Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
04/12/11 Musings on a Zone-Based Fare Proposal (PDF, 179 KB) 2nd Avenue Sagas
02/28/19 Area Median Income: What It Means and How It’s Calculated 6sqft
04/10/20 In NYC, ‘stark contrast’ in COVID-19 infection rates based on education and race ABC News
03/24/21 Despite coronavirus relief dollars, many still waiting for rental aid to arrive ABC News
02/13/09 Donovan Outlines Vision for HUD (PDF, 57 KB) Affordable Housing Finance
08/01/17 LIHTC Front and Center at Senate Finance Committee Hearing Affordable Housing Finance
09/08/13 NYC looks beyond Bloomberg’s era of inequality Al Jazeera America
07/01/20 New Law Extends New York State Eviction Protections for Residential Tenants Albany Business Review
09/29/20 Cuomo Extends Moratorium on Residential Tenant Evictions to 2021 Albany Business Review
05/12/08 Nabe Groups Battle to Save Affordable Apartments (PDF, 34 KB) AM New York
06/22/11 Rent Rise Looming Over City (PDF, 105 KB) AM New York
05/28/14 Income inequality in New York getting worse, according to survey AM New York
03/11/16 Is There a Better Way to Provide Affordable Housing? AM New York
05/10/16 Williamsburg leads NYC in gentrification, report says AM New York
10/14/10 Revise the CRA’s Rules to Make It More Relevant (PDF, 36 KB) American Banker
06/03/13 FHFA Should Test Mortgage Reforms Before Congress Commits to One (PDF, 164 KB) American Banker
05/07/20 Agencies urged to pause CRA reform as banks manage pandemic response American Banker
01/11/15 Battle Looms Over NYC Rent Stabilization Law amNewYork
06/03/15 NYC rent-stabilized units increasing, but housing advocates call for more protection laws amNY
05/29/15 Middle-income New Yorkers struggling with heavy rent burden, study says amNY
11/14/08 Home Run: Asian American Homeowners and the Subprime Mortgage Fallout (PDF, 211 KB) Asian Week
05/01/13 Seattle, at forefront of micro-housing trend, looks to downsize living spaces (PDF, 174 KB) Associated Press
09/07/13 The slogan of NYC mayor’s race: the middle class Associated Press
05/28/15 Is rent out of reach? Study shows how 11 US cities stack up Associated Press
03/08/16 Study: Renters’ Rise Extends Beyond Big US Cities to Suburbs Associated Press
09/27/13 Why It’s So Hard to Storm-Proof Apartment Buildings (PDF, 1 MB) Atlantic Cities
05/11/15 Why Billionaires Don’t Pay Property Taxes in New York Atlantic CityLab
10/18/19 Recent Study Ties Gentrification to Increase in Mental Health Challenges Among Low-Income Children BadCredit.org
12/02/13 North Avenue Gateway Apartments Build Hope in West Baltimore Baltimore Sun
06/15/15 New York’s Rent Regulation Fight BBC
06/19/13 How do you prepare for a lifetime of renting? BBC News
02/17/16 In About-Face, Bushwick Could Accept Towers For More Affordable Housing Bedford + Bowery
03/29/19 Why doesn’t Philadelphia have rent control like many other big cities? Billy Penn
08/16/19 ‘Yelled Out Of The Room’: Building Housing In Places That Need, But Don’t Want, Development Bisnow
09/10/10 Comptroller Liu And Other Leaders Press Banks On Foreclosures (PDF, 3 KB) Black Star News
04/27/12 Brooklyn Shelters Homeowners With Longest Foreclosures (PDF, 138 KB) Bloomberg
07/23/12 Home sales held hostage by junior lien holders (PDF, 218 KB) Bloomberg
01/02/14 De Blasio Plan to Use NYC Pension for Housing Faces Constraints Bloomberg
08/14/14 Manhattan Condos at Half Price Reshape New York’s Harlem Bloomberg
04/03/17 What Caused the Downfall of New York City’s Glitziest Restaurant? Bloomberg
10/05/17 The Rich Are Driving Up the Rent Bloomberg
11/20/23 No, Really. Building More Housing Can Combat Rising Rents Bloomberg
07/14/15 Luxury-Home Lottos Reconsidered in Boston Housing Squeeze Bloomberg Business
07/15/15 The Exact Moment Big Cities Got Too Expensive for Millennials Bloomberg Business
07/23/15 Thirteen Cities Where Single-Family Rents Are Skyrocketing Bloomberg Business
09/21/15 The Rent Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse Bloomberg Business
11/21/13 Illegal NYC Homes Thrive as De Blasio Tackles Housing Shortage Bloomberg Businessweek
10/12/16 Out With the Poor, In With the Rich: The Landlord’s Guide to Gentrifying NYC Bloomberg Businessweek
07/08/20 NYC Rental Market Pushed to Breaking Point by Tenant Debts Bloomberg Businessweek
