Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
03/17/14 Legal Duo Drops $21B Property Tax-Bomb Crain’s New York Business
02/13/20 Lessons from Amazon ‘HQ2’: Corporate Tax Incentives and Affordable Housing Need to be a Package Deal Gotham Gazette
01/30/15 Let Them Bake Baguettes: Programs and Promises Haven’t Banished Poverty in a Bronx Neighborhood New York Times
10/05/17 Lifestyle switch: More Bay Area residents are choosing to rent than ever before The Mercury News
08/01/17 LIHTC Front and Center at Senate Finance Committee Hearing Affordable Housing Finance
07/01/10 Like a Broken Record: 100 Years of Busts (PDF, 118 KB) The Real Deal
04/12/11 Living and Working in One New York Neighborhood (PDF, 35 KB) The American Prospect
11/12/13 Loan Woes Buffet Apartment Group Wall Street Journal
03/01/17 Local Nonprofit Hopes To Sway Critics Of Proposed Crown Heights Armory Development Gothamist
03/12/09 Long and Short of Gotham (PDF, 61 KB) New York Post
03/09/09 Looking for Bottom in N.Y. Real Estate (PDF, 71 KB) New York Times
10/14/13 Looser Rules on Illegal Housing Sought New York Times
03/09/16 Los Angeles is Getting Even Less Affordable For Renters Curbed Los Angeles
03/18/11 Losing Home—Immigrant Families’ Path Through Foreclosure and Beyond (PDF, 64 KB) New America Media
06/03/11 Love NYC’s Diversity? Then Strengthen Rent Regulations (PDF, 369 KB) Huffington Post
06/23/10 Low-income housing development fuels economic gains in distressed neighborhoods, stabilizes families (PDF, 162 KB) Local Initiatives Support Corporation
11/28/16 Low-Income Housing Shown to Not Weigh on Nearby Property Values Wall Street Journal
03/06/13 Low-Income Renters Impacted by Hurricane Sandy in Greatest Need of Assistance Suggests New Reports Real Estate Rama
03/06/13 Low-income renters in Brooklyn hit harder by Sandy than any other city neighborhood, new report show (PDF, 1 MB) NY Daily News
04/11/13 Low-Wage Jobs are on the Rise in New York, But Where Can the Poorly Paid Afford to Live? (PDF, 644 KB) The New York Observer
02/03/09 Luxe Affordability Marks Green Renewal in the Bronx (PDF, 42 KB) City Limits
07/14/15 Luxury-Home Lottos Reconsidered in Boston Housing Squeeze Bloomberg Business
02/16/12 MacArthur Awards Grants to 15 Creative Nonprofits (PDF, 61 KB) The Huffington Post
02/16/12 MacArthur Foundation’s 2012 ‘Awards for Creative and Effective Institutions’ (PDF, 44 KB) The Washington Post
02/16/12 MacArthur Honors 15 Nonprofits for Creativity and Effectiveness (PDF, 103 KB) The Chronicle of Philanthropy
02/14/20 Macy’s Herald Square project faces tough road ahead Crain’s New York Business
02/09/15 Majority of People in Big US Cities Opt to Rent: Report The Real Deal
11/09/17 Making Affordable Housing Permanently Affordable Huffington Post
01/17/10 Making History in a Brooklyn Neighborhood (PDF, 58 KB) New York Times
08/23/13 Making room for affordable housing Queens Chronicle
08/14/14 Manhattan Condos at Half Price Reshape New York’s Harlem Bloomberg
03/29/12 Manhattan foreclosures up 11% in last part of 2011 (PDF, 152 KB) New York Daily News
09/18/14 Manhattan Historic Districts See Meager Relative Value Appreciation, Report Finds New York Observer
06/08/14 Manhattan Population Growing Despite Ever-Increasing Rents New York 1
10/02/13 Manhattan Real-Estate Market As Insane As Ever New York Magazine
08/28/14 Many in Seattle Are Taking a Stand Against Rise of Micro-Apartments Seattle Times
07/12/13 Map Shows What Each Neighborhood of New York City Complains About the Most New York Magazine
05/08/17 Mapping the Modern Transformation of New York City City Lab
12/13/16 Mapping the Stark Rich-Poor Divide in Major U.S. Cities CityLab
03/01/17 March Rent Report Reveals More Renters, ‘Average’ Satisfaction WTTW Chicago Tonight
02/19/13 Martha Coakley presses banks on loans (PDF, 842 KB) Boston Globe
03/28/16 Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Affordable Housing Plan Faces Roadblocks The Wall Street Journal
01/20/10 Mayor Bloomberg Falls Short on 2009 Goals, Ready to Try Again with State of the City Address on Tap (PDF, 176 KB) NY Daily News
01/20/16 Mayor has yet to fulfill his housing promises. That may be a good thing. Crain’s NY Business
07/18/11 Mayor Still Looks to Building and Zoning to Ease Housing Crunch (PDF, 178 KB) Gotham Gazette
