Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
01/28/15 The Red Host Rubble of East New York New York Magazine
09/21/15 The Rent Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse Bloomberg Business
10/22/13 The Rent in NYC is Too Damn High, and the City Desperately Needs Solutions Policy Mic
04/30/14 The Rent is Too High The New York Times
07/21/15 The Rental Economy’s Big Problem: Apartment Rents CBS News
10/05/17 The Rich Are Driving Up the Rent Bloomberg
04/21/15 The Rise of Singles Will Change How We Live in Cities Washington Post
10/05/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter CityLab
10/17/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter Builder Online
07/25/10 The Roller-Coaster Ride Called a Short Sale (PDF, 525 KB) The New York Times
09/07/13 The slogan of NYC mayor’s race: the middle class Associated Press
05/19/15 The Social Commute: How the Big Schlep Is Changing the Way New Yorkers Live The New York Observer
04/30/12 The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show
10/29/14 The Storm That Will Be: Protecting Public Housing in the New 100-Year Floodplain Urban Omnibus
06/14/12 The Tax Man Cometh for Your Condo (PDF, 255 KB) New York Observer
12/06/19 The Taxman Cometh for Some Condos New York Times
12/21/09 The Top Stories of 2010 (PDF, 137 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/31/14 The Truly Affordable New York Apartment The New York Times
07/12/15 The Vanishing City The New York Review of Books
12/22/16 The Week in Real Estate Market Reports The Real Deal NY
12/06/09 The Williamsburg Elixir (PDF, 64 KB) NY Magazine
08/15/16 There is no perfect place for home LA Times
07/26/17 These NYC neighborhoods are where it’s toughest to build new housing Curbed NY
07/23/15 Thirteen Cities Where Single-Family Rents Are Skyrocketing Bloomberg Business
06/29/16 This Politician Wants Congress To Fight Gentrification The Huffington Post
01/02/20 This Union Defeated Airbnb. Now It’s Taking Aim at a New Target. The New York Times
05/09/17 Three Decades of Homes and Hope Huffington Post
07/20/15 Time to End a Huge Tax Break for Wealthy Property Owners New York Daily News
04/14/16 Tiny Is the New Big: The Next Wave of Space-Defying, Affordable Homes Realtor.com
01/15/09 To Avert Blight, City Will Repair and Resell Vacant Homes (PDF, 41 KB) New York Times
10/17/13 To Bolster Revenue, Landmarks Look Up The Wall Street Journal
11/30/17 To Buy a Home in NYC, You’ll Need an Annual Income of $100K: Study Curbed New York
01/26/16 To Own or Lease? NY Times
05/05/16 To Solve The Fight Over a Property-Tax Break, Answer Three Key Questions Crain’s New York Business
06/03/15 Too many people, too few units Boston.com
09/23/08 Tougher Times Hobble Mayor’s Affordable Housing Ambitions (PDF, 316 KB) New York Observer
08/14/15 Towering Silliness: How the City’s Skyline is Shaped by Tax Breaks The Economist
08/23/15 Tracing New York City’s Affordable Housing Problem Newsweek
09/14/14 Trading Parking Lots for Affordable Housing New York Times
08/18/10 Treasury, Lenders Seek to Keep Government Role in Housing Fix (PDF, 137 KB) Bloomberg.com
01/19/16 Trouble for de Blasio housing plan as deal on property-tax break won’t be reached Crain’s NY Business
02/24/16 Trouble on the Dream Coast: Housing Policy Challenges Capital & Main
03/24/15 Trust Invests in Low-Income Housing Los Angeles Business Journal
06/21/13 Two competitions push designers to build better (PDF, 100 KB) Crain’s New York
10/10/11 U.S. Gambles with Mortgage Retreat (PDF, 57 KB) Wall Street Journal
05/01/13 U.S. Rules Bar Aid to Co-ops Hit by Sandy (PDF, 174 KB) New York Times
01/05/08 Unaffordable NY: Tough Choices at $150,000 (PDF, 42 KB) Crain’s New York Business
05/08/15 Understand New York’s Current Building Boom in 6 Charts Curbed NY
10/27/10 Unfinished Business: Updating CRA (PDF, 33 KB) US Banker
11/10/15 Union Labor Likely to Curtail 421-A Development in Less Affluent Areas, Study Finds New York Observer
