Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
09/28/15 Rat Race: The Economy Is Hot, But New Yorkers Are Unhappy at Work Crain’s New York Business
03/03/08 Real Estate Revelations: Churches Weigh Deals (PDF, 49 KB) City Limits
09/01/09 Real Trouble Lies in Rising Default Rates (PDF, 250 KB) The Real Deal
04/28/11 Refinancings plummeted in minority areas (PDF, 31 KB) Crain’s New York
03/29/13 Relying on Hotel Rooms for Thousands Uprooted by Hurricane Sandy (PDF, 148 KB) New York Times
03/29/13 Relying on Hotel Rooms for Thousands Uprooted by Hurricane Sandy (PDF, 148 KB) New York Times
03/07/13 Rent and the single girl (PDF, 108 KB) New York Post
07/09/15 Rent Caps Bring World of Difference across Major Cities The National
02/14/14 Rent Check The New York Times
11/28/18 Rent Control Is Making a Comeback. But Is That a Good Idea? The Pew Charitable Trusts
06/22/12 Rent Guidelines Board Approves Increases on Stabilized Rents (PDF, 606 KB) Curbed NY
06/17/19 Rent Laws’ Impact: Tenant Paradise or Return of the ‘Bronx Is Burning’? New York Times
04/15/11 Rent regulation battle moves to State Senate Real Estate Weekly
06/22/11 Rent Rise Looming Over City (PDF, 105 KB) AM New York
07/05/12 Rent-Stabilized Apartments, Ever More Elusive (PDF, 2 MB) The New York Times
04/27/17 Rent-Stabilized Tenants Face Likely Rent Hike After Two Year Freeze The Gothamist
01/04/13 Rental assistance recipients in Bergen and Passaic counties live near worst schools, report finds (PDF, 358 KB) NJ.com
03/10/16 Renter Population Growing in Nation’s Largest Metro Areas with Affordable Housing Hard to Find MultifamilyBiz
04/14/08 Renters Also Hurt by Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 32 KB) WNYC Radio
02/08/15 Renters Are Majority in Big U.S. Cities Wall Street Journal
04/30/12 Renters get stuck with lion’s share of taxes (PDF, 40 KB) Crain’s New York Business
05/28/15 Renters getting priced out of America’s big cities CBS News
02/09/15 Renters Outnumber Homeowners in Chicago, 8 Other Cities Chicago Tribune
04/23/12 Renters Relieved! Life Returns to Normal After Supreme Court Turns Down Harmon Case (PDF, 339 KB) New York Observer
02/19/07 Renting Rooms, Buying a Dream (PDF, 754 KB) New York Daily News
05/28/14 Rents pinch NYers, but at least we’re not in San Fran Crain’s New York Business
08/16/15 Rents Rise Faster for Midtier Apartments Than Luxury Ones The Wall Street Journal
01/15/10 REOs Rising Along With Foreclosures Brownstoner
06/10/10 Rep. Clarke Applauds the Passage of the Federal Housing Administration Reform Act (PDF, 31 KB) Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke
06/17/15 Report asks, could a tax benefit keep rents down? Real Estate Weekly
03/29/13 Report challenges tie between housing vouchers, crime (PDF, 144 KB) Chicago Tribune
03/21/12 Report Details How Onerous NYC’s Regressive Parking Minimums Really Are (PDF, 312 KB) Streetsblog
06/07/17 Report Finds ‘Distressing’ Trend on Poverty Concentration in New York City Politico Pro
08/16/13 Report Finds a City Incentive Is Not Producing Enough Affordable Housing (PDF, 139 KB) New York Times
03/12/09 Report Reveals Surprises in NYC Real Estate Trend WNYC Radio
06/19/14 Report sheds light on rent-stabilized tenants The Real Deal
02/27/13 Report: Foreclosures cause neighborhood crime (PDF, 523 KB) Housing Wire
03/01/13 Report: Foreclosures Linked to Rising Crime Levels (PDF, 594 KB) RealityBiz News
08/01/17 Report: Lower East Side is City’s Third Least Affordable Neighborhood The Lo-Down
08/08/13 Report: More New Yorkers are struggling to pay the rent (PDF, 2 MB) Real Estate Weekly
05/31/13 Report: Number of New Residential Building Permits in NYC at Peak since 2008 Real Estate Rama
06/05/13 Report: NYC Building permits at highest since 2008 (PDF, 1 MB) Real Estate Weekly
05/13/15 Report: NYCHA Should Only Lease Land in High Rent Areas Curbed NY
06/12/17 Report: Rents Rose, But So Did Poverty City Limits
11/04/16 Report: Residential Construction Permits Up In NYC Despite Lack of 421-a Tax Credits Gothamist
08/25/08 Reshaping the City: Who’s Being Heard—and Why? (PDF, 79 KB) Gotham Gazette
08/13/15 Residents of Low-Income South Bronx Want Reassurance Amid Legionnaire’s Disease Crisis Los Angeles Times
03/29/08 Rethinking Real Estate (PDF, 47 KB) New York Times
