Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
05/27/10 New Construction Is Farther From Green Space (PDF, 31 KB) The New York Times
06/13/11 New Court Rule Drives Down Foreclosures in NYC (PDF, 84 KB) WNYC
05/30/18 New Housing Inadequate to Meet Population Growth Crain’s New York
02/16/09 New HUD Chief Calls for Transparency (PDF, 17 KB) GlobeSt.com
02/17/09 New HUD Chief: Simpler Loans, More Private Lending (PDF, 205 KB) Christian Science Monitor
07/01/20 New Law Extends New York State Eviction Protections for Residential Tenants Albany Business Review
05/20/15 New Luxury Rental Projects Add to Rent Squeeze Wall Street Journal
12/12/16 New NYU Data Tool Shows Affordable Housing Throughout NYC The Real Deal
07/26/07 New Report Could Boost BIDs (PDF, 56 KB) New York Sun
10/28/08 New Report Finds Blacks, Latinos Hit Hard by Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 37 KB) NY1
06/02/16 New Research on How Historic Districts Affect Affordable Housing City Limits
01/09/17 New Research Shows Why Crime Is The Key To Understanding Gentrification Forbes
08/05/19 New Studies Say Gentrification Doesn’t Really Force Out Low-Income Residents Intelligencer
03/10/11 New Worries for Buyers Seeking Mortgages (PDF, 51 KB) The New York Times
12/27/10 New Year’s Resolution For NYC: Get A Strategy For Growth (PDF, 17 KB) City Limits
02/27/18 New York Advocates see a Place for 21st-Century SROs NextCity
04/02/08 New York and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 50 KB) New York Times
07/25/13 New York City Co-ops Still Scandalously Undertaxed, Furman Center Finds (PDF, 1 MB) New York Observer
02/27/13 New York City Foreclosures Linked to Crime (PDF, 2 MB) New York Observer
05/13/16 New York City Is More Crowded Than Ever—Except in Its Gentrifying Neighborhoods Slate
04/19/11 New York City Residential Market Sees Positive Signs, But Multifamily Foreclosures Increased (PDF, 31 KB) Multi-Housing News
08/23/15 New York City Website Lets Users Drill Deep Into Census Data Wall Street Journal
02/28/14 New York City’s Property-Tax System Faces a Challenge Wall Street Journal
07/31/13 New York City, Income Inequality Capital Of America, Now Also Facing Soaring Rent Prices: Report (PDF, 360 KB) Huffington Post
11/08/11 New York Courts Brace for Full Force of Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 44 KB) Thomson Reuters News & Insight
12/11/09 New York Gets Crushed in Year of Record Lows (PDF, 91 KB) The Real Deal
05/19/11 New York Home Prices Drop, NYU Study Finds (PDF, 284 KB) DNAinfo
03/07/18 New York Housing is Getting (Gasp!) More Affordable The Wall Street Journal
05/05/15 New York Is Getting Less, Not More Cramped Wall Street Journal
06/14/19 New York just passed sweeping protections for renters, while rent control measures died in Californi KCRW
10/12/17 New York Landlords Have to Work Harder to Profit From Airbnb The Wall Street Journal
05/10/12 New York Property Taxes Unfair to Renters, New Evidence Shows (PDF, 260 KB) The Huffington Post
06/22/14 New York rent hearings grow rancorous with freeze under consideration LA Times
01/26/16 New York Wants to Close Gap Between Housing Residents and Wall Street Bankers NextCity
02/08/14 New York’s Affordable Housing Shortage The New York Times
02/08/14 New York’s Affordable Housing Shortage The New York Times
02/20/15 New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant District Enjoys Real Estate Revival Financial Times
09/26/14 New York’s Harlem Enjoys New Real Estate Renaissance Financial Times
03/20/20 New York’s Millennial Homeowners and Where to Find Them New York Times
05/29/20 New York’s plan to become a fairer city after COVID-19 World Economic Forum
07/23/14 New York’s Storm-Proofing Could Make Apartments More Expensive Next City
12/16/16 New York’s Lowest-Income Neighborhoods Are Also The Most Rent-Burdened Gothamist
06/17/11 New York’s Multi-Family Housing Stock: A Different Story (PDF, 230 KB) MetroTrends
04/03/11 New York’s Next Big Neighborhoods, “Flushingstone” (PDF, 106 KB) New York Magazine
06/15/15 New York’s Rent Regulation Fight BBC
07/08/13 New York, the Vertical City, Kept Rising Under Bloomberg (PDF, 618 KB) WNYC
08/15/16 New Yorkers in Subway Deserts Have Advice for L Train Riders: ‘Suck It Up’ New York Times
02/06/20 New Yorkers no longer have to pay a broker’s fee when renting an apartment CNN.com
03/28/17 New Yorkers, Don’t Cry Over the One (Bedroom) That Got Away Wall Street Journal
