Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
01/04/13 Study shows federal housing program helps lowest income tenants (PDF, 123 KB) Phys.org
11/19/09 Study Shows Link Between Segregation and Subprime Loans (PDF, 32 KB) New York Times
10/28/08 Study: Fewer Mortgages to Latinos, Blacks (PDF, 54 KB) NBC New York
06/19/15 Study: Home-Loan Process Skewed Against Non-Whites Capital New York
11/16/12 Study: Housing Aid No Path to Better Schooling (PDF, 372 KB) Education Week News
03/25/10 Study: New York Building Boom Less Dramatic Than in Other Cities (PDF, 19 KB) WNYC
03/08/16 Study: Renters’ Rise Extends Beyond Big US Cities to Suburbs Associated Press
11/19/09 Study: Subprime Loans Went to Minority-Heavy Neighborhoods (PDF, 21 KB) New York Observer
04/12/07 Sub-Prime Loan Bubble in City (PDF, 145 KB) New York Post
04/12/07 Sub-Prime Market Heads Skyward (PDF, 17 KB) WNYC Radio
03/01/08 Subprime Crimes From Wall Street to Brooklyn and Beyond (PDF, 338 KB) The Brooklyn Rail
10/17/07 Subprime in Black and White (PDF, 34 KB) New York Times
02/23/08 Subprime Mortgage Wasteland in the Bronx Village Voice
06/30/08 Subprime Mortgages and Race: A Bit of Good News May Be Illusory (PDF, 59 KB) Washington Post
02/10/09 Subsidizing Home Buying: Could Be Worse New York Times
06/22/17 Sunset Park: So Hot Right Now WNYC
03/06/13 Superstorm Sandy battered the poor hardest, studies show (PDF, 101 KB) Reuters
02/03/09 Supportive Housing Faces Down Routine Opposition (PDF, 62 KB) City Limits
06/16/09 Supreme Change (PDF, 173 KB) Washington Post
05/24/11 Survey Hints at a Census Undercount in New York City (PDF, 43 KB) New York Times
11/17/16 Taking Back the South Bronx WNYC
10/03/07 Taking Stock of New York’s Housing (PDF, 52 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/19/16 Tax Exemption Hits State Deadline Wall Street Journal
02/28/14 Tenants Allege Racial Bias in City Property Tax System New York Law Journal
01/15/09 Tenants Face Evictions Amidst Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 31 KB) NY1
02/25/14 Tenants Living Amid Rubble in Rent-Regulated Apartment War The New York Times
04/25/11 Tenants Turn to Lenders to Repair Buildings (PDF, 61 KB) The Wall Street Journal
03/29/11 The 10 Most Segregated Urban Areas in America (PDF, 41 KB) Salon.com
01/04/16 The 2015 NYC Streetsies, Part 1 StreetsBlog NYC
07/31/17 The 8th Council District: A River Runs Through It City Limits
02/13/11 The Added Value in a Staircase (PDF, 83 KB) The New York Times
09/01/11 The best of 100 issues (PDF, 1 MB) The Real Deal
06/11/15 The Big, Big, Big, Big Money Behind Tall Buildings Citylab
02/07/10 The Bigger Little Italy (PDF, 59 KB) New York Times
03/07/08 The City Responds to the Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 55 KB) Gotham Gazette
07/12/13 The City That Never Stops Complaining: A Map of NYC By Each Area’s Top 311 Complaint (PDF, 588 KB) The Atlantic
05/09/16 The City’s Top Gentrifying Neighborhoods WNYC
11/20/15 The Complicated Research on how Gentrification Affects the Poor City Limits
08/11/14 The Cost of New York City Journal
08/01/14 The Cost of Retrofitting Multifamily for Resilience Urban Land Magazine
10/11/10 The Economic Importance of Being Educated (PDF, 4 MB) Forefront
10/13/15 The Effects of Neighborhood Change on NYCHA Residents NY Daily News
06/09/17 The Elusive $1,500 Rental New York Times
07/15/15 The Exact Moment Big Cities Got Too Expensive for Millennials Bloomberg Business
02/12/09 The Faces of Foreclosure (PDF, 96 KB) Queens Courier
01/07/14 The Fungibility of Air The Nation
10/08/18 The Future of the American City: Part Two Justia Verdict
05/01/17 The Gentrification of Gotham City Lab
03/03/16 The Ghost Tenants of New York City Slate
05/11/17 The High-Income Neighborhoods the City Could Look to Rezone City Limits
08/15/14 The Housing Being Built in New York Doesn’t Meet the Needs of New Yorkers New York Observer
