Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
09/21/16 City Agrees Displacement is a Worry, Disputes That Investment is the Cause City Limits
04/13/11 City Bike Numbers Unwheel (PDF, 256 KB) New York Post
02/17/11 City Braces for Population Growth (PDF, 41 KB) Washington Square News
01/13/16 City Could Face Extra $2.8B in Construction Costs Under New 421-a Tax Deal DNAinfo NY
01/24/14 City Council 101: “Land Use and Real Estate Development in the Five Boroughs” City & State
11/30/16 City Council Approves Four New Housing Projects With Varying Levels Of Affordability Politico New York
05/23/22 City Council Speaker Adams calls to triple city budget for affordable housing Crain’s New York
05/12/22 City Council to Push for More Affordable Housing Investment in Budget Negotiations City & State NY
05/21/10 City Foreclosures Climb In First Quarter (PDF, 60 KB) Wall Street Journal
04/15/08 City Foreclosures Threaten Renters (PDF, 22 KB) New York Daily News
04/15/13 City Grant Aids Quinn Housing Plan (PDF, 313 KB) Wall Street Journal
05/25/14 City home inventories hit new lows New York Post
02/19/15 City Housing Rules Examined Wall Street Journal
07/17/15 City Launches 2015 Big Apps Competition Capital New York
10/27/14 City Looks at Life Beyond Housing Wall Street Journal
06/17/21 City of Oakland Joins National Effort to Advance Opportunity & Equity Through Housing Policy City of Oakland
06/17/21 City Of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Joins Six Midsize Cities In National Effort To Advance Opportunity An Patch
05/09/16 City sees record year for inclusionary housing units, residential permit approvals The Real Deal NY
02/07/10 City Slow to Recover from Housing Market Collapse; Buys Just 8 Homes Out of Promised 115 (PDF, 430 KB) New York Daily News
11/13/10 City Slowdown in Mortgages Hits Home (PDF, 45 KB) The Wall Street Journal
10/22/20 City to answer questions, give update on landlord/tenant assistance, CARES Act funding Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
04/11/16 City’s Housing Plan Moves Away from Bolstering Homeownership City Limits
02/22/10 City’s New Plan on Affordable Housing: Build Less, Preserve More (PDF, 35 KB) The New York Times
11/10/16 City’s Plans for Public Land in Housing Push Come Under Scrutiny City Limits
03/07/11 City’s Senior Center Cuts Hit LES Harder Than Any Other Neighborhood (PDF, 301 KB) The Lo-Down
09/25/15 Claim About Atlanta’s Affordable Housing Hits the Mark Politifact.com
11/01/18 Co-Living Goes Affordable New York Times
10/05/12 Co-op vs. Condo: The Differences Are Narrowing (PDF, 42 KB) The New York Times
05/02/13 Co-ops Get No Help Crain’s New York Business
01/26/16 Community Gardens Imperiled by New York’s Affordable Housing Plans NY Times
11/30/10 Community Gardens Safeguarded (PDF, 62 KB) The Epoch Times
08/14/13 Companies Spruce Up Neighborhoods, Putting Gentrification in Overdrive Wall Street Journal
04/26/17 Comptroller Examines Uneven Economic Growth in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Gotham Gazette
09/10/10 Comptroller Liu And Other Leaders Press Banks On Foreclosures (PDF, 3 KB) Black Star News
08/12/09 Condo Foreclosures Up, More Still Ahead (PDF, 81 KB) Metro
05/29/23 Consider SROs to Help Solve New York City’s Homelessness Crisis Commercial Observer
07/29/15 Construction in New York City Goes Through The Roof The Wall Street Journal
07/31/19 Controversial Program Boosts Funding for Scarce Public Housing MPR News
09/08/11 Cool Map Thing Charts New York City’s Affordable Housing (PDF, 123 KB) Curbed
02/24/15 CoStar Pours Money Into Apartments.com Wall Street Journal
04/30/14 Costs Threaten New York City Mayor’s Rent Plan The Wall Street Journal
03/04/14 Could More Flexible Air Rights Policies Facilitate the Growth of Affordable Housing? The New York Observer
03/30/20 Could NY’s Work From Home Moment Fuel Office-to-Residential Conversions? The Real Deal
11/01/08 Could the early 1990s return? (PDF, 44 KB) The Real Deal
11/13/15 Council Hearing Will Amplify Calls for More Supportive Housing Gotham Gazette
09/08/17 Council Pioneer Faces Tough Race on a Changing North Shore City Limits
03/01/23 Council, Adams administration clash on office-to-resi affordability The Real Deal
07/12/21 Covid Didn’t Kill Cities. Why Was That Prophecy So Alluring? New York Times
06/07/20 Covid-19 Stalks Large Families in Rural America Wall Street Journal
10/08/12 Crime and Community Development: A Q&A with Ingrid Gould Ellen of NYU (PDF, 491 KB) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NewPublicHealth
