Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
02/09/15 NYU Furman Center and Capital One Release National Affordable Rental Housing Landscape Business Wire
01/24/24 Inclusionary Zoning Would Undermine Sacramento’s Recent Housing Reform California Globe
02/24/16 Trouble on the Dream Coast: Housing Policy Challenges Capital & Main
02/25/14 The Quiet, Massive Rezoning of New York Capital New York
04/01/14 De Blasio inherits a ceiling Capital New York
04/04/14 An Indescribable System, Threatened Capital New York
06/05/14 A ‘New Era’ for Tenants? Capital New York
03/02/15 De Blasio’s 421-a Dilemma Capital New York
03/09/15 Experts Urge de Blasio to Expand his Housing Horizons Capital New York
05/05/15 As Tenants Rail Against Subsidy, REBNY Comes Out Swinging Capital New York
06/19/15 Study: Home-Loan Process Skewed Against Non-Whites Capital New York
07/17/15 City Launches 2015 Big Apps Competition Capital New York
05/27/14 De Blasio Affordable Housing Plan Seeks to Diversify Community Incomes CBS New York
05/28/15 Renters getting priced out of America’s big cities CBS News
07/21/15 The Rental Economy’s Big Problem: Apartment Rents CBS News
10/05/16 Minorities Move To The Suburbs And So Does Poverty CBS News
11/22/11 Filling the Financing Gap in the Housing Market (PDF, 168 KB) Center for American Progress
09/05/13 Cash for Homes: Policy Implications of an Investor-Led Housing Recovery Center for American Progress
03/11/14 Privatizing Public Housing, RAD-ically Center for Effective Government
11/14/18 In New York, a New Focus on Housing Could Also Spur More Diversity in Schools Chalkbeat New York
11/20/14 Chicagoland’s Vanishing Middle-Class Neighborhoods Chicago Magazine
08/28/11 Firm Revives Houses, Neighborhoods from Foreclosure Heap (PDF, 99 KB) Chicago Sun-Times
01/16/11 Federal Foreclosure Funds Trickling into Neighborhoods (PDF, 40 KB) Chicago Tribune
03/29/13 Report challenges tie between housing vouchers, crime (PDF, 144 KB) Chicago Tribune
02/09/15 Renters Outnumber Homeowners in Chicago, 8 Other Cities Chicago Tribune
02/17/09 New HUD Chief: Simpler Loans, More Private Lending (PDF, 205 KB) Christian Science Monitor
01/24/14 City Council 101: “Land Use and Real Estate Development in the Five Boroughs” City & State
02/04/20 A balancing act in Brooklyn City & State
04/20/21 How Will New York Convert Unused Buildings into Housing? City & State
08/29/22 New York City’s real estate subsidy program is dead. What should a revived version look like? City & State
01/29/20 Will softer Community Reinvestment Act regulations harm communities of color? City & State New York
09/19/22 Evictions Slowly Ramp Up After COVID-19 City & State New York
05/15/23 Hochul wants to pass a housing package on her own terms City & State New York
06/15/23 Kathy Hochul has a year to build a YIMBY coalition City & State New York
09/16/20 Industry City and the Future of Member Deference City & State NY
05/12/22 City Council to Push for More Affordable Housing Investment in Budget Negotiations City & State NY
01/03/23 Hochul wants to build 800K housing units over the next decade. How do you do that? City & State NY
06/23/22 Why are rent stabilized tenants getting rent hikes? City and State
06/27/22 Can Adams’ citywide affordable housing plan finally tear down the NIMBY wall? City and State
12/21/20 Ideas for a new New York City and State New York
08/22/11 The Mortgage Hangover (PDF, 63 KB) City Journal
08/11/14 The Cost of New York City Journal
10/08/15 How Not to Ruin the Laundromat for Everyone City Lab
05/01/17 The Gentrification of Gotham City Lab
05/08/17 Mapping the Modern Transformation of New York City City Lab
10/18/18 Yes, 311 Nuisance Calls Are Climbing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods City Lab
03/03/08 Real Estate Revelations: Churches Weigh Deals (PDF, 49 KB) City Limits
08/20/07 Not Like It Used To Be (PDF, 36 KB) City Limits
02/20/07 Affordable Housing Strikes It Rich (PDF, 32 KB) City Limits
02/03/09 Supportive Housing Faces Down Routine Opposition (PDF, 62 KB) City Limits
02/03/09 Luxe Affordability Marks Green Renewal in the Bronx (PDF, 42 KB) City Limits
02/09/09 Working for a Safer Spring in Brownsville (PDF, 31 KB) City Limits