11/02/16 Next Big Bet for Apartment Rentals: Mexico City Wall Street Journal
05/01/08 No Bailout for Brownsville (PDF, 44 KB) The Real Deal
11/04/07 No Defense Against Foreclosure (PDF, 26 KB) Crain’s New York Business
10/23/13 No Sky Zone: Residents of 57th Street Rage Against Extell’s High Rise Row, ‘Gluttonous’ Buildings New York Observer
10/17/13 No Vacancies New York Times
12/28/10 No Vacancy: Why Empty Condos Aren’t Becoming Affordable Housing (PDF, 26 KB) City Limits
12/02/13 North Avenue Gateway Apartments Build Hope in West Baltimore Baltimore Sun
06/12/08 Not ‘Fore’ Us (PDF, 96 KB) New York Post
08/20/07 Not Like It Used To Be (PDF, 36 KB) City Limits
12/12/16 Now Anyone Can Track Affordable Housing in New York City Using This New Data Mashup Brownstoner
01/14/10 Number of Bank-Owned Homes in New York Rising (PDF, 158 KB) New York Observer
02/10/17 NY Gov. Cuomo’s 421-a Proposal Could Cost Taxpayers $5.7M per Project Construction Dive
08/19/11 NY housing sales tumble, but prices hold steady (PDF, 28 KB) Crains New York, Real Estate
06/11/19 NY rent reforms: Tenant protection or backdoor New York City rent control for Upstate? Syracuse.com
06/18/07 NYC ‘Debt’ Reckoning (PDF, 101 KB) New York Post
01/14/10 NYC Foreclosed Homes Owned by Lenders Spikes (PDF, 36 KB) Crain’s New York Business
04/11/07 NYC Foreclosure Rates Hit Brooklyn, Bronx Hardest (PDF, 35 KB) Reuters
11/28/11 NYC foreclosures drop 32% (PDF, 18 KB) HousingWire
08/19/11 NYC home sales down 40 percent, new construction returning slowly: report (PDF, 32 KB) The Real Deal
03/28/12 NYC home sales volume down, but so are foreclosures: report (PDF, 66 KB) The Real Deal
11/28/11 NYC homes sales stay low in third quarter (PDF, 90 KB) The Real Deal
04/27/16 NYC housing a sticking point this session The Legislative Gazette
04/07/15 NYC Housing Focus Needs to Help Homeless, Too, Advocates Say Newsday
05/19/11 NYC Housing Prices, Foreclosures Decline (PDF, 69 KB) The Real Deal
11/19/15 NYC Is Completely Unaffordable, But New Yorkers Are In Denial Huffington Post
09/08/13 NYC looks beyond Bloomberg’s era of inequality Al Jazeera America
10/27/08 NYC Minorities Receive Fewer Mortgages (PDF, 21 KB) WNYC Radio
03/11/14 NYC Property Tax Change Seen Yielding $4 Billion Windfall Bloomberg News
02/01/19 NYC Property Tax Overhaul Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor Bloomberg Law
05/02/12 NYC property taxes are too damn high (PDF, 214 KB) HousingWire
06/25/19 NYC rent reform is a major step — but in which direction? The Hill
06/03/15 NYC rent-stabilized units increasing, but housing advocates call for more protection laws amNY
07/08/20 NYC Rental Market Pushed to Breaking Point by Tenant Debts Bloomberg Businessweek
04/14/08 NYC Renters Get Foreclosure Blues (PDF, 35 KB) Crain’s New York Business
04/23/14 NYC rents skyrocket as incomes lag New York Post
05/31/13 NYC Residential Permits Five Times Higher Than Last Year (PDF, 217 KB) The Real Deal
05/31/13 NYC Sees Most Building Permits Since 2008, But Nowhere Near Enough To Meet Rising Demand (PDF, 863 KB) The New York Observer
05/06/14 NYC Tackles Housing Crisis with Largest Plan in Nation The Epoch Times
05/02/12 NYC taxes hit large rental buildings hardest (PDF, 197 KB) New York Daily News
07/25/13 NYC Undertaxes Most Valuable Apartments, Report Says (PDF, 145 KB) Law 360
12/21/16 NYU Data Tool Highlights Lack of Affordable Housing The Real Deal NY
02/16/12 NYU Furman Center & Moth Honored by MacArthur Foundation (PDF, 297 KB) New York Nonprofit Press
02/09/15 NYU Furman Center and Capital One Release National Affordable Rental Housing Landscape Business Wire
10/25/12 NYU Furman Center Releases Policy Brief on LIHTC Program Tenants (PDF, 249 KB) National Housing Institute News
11/27/12 NYU Furman Center Releases Report on Assisted Housing and Education (PDF, 121 KB) University of Texas School of Law Opportunity Forum
02/28/12 NYU Furman Center’s Surprising Data on Subsidized Housing (PDF, 62 KB) Multi-Housing News
05/24/18 NYU Report Describes City in Housing Affordability Crisis Politico
06/11/15 NYU’s Furman Center Floats New Tax Abatement for Affordable Housing The Real Deal
06/18/12 NYU’s State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods Report (PDF, 620 KB) Dumbo NYC
10/23/12 NYU: LIHTC Requires More Subsidies (PDF, 269 KB) GlobeSt.com
04/21/14 Officials ‘air’ their plan differences Crain’s New York Business