
05/20/20 How Does a Virus Spread in Cities? It’s a Problem of Scale WIRED
04/15/14 How Free Parking Is Screwing Up Our Cities U.S. News & World Report
01/25/17 How Gentrification Powers New York City’s Tourism Industry Skift
02/08/14 How I Landed a $38,000 Apartment in Brooklyn Heights WNYC
10/01/15 How LA School Districts are Turning Disused Land into Low-cost Housing The Guardian
01/05/15 How Michael Bloomberg Greenwashed New York City Tablet
04/19/12 How Much Does a Rent-Stabilized NYC Apartment Cost? (PDF, 561 KB) Curbed NY
10/15/15 How much does Airbnb impact rents in NYC? The Real Deal NY
10/18/16 How Much of my Income Should be Budgeted for Rent? New York Times
06/21/19 How New Rent Laws in N.Y. Help All Tenants New York Times
07/16/16 How New Yorkers are hacking an exorbitant rental market: Treat it like dating CNBC
10/08/15 How Not to Ruin the Laundromat for Everyone City Lab
11/22/12 How One Brooklyn Building Shows a Possible Solution for the City’s Homeless Problem (PDF, 594 KB) New York Magazine
06/30/14 How Rising Rents, Falling Incomes Crush Communities Marketplace
05/13/16 How Sky-High Rents Are Radically Changing New York’s Neighborhoods Huffington Post
09/15/10 How the 30-year Mortgage Came to Be Marketplace
03/31/20 How the Coronavirus is Intensifying the Gap Between City’s Richest and Poorest Crain’s New York Business
07/12/13 How the Rich Get a Big Real Estate Tax Break (PDF, 153 KB) New York Times
07/02/17 How to Access Massive Amounts of NYC Neighborhood Data Curbed NY
06/11/15 How to Dump Tenants and Make a Fortune The Nation
05/22/12 How to Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in New York City (PDF, 335 KB) DNA Info
04/27/09 How to Pick a Neighborhood (PDF, 204 KB) New York Magazine
01/05/17 How to Predict Gentrification: Look for Falling Crime New York Times
01/09/20 How Wealthy Towns Keep People With Housing Vouchers Out ProPublica
02/13/09 HUD Secretary Calls for Accelerated Loan Modifications (PDF, ) Wall Street Journal
02/13/09 HUD Secretary Unveils Plan to Respond to Housing Crisis (PDF, 43 KB) Builder
05/11/16 I’ve Lost Three Jobs in Three Years. Can I Buy a Home? Slate
11/21/13 Illegal NYC Homes Thrive as De Blasio Tackles Housing Shortage Bloomberg Businessweek
04/23/15 Imagining Affordable Housing in New York Marketplace
08/12/09 Immigrant Neighborhoods in New York Continue to Reel From Mortgage Foreclosures and Job Losses (PDF, 73 KB) Feet in 2 Worlds
05/27/07 In a City Known for Its Renters, a Record Number Now Own Their Homes (PDF, 81 KB) New York Times
02/17/16 In About-Face, Bushwick Could Accept Towers For More Affordable Housing Bedford + Bowery
01/09/14 In Central Harlem, Breaking into the Middle Class WNYC
10/23/15 In Chelsea, a Great Wealth Divide The New York Times
06/22/08 In Confronting the Foreclosure Crisis, a Bill Strikes a Balance (PDF, 53 KB) New York Times
10/31/15 In Defense of Gentrification The Atlantic
08/24/15 In Demand: Top Cities for Multi-Family Rentals Commercial Property Executive
11/14/18 In New York, a New Focus on Housing Could Also Spur More Diversity in Schools Chalkbeat New York
12/18/15 In New York, the Fireplace Flickers The New York Times
04/10/20 In NYC, ‘stark contrast’ in COVID-19 infection rates based on education and race ABC News
10/19/16 In Obsessing About New York and San Francisco, We’re Ignoring the Real Rental crisis Newsday
03/25/15 In Rising Market, Vital Mitchell-Lama Program at Crossroads City Limits
11/03/16 In Search of Answers on Gentrification CityLab
10/19/16 In Search Of The Elusive Struggling Rent-Stabilized Landlord Gothamist
12/16/13 In Search of the Next Hot Neighborhood Wall Street Journal