05/17/09 The Housing Crisis: Getting a Ground-Level View (PDF, 39 KB) New York Times
02/24/15 The Housing Market is Still Struggling Marketplace
05/07/15 The Key to a Shorter NYC commute? Location, Location, Location New York Post
08/30/17 The Land of Many Votes: Upper West Side Council District Tends to Bring ‘Em Out City Limits
08/30/16 The last affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan: ‘The air is fresher up here’ The Guardian
09/15/07 The meaning and impacts of New York City’s low homeownership rate (MP3) Bloomberg Radio
09/27/09 The Micro-Economy of Union Square (PDF, 224 KB) New York Magazine
08/22/11 The Mortgage Hangover (PDF, 63 KB) City Journal
04/11/10 The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York New York Magazine
11/26/09 The Neediest Cases; Extending a Hand to Those Hurt in the Subprime Mess (PDF, 42 KB) The New York Times
04/29/19 The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White. The New York Times
08/24/18 The New High-Rent Districts New York Times
07/23/15 The North Shore of NYC’s Forgotten Borough Slated to Become a Brooklyn-style Boom Town New York Daily News
05/06/19 The Old ‘Flop House’ Emerges as Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis MPR News
08/22/13 The Only 4 Ways To Get A Cheap Apartment In New York City Business Insider
07/23/13 The Perverse Effects of Rent Regulation (PDF, 165 KB) New York Times
05/21/15 The Plan to Save Public Housing The Awl
02/25/14 The Quiet, Massive Rezoning of New York Capital New York
01/20/14 The Racism That Still Plagues America Salon
04/19/17 The Real Math of An Affordable Housing Lottery: Huge Disconnect Between Need and Allotment CityLimits
01/28/15 The Red Host Rubble of East New York New York Magazine
09/21/15 The Rent Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse Bloomberg Business
10/22/13 The Rent in NYC is Too Damn High, and the City Desperately Needs Solutions Policy Mic
04/30/14 The Rent is Too High The New York Times
07/21/15 The Rental Economy’s Big Problem: Apartment Rents CBS News
10/05/17 The Rich Are Driving Up the Rent Bloomberg
04/21/15 The Rise of Singles Will Change How We Live in Cities Washington Post
10/05/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter CityLab
10/17/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter Builder Online
07/25/10 The Roller-Coaster Ride Called a Short Sale (PDF, 525 KB) The New York Times
09/07/13 The slogan of NYC mayor’s race: the middle class Associated Press
05/19/15 The Social Commute: How the Big Schlep Is Changing the Way New Yorkers Live The New York Observer
04/30/12 The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show
10/29/14 The Storm That Will Be: Protecting Public Housing in the New 100-Year Floodplain Urban Omnibus
06/14/12 The Tax Man Cometh for Your Condo (PDF, 255 KB) New York Observer
12/21/09 The Top Stories of 2010 (PDF, 137 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/31/14 The Truly Affordable New York Apartment The New York Times
07/12/15 The Vanishing City The New York Review of Books
12/22/16 The Week in Real Estate Market Reports The Real Deal NY
12/06/09 The Williamsburg Elixir (PDF, 64 KB) NY Magazine
08/15/16 There is no perfect place for home LA Times
07/26/17 These NYC neighborhoods are where it’s toughest to build new housing Curbed NY
07/23/15 Thirteen Cities Where Single-Family Rents Are Skyrocketing Bloomberg Business
06/29/16 This Politician Wants Congress To Fight Gentrification The Huffington Post
05/09/17 Three Decades of Homes and Hope Huffington Post
07/20/15 Time to End a Huge Tax Break for Wealthy Property Owners New York Daily News
04/14/16 Tiny Is the New Big: The Next Wave of Space-Defying, Affordable Homes Realtor.com
01/15/09 To Avert Blight, City Will Repair and Resell Vacant Homes (PDF, 41 KB) New York Times
10/17/13 To Bolster Revenue, Landmarks Look Up The Wall Street Journal