08/16/13 Return of Rent Control: Brad Lander and Candidates Push for Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (PDF, 868 KB) New York Observer
10/14/10 Revise the CRA’s Rules to Make It More Relevant (PDF, 36 KB) American Banker
09/29/09 Rezoning New York (PDF, 31 KB) The Brian Lehrer Show
10/30/17 Rising Rent Burden in Los Angeles KCET
05/08/16 Rising U.S. Rents Squeeze the Middle Class Wall Street Journal
03/12/09 Risks, Rewards Found in Former ‘It’ Locales (PDF, 51 KB) Metro
06/14/12 Safeguarding Subsidized Housing With Better Data (PDF, 680 KB) HUD PD&R Edge
05/17/10 Saga of the Worthless Condo (PDF, 52 KB) City Limits
12/02/10 Sales and Prices Up for Manhattan Homes, Study Finds (PDF, 87 KB) DNAinfo
03/06/13 Sandy hit the poor hardest in New York Crain’s New York Business
03/07/13 Sandy Surge Covered A Sixth of the City (PDF, 631 KB) City Limits
05/01/13 Seattle, at forefront of micro-housing trend, looks to downsize living spaces (PDF, 174 KB) Associated Press
03/29/13 Section 8 Housing Does Not De-Value Neighborhood, Increase Crime: Study Says (PDF, 784 KB) Realty Today
04/14/16 Segregation Issue Complicates de Blasio’s Housing Push The New York Times
09/19/13 Segregation May Be Less of a Problem, But It’s Still a Problem Pacific Standard
06/09/09 Seminar Offers Advice For Tenants Of Foreclosed Homes NY1
03/28/14 Serial Renters in New York City The New York Times
11/26/16 Seven Myths About Homelessness In Los Angeles LA Weekly
02/18/10 Shaping the Next New York: The Promise of Bloomberg’s Rezonings Streetsblog
10/05/17 Share of Rent-Burdened Households Declines in Possible Reversal of Trend WSJ
03/27/15 Shelter to Shutter, Proving Hell’s Kitchen is No Place for the Homeless Crain’s New York Business
04/10/13 Sires insurance bill is not a bailout for wealthy homeowners (PDF, 230 KB) The Hill
04/30/13 Six Months After Sandy, Housing Upheavals Again (PDF, 82 KB) The Epoch Times
04/30/14 Sky High: Times Square Marriot Sets Theater District Record With Big Air Rights Buy New York Observer
04/10/07 Slumlord Showdown (PDF, 31 KB) Village Voice
03/30/09 Small Business: Suffering in Good Times and Bad (PDF, 104 KB) Gotham Gazette
06/10/19 Small landlords caught in rent-regs crossfire Crain’s New York
04/13/11 Small Percentage Of NYers Bike To Work, Study Finds (PDF, 36 KB) NY1
09/27/12 Social Policy Seminar with Ingrid Gould Ellen: Audio and Presentation (PDF, 103 KB) Johns Hopkins Institute of Policy Studies Blog
05/30/19 Solving Segregation, One School at a Time New York Daily News
09/19/17 Some gentrifying neighborhoods see rents go from sriracha hot to cold-brew cool Crain’s New York Business
03/25/15 Some Pick at Math in New York City Affordable-Housing Strategy Wall Street Journal
10/19/12 Some See Little Room for Large, Poor Families in Mayor’s Housing Plan (PDF, 157 KB) The New York Times
07/09/15 Sometimes, Defaulting on a Mortgage Is a Smart Decision The Atlantic
01/05/17 South Bronx Named One Of 2017’s Hottest Destinations By The Times Curbed
04/18/16 South Florida Cities Among Worst for Affordable Housing, Study Finds Sun Sentinel
03/11/16 South Florida’s High Rents Called ‘Troubling’ Sun Sentinel
10/03/10 Southeast Queens is Foreclosure Central (PDF, 45 KB) Crain’s New York
03/04/14 Spike Lee missed the point CNN
03/04/08 Spitzer to Present a Plan to Reduce Foreclosures (PDF, 45 KB) New York Times
09/05/14 St. Albans: Suburban Homes, Signs of Rebound Wall Street Journal
09/26/17 Staten Island Is Home to the Most Native New Yorkers, Data Shows DNA info
04/23/12 Status Quo of the Day: Rent Control in NYC (PDF, 223 KB) The Atlantic Cities
06/24/19 Stop building on floodplains, say flood-hit U.S. families Reuters
06/04/15 Stop Saying That San Francisco’s Median Rent Is $4225 SFist
09/02/15 Students Ditch Dorms for Apartments Bought by Their Parents Wall Street Journal
10/15/07 Study Finds Black New Yorkers More Likely to Get Subprime Loan NY1
10/15/07 Study Finds Disparities in Mortgages by Race (PDF, 52 KB) New York Times
03/22/10 Study Finds Racial Disparity in Rezonings (PDF, 23 KB) WNYC
11/09/15 Study Finds Revised Property-Tax Break May Be More Lucrative for Rental Developers Crain’s New York Business
10/27/08 Study Notes Fewer Loans to Hispanics and Blacks (PDF, 37 KB) New York Times
03/25/10 Study Shows Building Boom Before Market Crashed (PDF, 25 KB) New York Times