Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
12/07/16 Crown Heights Residents Protest Bedford Armory Site Development Gothamist
03/09/17 Crown Heights Residents Protest Development At Bedford-Union Armory Gothamist
11/03/11 D.C. area housing market feels the pinch from lower jumbo mortgage limits (PDF, 165 KB) Washington Post
03/11/16 D.C. Least Affordable Major U.S. Metropolitan Area for Renters The Washington Times
07/28/15 Dallas is Screwed up, Which is What Drew Many of Us Here in the First Place Dallas Observer
09/10/10 Dallas Rep. Jeb Hensarling wants Fannie Mae, FreddieMac gone (PDF, 25 KB) The Dallas Morning News
04/06/20 Data Suggests Many New York City Neighborhoods Hardest Hit by COVID-19 Are Also Low-Income Areas Time Magazine
09/08/11 Database Tracks Affordable Units (PDF, 87 KB) The Wall Street Journal
05/10/11 DCP Likely to Propose Lower Parking Minimums for NYC’s “Inner Ring” Streetsblog
11/11/16 De Blasio Administration Predicts East Harlem Plan Will Make Room for 8,400 More People City Limits
05/27/14 De Blasio Affordable Housing Plan Seeks to Diversify Community Incomes CBS New York
01/27/17 De Blasio and Cuomo Spar Over Cost of Affordable Housing Plan New York Times
03/24/16 De Blasio Earns Political Win in NYC Affordable-Housing Vote Bloomberg Politics
02/03/15 De Blasio Housing Push Faces Hurdles as Neighbors, Politicians Raise Questions Wall Street Journal
04/01/14 De Blasio inherits a ceiling Capital New York
01/02/14 De Blasio Plan to Use NYC Pension for Housing Faces Constraints Bloomberg
01/22/14 De Blasio Sets Ambitious Goal for Affordable Apartments The New York Times
05/05/14 De Blasio Unveils Plan to Create More Affordable Housing for City The New York Times
03/02/15 De Blasio’s 421-a Dilemma Capital New York
11/10/15 De Blasio’s 421a Reforms Would Help Developers: Report The Real Deal NY
05/14/15 De Blasio’s Housing Push Spurs Anxiety Among Those It’s Meant to Help The New York Times
12/18/15 De Blasio’s Controversial Zoning Plan Stretches Definition Of “Affordable” Gothamist
07/09/13 DEAR NEW YORKERS: Here’s Why Your Rent Is So Ridiculously High Read more: http://www.businessinside Business Insider
05/22/08 Death By ‘Preservation’ (PDF, 106 KB) New York Post
07/10/14 Debate Simmering Over Transferable Development Rights Commercial Observer
05/10/16 Defining NYC Gentrification Through the Cost of Rent NextCity
05/09/10 Demand Grows for F.H.A. Mortgages (PDF, 43 KB) The New York Times
09/29/15 Demand Grows for Inclusionary Housing Development National Real Estate Investor
03/26/15 Density Won’t Spur Developers to Build in Low-Rent Areas The Real Deal
07/06/11 Department of City Planning Continues to Restrict Development Near Transit (PDF, 219 KB) Streetsblog
05/07/15 Design Within Overreach: How a Plan to Make Affordable Housing Beautiful Ran Into Reality Crain’s New York Business
05/28/14 Despite Growing Income Inequality, Rents Continue to Rise Curbed NY
08/02/12 Despite Growth, Mortgage Refinance Market Still Has Issues (PDF, 285 KB) Investor’s Business Daily
03/22/10 Despite Much Rezoning, Scant Change in Residential Capacity (PDF, 43 KB) New York Times
03/27/15 Developers and Cities Are Navigating the Affordable Housing Sea in a Leaky Boat Next City
01/29/13 Developers, wary of cost and delay, spurn city’s landmark transfers program for air rights (PDF, 595 KB) The Real Deal
05/13/15 Developing NYCHA Land Has Benefits, But They Drop Off in Less Affluent Neighborhoods Observer
12/14/10 Development, Zoning Fights Fuel Push For NYC Roadmap (PDF, 41 KB) City Limits
01/19/16 Developocalyse: The Day After The Real Deal NY
06/13/13 Discrimination Still Exists in Housing in More Subtle Ways (PDF, 132 KB) Fox Business
01/08/14 Displacement of the Poor: Bloomberg’s Legacy El Diario
11/14/14 Divided by a Windfall: Affordable Housing in New York City Sparks Debate New York Times
11/07/12 Do Foreclosures Increase Crime After All? (PDF, 1 MB) The Atlantic Cities
11/01/11 Do Poor People Make Neighborhoods Less Safe? (PDF, 185 KB) The Atlantic Cities
09/04/19 Does Gentrification Give Children Anxiety? CityLab
08/17/17 Does Gentrification Really Displace New Yorkers? Crains NY
09/25/08 Does Seeing Green Lead to Seeing Greenbacks? (PDF, 32 KB) New York Times