12/13/09 Unwelcome Mat Out for Project to House Chronically Homeless (PDF, 68 KB) Dallas Morning News
04/05/15 Up in the Air: Development Rights of New York City Landmarks Wall Street Journal
06/01/13 Upper East Side Fairway prices are higher than ones at store on Upper West Side (PDF, 133 KB) New York Post
07/29/10 Urban Land Use: Looking Beyond the Charter Commission Urban Omnibus
05/19/15 US housing construction reaches post-crisis record The Real Deal
05/23/16 VIDEO: The top 5 most gentrified neighborhoods in NYC The Real Deal NY
09/28/11 Visualizing NYC’s rental market (PDF, 106 KB) The Real Deal
11/27/13 Want Cheap Rent? Here’s How to Enter a Housing Lottery DNA Info
03/10/12 Wars Over Regulation of Rent Are Only a Sideshow (PDF, 333 KB) The New York Times
07/25/12 Wash That Blog Out With Soap (PDF, 183 KB) The New York Times
06/10/14 We need to face the looming rental crisis right now Housing Wire
09/28/11 Westchester Is Not at All a Victim of Federal Bullying (PDF, 110 KB) Wall Street Journal
01/28/14 What are you doing here? New York ranks No. 1 for most people departing The Syracuse Post Standard
04/03/17 What Caused the Downfall of New York City’s Glitziest Restaurant? Bloomberg
04/07/16 What Does That New Luxury Building in Your Neighborhood Mean for Your Home’s Value? U.S. News and World Report
02/14/20 What happens to a neighborhood’s rent when a luxury tower rises? Curbed NY
02/23/15 What is a Micro Home? And What Does it Mean in New York? Curbed NY
11/11/07 What Market Slump? (PDF, 47 KB) New York Times
07/18/13 What New Yorkers Complain About Fox 5 News
08/22/08 What You Need to Know Before You Rent (PDF, 49 KB) New York Times
01/20/13 What’s a Hearth Worth? (PDF, 202 KB) New York Magazine
12/26/14 What’s Up Next in New York? New York Times
05/16/14 What’s Next, a Bouncer? The New York Times
04/07/16 When 421a Expired in January It Sent a Shiver Through a Lot of Multifamily Lenders Commercial Observer
08/27/19 When Anti-Displacement Means Segregation NextCity
05/29/19 When NYC neighborhoods grow whiter, public schools don’t always follow suit: report New York Daily News
10/31/09 Where 30 Is Ancient, Youthful at 80 (PDF, 51 KB) The New York Times
02/10/10 Where Did the Stimulus Funds Go? (PDF, 44 KB) El Diario
10/15/12 Where Everything Is Lavish Except the Property Taxes (PDF, 1 MB) The New York Times
05/12/16 Where New York Is Gentrifying and Where It Isn’t CityLab
08/05/15 Where Should a Poor Family Live? New York Times
07/31/15 Where the Hipsters Haven’t Gone (Yet) Wall Street Journal
05/03/11 Where the REOs are The Real Deal
06/30/17 Which Brooklyn Neighborhood Has the Most Native New Yorkers? Brokelyn
05/06/20 Who Are the New COVID-19 Hospitalizations in New York? The Breakdown Is Worrisome NBC New York
06/18/14 Who Lives in Rent-Regulated Housing? New York Observer
04/23/13 Who Says New York Is Not Affordable? (PDF, 172 KB) The New York Times
01/23/13 Who’s who? New Report Finds Rental Owners Don’t Register (PDF, 1 MB) Real Estate Weekly
05/11/15 Why Billionaires Don’t Pay Property Taxes in New York Atlantic CityLab
06/06/15 Why building moratoriums won’t solve San Francisco’s housing crisis LA Times
09/29/15 Why D.C. Needs More Affordable Housing—And How We Can Get There Elevation D.C.
03/29/19 Why doesn’t Philadelphia have rent control like many other big cities? Billy Penn
01/27/16 Why Homes in Major U.S. Cities Are Nearly Impossible to Afford Curbed
01/16/15 Why is Affordable Housing Disappearing in NYC? Multi-Housing News
05/17/16 Why is L.A. too pricey? Blame low vacancy rates, not luxury high-rises LA Times
09/27/13 Why It’s So Hard to Storm-Proof Apartment Buildings (PDF, 1 MB) Atlantic Cities
07/20/15 Why Latino Segregation Is a Growing Worry Republic 3.0
01/04/16 Why New York Must Build Its Way To An Even Brighter Future Real Estate Weekly
10/31/13 Why Superstorm Sandy is Still Wreaking Havoc on Poor Communities ColorLines
04/26/13 Why the Rent is So High in New York (PDF, 150 KB) The New York TImes