10/02/12 In Southeast Queens, Epicenter of Housing Bust, Holding Onto Homes Still Elusive (PDF, 288 KB) WNYC
10/05/17 In Tampa Bay, burdened renters abound as home ownership stays low Tampa Bay Times
05/28/14 Income inequality in New York getting worse, according to survey AM New York
10/14/15 Increase in Homelesness Affecting City Real Estate, Brokers Say DNA Info
06/15/17 Industry’s Future, Stores’ Rent Burden are Key Issues in Possible Bushwick Rezoning City Limits
07/18/19 Integration vs. White Intransigence New York Times
10/21/12 Investment firms look to single-family rentals (PDF, 607 KB) USA Today
03/02/16 Inwood’s Pleasant Time Warp Wall Street Journal
02/08/17 Is Cuomo’s new 421-a policy a good deal for taxpayers? Crain’s New York
02/09/17 Is Cuomo’s New 421-a Policy a Good Deal for Taxpayers? Crain’s New York Business
02/02/14 Is Gentrification All Bad? New York Magazine
07/27/16 Is Historical Preservation What’s Keeping Cities From Building Affordable Housing? Fast Company
04/25/08 Is Inclusionary Zoning Providing Our Much Needed Affordable Housing? (PDF, 74 KB) San Francisco Chronicle
07/09/19 Is Landmarking a Tool of Gentrification or a Bulwark Against It? Pacific Standard
03/07/16 Is micro-living really the answer? The Real Deal
05/28/15 Is rent out of reach? Study shows how 11 US cities stack up Associated Press
08/17/17 Is the link between gentrification and displacement actually that strong? The Real Deal
06/16/14 Is the Rent Too Damn High… Because of Property Taxes? WNYC
03/11/16 Is There a Better Way to Provide Affordable Housing? AM New York
01/27/16 Itʼs a daunting task, but REBNY is committed to affordable home building Real Estate Weekly
08/12/13 It’s About Inequality: New York’s Class-Conscious Mayoral Race (PDF, 796 KB) The Nation
09/27/19 It’s Manhattan’s Last Affordable Neighborhood. But for How Long? New York Times
06/03/15 It’s time to make room for a million more New Yorkers Real Estate Weekly
05/05/15 It’s Not You: NYC Rents Rising Faster than Income WNYC
06/13/14 Jamaica Bets on Rezoning for a Delayed Boost Wall Street Journal
06/01/07 Jamaica tops city in foreclosures (PDF, 43 KB) The Real Deal
04/17/08 Jamaica Woman Struggles for Home (PDF, 157 KB) Queens Chronicle
09/10/16 Jerome Ave. Rezoning to Enable Taller Buildings, More Residential Housing Bronx Times
02/09/10 Jesse Jackson Walks Through Overtown for Change WLRN
12/22/09 Jobless Middle-Class New Yorkers Struggle to Get By (PDF, 68 KB) Wall Street Journal
04/07/16 Jonathan Mechanic Is the Go-To Real Estate Lawyer Extraordinaire Commercial Observer
07/06/09 Jonathan Miller interviews Vicki Been The Housing Helix podcast with Jonathan Miller
06/15/10 Jonathan Miller Podcast Interview with Furman Center Resident Research Fellow Mark Willis Housing Helix
02/02/10 Jumping on the REO Wagon (PDF, 91 KB) The Real Deal
11/20/14 Korean War Vet Walter McClary Moving On Up - Into Coveted Affordable Apartment New York Daily News
05/22/08 Kucinich: Neighborhoods Are Blameless ‘Victims’ in Subprime Crisis (PDF, 54 KB) Wall Street Journal
08/15/16 L train riders will find little sympathy from commuters in NYC subway deserts Curbed NY
04/22/20 L.A. Housing Stricken by Overcrowding Triggers Fears of Coronavirus Spread Yahoo News
02/08/17 Landlords’ Proposed Tax Abatements Would Cut Into City Revenue, Study Says Wall Street Journal
03/10/16 Landmarked districts as dense as non-historic areas: report The Real Deal NY
01/20/16 Lapsed 421a Break Leaves City’s Real Estate Community Scrambling to Get the Program Back Commercial Observer
04/01/13 Learning from Hurricane Sandy and pooling funds for the next catastrophe (PDF, 292 KB) New Jersey Star-Ledger
05/21/09 Learning from the Past (PDF, 288 KB) Community Development Investment Review