Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
03/29/22 Why California succeeded—and New York failed—at turning hotels into affordable housing Quartz
09/29/15 Why D.C. Needs More Affordable Housing—And How We Can Get There Elevation D.C.
05/18/22 Why do so many LA apartments come without fridges? Los Angeles Times
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05/17/16 Why is L.A. too pricey? Blame low vacancy rates, not luxury high-rises LA Times
09/27/13 Why It’s So Hard to Storm-Proof Apartment Buildings (PDF, 1 MB) Atlantic Cities
08/01/22 Why It’s So Hard to Find an Affordable Apartment in New York The New York Times
07/20/15 Why Latino Segregation Is a Growing Worry Republic 3.0
01/04/16 Why New York Must Build Its Way To An Even Brighter Future Real Estate Weekly
10/31/13 Why Superstorm Sandy is Still Wreaking Havoc on Poor Communities ColorLines
04/26/13 Why the Rent is So High in New York (PDF, 150 KB) The New York TImes
05/19/16 Why the Rent is Too Damn High: The Affordable Housing Crisis Curbed
04/28/14 Why U.S. desperately needs affordable homes CNN Opinion
01/27/16 Why We Should Grieve for 421-a Commercial Observer
10/20/13 Widow’s Bankruptcy Case Poses Risk to Rent-Stabilized Tenants New York Times
11/05/10 Will Cuomo’s Land Banks Help Bed-Stuy? The Local
03/31/22 Will Ending a Lucrative Tax Break Ease or Fuel the N.Y.C. Housing Crisis? The New York Times
11/21/22 Will Innovation QNS happen without 421a? The Real Deal
09/25/19 Will luxury towers edge out the last of the working-class Chinese in New York’s iconic Chinatown? Vox
04/01/20 Will New York Cancel Rents and Commercial Mortgage Payments? Commercial Observer
01/10/17 Will Rezoning Cause or Resist Displacement? Data Paints an Incomplete Picture City Limits
01/29/20 Will softer Community Reinvestment Act regulations harm communities of color? City & State New York
12/21/16 Will this Bronx neighborhood be New York City’s hottest real estate market in 2017? Crain’s NY Business
02/18/09 Will You Be Able to Keep Your Home? GRIT TV
05/10/16 Williamsburg leads NYC in gentrification, report says AM New York
06/13/16 Williamsburg Unbound Observer
05/12/16 Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Central Harlem, LES/Chinatown And Bushwick Among NYC’s 15 Gentrifying Neigh Gothamist
09/26/13 Wine Country … in Bed-Stuy? City Limits
05/07/14 With Caution, a Poor Corner of Brooklyn Welcomes an Affordable Housing Plan The New York Times
02/09/09 Working for a Safer Spring in Brownsville (PDF, 31 KB) City Limits
10/18/18 Yes, 311 Nuisance Calls Are Climbing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods City Lab
12/07/23 Yes, building more housing does lower rents, study says Commonwealth Beacon
05/28/13 You Still Can’t Afford a House, Probably New York Magazine
10/15/08 Your Neighbor’s Troubles May Become Your Own (PDF, 25 KB) New York Times