09/30/16 Crime Stats Or Coffee Shops? How To Spot The World’s Most Gentrified Cities The Guardian
03/12/07 Crowded Houses WNYC Radio
07/06/20 Crowding and the Coronavirus: Why Different Parts of NYC Have Been Hit Harder Market Watch
12/07/16 Crown Heights Residents Protest Bedford Armory Site Development Gothamist
03/09/17 Crown Heights Residents Protest Development At Bedford-Union Armory Gothamist
09/29/20 Cuomo Extends Moratorium on Residential Tenant Evictions to 2021 Albany Business Review
06/30/20 Cuomo Signs Partial Eviction Moratorium Bill Law360
06/18/20 Cuomo’s Initial Eviction Moratorium Expires This Weekend⁠—And Tenants Are Worried Spectrum News NY1
05/25/21 Cuomo’s Back-Rent Relief Finally Arrives. Tenants and Landlords Ask: Will it be Enough? THE CITY
11/03/11 D.C. area housing market feels the pinch from lower jumbo mortgage limits (PDF, 165 KB) Washington Post
03/11/16 D.C. Least Affordable Major U.S. Metropolitan Area for Renters The Washington Times
07/28/15 Dallas is Screwed up, Which is What Drew Many of Us Here in the First Place Dallas Observer
09/10/10 Dallas Rep. Jeb Hensarling wants Fannie Mae, FreddieMac gone (PDF, 25 KB) The Dallas Morning News
04/06/20 Data Suggests Many New York City Neighborhoods Hardest Hit by COVID-19 Are Also Low-Income Areas Time Magazine
09/08/11 Database Tracks Affordable Units (PDF, 87 KB) The Wall Street Journal
05/10/11 DCP Likely to Propose Lower Parking Minimums for NYC’s “Inner Ring” Streetsblog
11/11/16 De Blasio Administration Predicts East Harlem Plan Will Make Room for 8,400 More People City Limits
05/27/14 De Blasio Affordable Housing Plan Seeks to Diversify Community Incomes CBS New York
01/27/17 De Blasio and Cuomo Spar Over Cost of Affordable Housing Plan New York Times
03/24/16 De Blasio Earns Political Win in NYC Affordable-Housing Vote Bloomberg Politics
02/03/15 De Blasio Housing Push Faces Hurdles as Neighbors, Politicians Raise Questions Wall Street Journal
04/01/14 De Blasio inherits a ceiling Capital New York
01/02/14 De Blasio Plan to Use NYC Pension for Housing Faces Constraints Bloomberg
01/22/14 De Blasio Sets Ambitious Goal for Affordable Apartments The New York Times
05/05/14 De Blasio Unveils Plan to Create More Affordable Housing for City The New York Times
12/18/15 De Blasio’s Controversial Zoning Plan Stretches Definition Of “Affordable” Gothamist
03/02/15 De Blasio’s 421-a Dilemma Capital New York
11/10/15 De Blasio’s 421a Reforms Would Help Developers: Report The Real Deal NY
05/14/15 De Blasio’s Housing Push Spurs Anxiety Among Those It’s Meant to Help The New York Times
06/15/22 Dead and buried: 421a is gone. Will it ever return? The Real Deal
07/09/13 DEAR NEW YORKERS: Here’s Why Your Rent Is So Ridiculously High Read more: http://www.businessinside Business Insider
05/22/08 Death By ‘Preservation’ (PDF, 106 KB) New York Post
07/10/14 Debate Simmering Over Transferable Development Rights Commercial Observer
05/19/22 Debate swirls over property tax exemption for real estate developers Gothamist
05/10/16 Defining NYC Gentrification Through the Cost of Rent NextCity
05/09/10 Demand Grows for F.H.A. Mortgages (PDF, 43 KB) The New York Times
09/29/15 Demand Grows for Inclusionary Housing Development National Real Estate Investor
03/26/15 Density Won’t Spur Developers to Build in Low-Rent Areas The Real Deal
07/06/11 Department of City Planning Continues to Restrict Development Near Transit (PDF, 219 KB) Streetsblog
05/07/15 Design Within Overreach: How a Plan to Make Affordable Housing Beautiful Ran Into Reality Crain’s New York Business
03/24/21 Despite coronavirus relief dollars, many still waiting for rental aid to arrive ABC News
02/17/21 Despite Deep Rent Cuts, Essential Workers Are Mostly Left Out The New York Times
05/28/14 Despite Growing Income Inequality, Rents Continue to Rise Curbed NY
08/02/12 Despite Growth, Mortgage Refinance Market Still Has Issues (PDF, 285 KB) Investor’s Business Daily
03/22/10 Despite Much Rezoning, Scant Change in Residential Capacity (PDF, 43 KB) New York Times
03/27/15 Developers and Cities Are Navigating the Affordable Housing Sea in a Leaky Boat Next City
01/29/13 Developers, wary of cost and delay, spurn city’s landmark transfers program for air rights (PDF, 595 KB) The Real Deal
05/13/15 Developing NYCHA Land Has Benefits, But They Drop Off in Less Affluent Neighborhoods Observer
12/14/10 Development, Zoning Fights Fuel Push For NYC Roadmap (PDF, 41 KB) City Limits
01/19/16 Developocalyse: The Day After The Real Deal NY