04/06/09 Affordable Homeownership and the “$1 Billion Promise” (PDF, 44 KB) City Limits
10/19/09 Behind a Stolid Facade, The Whole Nation’s Crisis (PDF, 60 KB) City Limits
11/16/09 For Homeowners, Promised Help Rarely Arrives City Limits
05/17/10 Saga of the Worthless Condo (PDF, 52 KB) City Limits
12/14/10 Development, Zoning Fights Fuel Push For NYC Roadmap (PDF, 41 KB) City Limits
12/27/10 How Big Is Too Big For New York City? (PDF, 18 KB) City Limits
12/27/10 New Year’s Resolution For NYC: Get A Strategy For Growth (PDF, 17 KB) City Limits
12/28/10 No Vacancy: Why Empty Condos Aren’t Becoming Affordable Housing (PDF, 26 KB) City Limits
05/17/11 10,000 Missing in Astoria? What The Stats Say (PDF, 190 KB) City Limits
08/15/11 Foreclosure Crisis Fades to Black and Brown (PDF, 195 KB) City Limits
09/15/11 Bloomberg Housing Plan Hits Milestones, Obstacles (PDF, 209 KB) City Limits
09/29/11 15 Years On, Still No Agreement on Welfare Reform’s Impact (PDF, 352 KB) City Limits
09/19/12 Foreclosure Crisis: Buzz Fades, Protests Continue (PDF, 687 KB) City Limits
03/07/13 Sandy Surge Covered A Sixth of the City (PDF, 631 KB) City Limits
09/26/13 Wine Country … in Bed-Stuy? City Limits
01/16/14 Frustration at Lack of Sites to Ease School Crowding in Sunset Park City Limits
04/17/14 Mixed Views of Gentrification’s Threat in East New York City Limits
05/27/14 Pressured to Move, Low-Income Tenants Resist Buyouts City Limits
02/25/15 After the Shouting, Do Shelters and Supportive Housing Harm Neighborhoods? City Limits
03/25/15 Are Co-Op Owners Entitled to ‘Windfall’ Profits? City Limits
03/25/15 In Rising Market, Vital Mitchell-Lama Program at Crossroads City Limits
11/20/15 The Complicated Research on how Gentrification Affects the Poor City Limits
04/11/16 City’s Housing Plan Moves Away from Bolstering Homeownership City Limits
06/02/16 New Research on How Historic Districts Affect Affordable Housing City Limits
08/22/16 Building Justice: New York City’s Separate and Unequal Neighborhoods City Limits
09/16/16 Enthusiasm Seen for Far Rockaway Rezoning Plan City Limits
09/21/16 City Agrees Displacement is a Worry, Disputes That Investment is the Cause City Limits
11/10/16 City’s Plans for Public Land in Housing Push Come Under Scrutiny City Limits
11/11/16 De Blasio Administration Predicts East Harlem Plan Will Make Room for 8,400 More People City Limits
01/10/17 Will Rezoning Cause or Resist Displacement? Data Paints an Incomplete Picture City Limits
03/14/17 13 Years After Blocking New Development, Staten Island Hopes to Welcome Just Enough of it City Limits
05/11/17 The High-Income Neighborhoods the City Could Look to Rezone City Limits
06/12/17 Report: Rents Rose, But So Did Poverty City Limits
06/15/17 Industry’s Future, Stores’ Rent Burden are Key Issues in Possible Bushwick Rezoning City Limits
07/21/17 Election 2017 District Data: Deep Red in the City’s South City Limits
07/31/17 The 8th Council District: A River Runs Through It City Limits
08/04/17 Bronx Youth Quiz Two Council Candidates on Cabrera’s Sermon, Other Issues in 14th District City Limits
08/30/17 The Land of Many Votes: Upper West Side Council District Tends to Bring ‘Em Out City Limits
09/08/17 Council Pioneer Faces Tough Race on a Changing North Shore City Limits
05/25/18 Housing Supply Growing, but Getting Outpaced by Population’s Swell, Jobs Boom City Limits
12/13/18 As Other Cities Look to Copy it, a Report on How Right to Counsel is Working in NYC City Limits
01/15/19 Call for City to Assess Racial Impact as it Reviews Impact of Real-Estate Development City Limits
09/27/19 Call for City to Take Aggressive Steps on Affordable Homeownership City Limits
06/11/20 A Wave of Legislation Aimed at Renters and Small Biz City Limits
10/02/20 Nearly 10K NYC Eviction Notices Filed This Summer, a 74% Drop City Limits
12/20/21 Newly-Approved SoHo Rezoning Promises Affordable Homes. How Much Will they Really Cost? City Limits
07/15/22 Pledged Amenity Space at Atlantic Yards Was Never Built. What Will That Mean for Promised Affordable Housing? City Limits
06/07/23 “The Job It Almost Was”: Advocates on the Loss of NYC’s Chief Housing Officer City Limits