04/05/19 Mayor Taps Vicki Been as New Housing Czar The Real Deal
02/26/15 Mayor Urged to Give Nonprofits a $600M Break Crain’s New York Business
04/24/07 Mayor’s Green Speech Asks to Build 500,000 Units (PDF, 290 KB) New York Observer
12/10/14 Mayor’s Mandate: Experts Fear Affordable Upzoning Plan Will Fall Short New York Observer
06/29/12 Mayor’s Housing Plan Shifts From Building to Preserving Units: Report (PDF, 337 KB) WNYC
11/23/15 Meet 421a’s real beneficiaries: Landowners The Real Deal NY
03/15/10 Mentally Ill Look for Home in NYC Metro
10/02/13 MetroFocus Preview Oct. 3: Affordable Housing, Prop 5, Earthflight MetroFocus
03/19/15 Miami renters increase 25% in 7 years Miami Today
01/02/14 Michael Bloomberg’s 12 years at the helm of New York City come to an end The Guardian
12/14/15 Micro Apartments: Utopia or Dystopia? Fast Company
10/30/14 Micro Cosmopolitan: The Promise of Tiny Apartments in a City Where Size Is Everything New York Observer
10/08/15 Micro Units Are Coming to Queens Wall Street Journal
08/29/14 Micro-Unit Apartments: Tiny and Booming Marketplace
05/30/14 Middle-Class Lament: Rent The New York Times
05/29/15 Middle-income New Yorkers struggling with heavy rent burden, study says amNY
03/21/12 Minimum Parking Regulations Lead To Overbuilding of Parking (PDF, 7 KB) Slate
05/16/09 Minorities Affected Most as New York Foreclosures Rise (PDF, 67 KB) New York Times
10/28/08 Minorities Hit Hard in Mortgage Crunch (PDF, 19 KB) New York Daily News
10/05/16 Minorities Move To The Suburbs And So Does Poverty CBS News
08/12/13 Minority homebuyers often got risky loans even though they qualified for better mortgages, study say The Plain Dealer
05/28/08 Mixed Use (PDF, 224 KB) The Villager
04/17/14 Mixed Views of Gentrification’s Threat in East New York City Limits
03/09/16 More and More People are Renting. Thank the Suburbs The Wall Street Journal
10/04/10 More City Students Affected by Foreclosures (PDF, 13 KB) WNYC
11/02/11 More housing vouchers, more crime? (PDF, 27 KB) The Real Deal
04/13/11 More Landlords Not Paying Up (PDF, 87 KB) The Wall Street Journal
11/16/12 More Small Dogs and Big Home Prices (PDF, 2 MB) The New York Times
01/14/15 More Subsidized Rentals Found in Less Desirable Neighborhoods WNYC
02/09/15 More Than 1 in 4 Rent-Burdened in These 7 U.S. Cities Next City
02/10/12 Mortgage deal could help many avoid court, but backlog remains (PDF, 46 KB) Thomson Reuters
04/15/08 Mortgage lending trends and high rates of foreclosure in New York City (MP3) Bloomberg Radio
08/18/10 Mortgage Role for U.S. Is Affirmed The New York Times
06/25/09 Mortgage Scams Still a Threat (PDF, 226 KB) Your Nabe
03/16/12 Mortgage Settlement Money Is For Homeowners, Housing Secretary Cautions State Governments (PDF, 96 KB) The Huffington Post
03/15/07 Mortgage Woes Pass by New York, for Now (PDF, 55 KB) New York Sun
11/06/08 Mortgages Plunge by 50% in Some Brooklyn Minority Communities (PDF, 22 KB) New York Daily News
01/15/13 Most City Landlords Fail to Register Rental Properties (PDF, 300 KB) The Real Deal
05/27/16 Moving to the Bronx New York Times
04/07/15 Multifamily Meltdown Commercial Observer
04/12/11 Musings on a Zone-Based Fare Proposal (PDF, 179 KB) 2nd Avenue Sagas
06/20/14 My Lower East Side The New York Times
01/13/15 My Mystery Landlord WNYC
09/05/12 N.J. lender stumbles in providing Queens mortgages (PDF, 335 KB) The Real Deal
03/23/09 N.Y. Drivers’ Unexpected Allies: Transit Riders (PDF, 62 KB) New York Times
08/22/07 N.Y. Foreclosure Frenzy (PDF, 80 KB) New York Post
05/12/08 Nabe Groups Battle to Save Affordable Apartments (PDF, 34 KB) AM New York
04/24/17 Naming rights: Who decides what a neighborhood is called and where it starts and ends? Crain’s NY Business
07/29/13 Nearly one third of New Yorkers are “severely burdened” by housing costs: study (PDF, 830 KB) New York Daily News
05/29/14 Neighborhood violence is hurting black kids’ test scores Washington Post
09/16/07 Neighborhood Watch (PDF, 337 KB) New York Magazine
06/30/08 Neighborhoods Bear the Brunt (PDF, 54 KB) Washington Post
11/19/16 New 421-a Tax Break for Developers Could Cost City Billions: Study DNAinfo
02/09/17 New 421a program will be boon to developers… unless construction costs really balloon The Real Deal
04/11/16 New Bill Seeks to Map Disappearing Subsidized Housing In NYC Curbed New York