11/02/20 Imagining a Second Life for Midtown Manhattan’s Empty Offices Bloomberg CityLab
10/07/21 Can Biden Deliver on His Promise to Expand Housing Vouchers? Bloomberg CityLab
03/22/22 After Slow Start, U.S. States Spend Billions in Emergency Rent Relief Bloomberg CityLab
02/01/19 NYC Property Tax Overhaul Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor Bloomberg Law
06/01/22 New York’s $1.7 Billion Developer Tax Break Set to Expire Bloomberg Law
02/28/13 FHA Hits Brakes on Housing With Budget Cuts: Mortgages (PDF, 1 MB) Bloomberg News
03/11/14 NYC Property Tax Change Seen Yielding $4 Billion Windfall Bloomberg News
07/26/21 ‘Unprecedented Spike’ in U.S. Evictions Looming as Ban Expires Bloomberg News
10/14/21 How a $2 Million Condo in Brooklyn Ends Up With a $157 Tax Bill Bloomberg News
03/24/16 De Blasio Earns Political Win in NYC Affordable-Housing Vote Bloomberg Politics
04/15/08 Mortgage lending trends and high rates of foreclosure in New York City (MP3) Bloomberg Radio
09/15/07 The meaning and impacts of New York City’s low homeownership rate (MP3) Bloomberg Radio
08/05/20 Pandemic Disruption Waylays NYC Property Tax Reform Project Bloomberg Tax
08/18/10 Treasury, Lenders Seek to Keep Government Role in Housing Fix (PDF, 137 KB) Bloomberg.com
02/19/13 Martha Coakley presses banks on loans (PDF, 842 KB) Boston Globe
06/03/15 Too many people, too few units Boston.com
09/23/15 Harvard Report Says Millions More Families Will Spend Half Their Income on Rent Boston.com
04/01/19 Heard the Term ‘Rent Control’ Lately? What It Is and the Pros and Cons Boston.com
02/26/22 In first year, Boulder’s Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services program finds success Boulder Daily Camera
04/13/11 High Rents Keep Movers, Brokers in Business (PDF, 122 KB) BrickUnderground
06/30/17 Which Brooklyn Neighborhood Has the Most Native New Yorkers? Brokelyn
09/10/16 Jerome Ave. Rezoning to Enable Taller Buildings, More Residential Housing Bronx Times
08/23/11 Brooklyn Home Prices Increase 8%, But Still Down 24% From Peak (PDF, 192 KB) Brooklyn Daily Eagle
03/09/11 A House Dies And a Block Sinks (PDF, 109 KB) Brooklyn Ink
01/15/10 REOs Rising Along With Foreclosures Brownstoner
05/20/11 Gloomy First Quarter for NYC Housing Brownstoner
03/28/12 Furman: Sales Volume Down but Prices Unchanged (PDF, 195 KB) Brownstoner
05/02/12 Furman Report Highlights Low Tax Rate for Houses (PDF, 108 KB) Brownstoner
11/08/16 Five Ways to Fight Gentrification Brownstoner
12/12/16 Now Anyone Can Track Affordable Housing in New York City Using This New Data Mashup Brownstoner
02/13/09 HUD Secretary Unveils Plan to Respond to Housing Crisis (PDF, 43 KB) Builder
06/24/21 NYU’s Furman Center Opens Housing Solutions Lab for Small to- Midsize Cities Builder
10/17/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter Builder Online
10/28/16 A New Report Analyzes the Steps New York Is Taking to Slow Gentrification in Bushwick and Beyond Bushwick Daily
07/09/13 DEAR NEW YORKERS: Here’s Why Your Rent Is So Ridiculously High Read more: http://www.businessinside Business Insider
08/22/13 The Only 4 Ways To Get A Cheap Apartment In New York City Business Insider
10/19/16 Airbnb likely does keep rents and property prices high in super-hot cities, statistics show Business Insider
02/09/15 NYU Furman Center and Capital One Release National Affordable Rental Housing Landscape Business Wire
02/24/16 Trouble on the Dream Coast: Housing Policy Challenges Capital & Main
02/25/14 The Quiet, Massive Rezoning of New York Capital New York
04/01/14 De Blasio inherits a ceiling Capital New York
04/04/14 An Indescribable System, Threatened Capital New York
06/05/14 A ‘New Era’ for Tenants? Capital New York
03/02/15 De Blasio’s 421-a Dilemma Capital New York
03/09/15 Experts Urge de Blasio to Expand his Housing Horizons Capital New York
05/05/15 As Tenants Rail Against Subsidy, REBNY Comes Out Swinging Capital New York
06/19/15 Study: Home-Loan Process Skewed Against Non-Whites Capital New York
07/17/15 City Launches 2015 Big Apps Competition Capital New York
05/27/14 De Blasio Affordable Housing Plan Seeks to Diversify Community Incomes CBS New York
05/28/15 Renters getting priced out of America’s big cities CBS News
07/21/15 The Rental Economy’s Big Problem: Apartment Rents CBS News