02/13/09 Donovan Outlines Vision for HUD (PDF, 57 KB) Affordable Housing Finance
10/18/08 Door to Door, Foreclosure Knocks Here (PDF, 46 KB) New York Times
03/02/16 Dozens of ‘Affordable’ Houses Sit Vacant After Over a Decade: Report Curbed NY
03/29/13 Drumbeat to Downzone Bushwick Continues, Despite Skepticism on Affordable Housing (PDF, 1 MB) New York Observer
03/29/10 E. Flatbush is Rail Far (PDF, 29 KB) NY Post
03/20/12 Early Checks Help Multifamily Units (PDF, 106 KB) The Wall Street Journal
12/06/10 East Chelsea Residents Push for Park on 20th St., Not Affordable Housing (PDF, 86 KB) DNAinfo
10/05/16 East Harlem: Bodegas, Botanicas and New Buildings New York Times
11/07/08 Editorial: Good Neighbors (PDF, 30 KB) The New York Times
12/15/08 Education Suffers in NY Projects Planetizen
02/20/09 Education Suffers in NY Projects (PDF, 112 KB) Planetizen
07/21/17 Election 2017 District Data: Deep Red in the City’s South City Limits
11/09/08 Election Gives Staten Island Housing Market a Jolt (PDF, 165 KB) Staten Island Advance
09/16/16 Enthusiasm Seen for Far Rockaway Rezoning Plan City Limits
03/10/16 Even Landlords Know Rents Are Too High DNAinfo NY
04/13/08 Even Renters Aren’t Safe (PDF, ) New York Times
06/02/15 Even the Good News About Boston’s Rental Market Is Upsetting Curbed National
09/07/13 Every Candidate Is for Affordable Housing, Whatever That Means Gotham Gazette
01/19/16 Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s 421-A Tax Program, Posed to Expire Today Curbed NY
11/19/19 Evictions are on the decline in NYC—but not in the Bronx Curbed NY
11/18/19 Evictions Declined Before Debut of New Rent Laws, Study Finds Crain’s New York
04/16/12 Evictions on the Rise in the City (PDF, 76 KB) WNYC News Blog
11/04/08 Evictions Soar as Banks Foreclose on Landlords During Credit Crisis (PDF, 27 KB) New York Daily News
10/23/08 Expert Q&A: A Downturn for New York Real Estate? (PDF, 67 KB) New York Times
05/16/13 Experts paint a private capital market for regulators (PDF, 132 KB) Housing Wire
03/09/15 Experts Urge de Blasio to Expand his Housing Horizons Capital New York
08/20/13 Extreme Weather Hurts Low-Income People Most National Journal
05/06/14 Fair Housing Hope New York Post
12/15/08 Fannie Mae to End Tenant Evictions in Foreclosures The Wall Street Journal
10/16/07 FDNY union may put pension cash into affordable apartments (PDF, 30 KB) New York Daily News
01/19/09 Fed Up & Fighting Foreclosure Angry Group Protests Home Auction (PDF, 23 KB) New York Daily News
01/16/11 Federal Foreclosure Funds Trickling into Neighborhoods (PDF, 40 KB) Chicago Tribune
02/28/13 FHA Hits Brakes on Housing With Budget Cuts: Mortgages (PDF, 1 MB) Bloomberg News
06/03/13 FHFA Should Test Mortgage Reforms Before Congress Commits to One (PDF, 164 KB) American Banker
06/22/08 Fighting Foreclosures on Staten Island (PDF, 63 KB) New York Times
01/07/08 Filling New York’s “Vacancies” (PDF, 151 KB) Gotham Gazette
11/22/11 Filling the Financing Gap in the Housing Market (PDF, 168 KB) Center for American Progress
04/12/11 Financial 411: The Future of Rent in New York City (PDF, 63 KB) WNYC
02/25/11 Financial 411: Wall Street Bonuses Shrink and Gas Prices Rise (PDF, 47 KB) WNYC
08/28/11 Firm Revives Houses, Neighborhoods from Foreclosure Heap (PDF, 99 KB) Chicago Sun-Times
10/24/17 First Citywide Community Land Trust Announced for NYC Next City
07/29/13 Five Facts About New York City Rents and Renters’ Incomes Curbed
11/08/16 Five Ways to Fight Gentrification Brownstoner
03/28/12 Flatbush Designs a Fight Against Poverty (PDF, 631 KB) MetroFocus
02/04/15 Flight to Fairfield County? Stamford Advocate
11/17/14 Flushing Is Up Next for City Housing Focus Wall Street Journal
11/30/09 Following New York’s Foreclosure Frenzy (PDF, 85 KB) Real Deal
11/20/14 For 124 Families, This Lottery’s Jackpot Was an Affordable New Home in Manhattan New York Times
11/16/09 For Homeowners, Promised Help Rarely Arrives City Limits
12/04/17 For tenants on the edge, paying the rent often takes more than half their income Los Angeles Times
03/18/13 Forced south: Sandy family moves to Florida for lack of aid (PDF, 14 KB) The Daily Record
04/12/11 Foreclosed Multi-Family Rentals Plague NYers (PDF, 25 KB) The Real Deal
10/02/09 Foreclosure Catching Up to Renters (PDF, 48 KB) Metro