Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
03/14/10 Picking Up the Pieces Crain’s
01/26/14 Biz improvement zones: A concept that’s picking up Crain’s Detroit Business News
10/03/10 Southeast Queens is Foreclosure Central (PDF, 45 KB) Crain’s New York
10/04/10 Foreclosures Taking Toll on More City School Kids (PDF, 41 KB) Crain’s New York
11/12/10 ‘09 NYC Home Loans Fell as Refinancing Exploded (PDF, 41 KB) Crain’s New York
02/25/11 Hangover Lingers for City’s Housing Market (PDF, 26 KB) Crain’s New York
04/28/11 Refinancings plummeted in minority areas (PDF, 31 KB) Crain’s New York
10/03/11 Glut of Parking Spaces in City (PDF, 40 KB) Crain’s New York
06/21/13 Two competitions push designers to build better (PDF, 100 KB) Crain’s New York
03/08/16 Historic districts in the city are just as dense as its neighbors, report says Crain’s New York
03/21/16 Proposed Housing Bill Good Idea, but Won’t Replace a Property-Tax Break Crain’s New York
02/08/17 Is Cuomo’s new 421-a policy a good deal for taxpayers? Crain’s New York
05/30/18 New Housing Inadequate to Meet Population Growth Crain’s New York
07/19/18 City Adds Record Number of Affordable Apartments Crain’s New York
06/10/19 Small landlords caught in rent-regs crossfire Crain’s New York
11/18/19 Evictions Declined Before Debut of New Rent Laws, Study Finds Crain’s New York
07/08/20 PPP loans favored wealthier city neighborhoods Crain’s New York
05/25/21 ‘Discriminatory’ City Property-tax System Needs a Federal Civil Rights Probe, Landlords and Tenants Crain’s New York
04/14/08 NYC Renters Get Foreclosure Blues (PDF, 35 KB) Crain’s New York Business
01/05/08 Unaffordable NY: Tough Choices at $150,000 (PDF, 42 KB) Crain’s New York Business
11/04/07 No Defense Against Foreclosure (PDF, 26 KB) Crain’s New York Business
07/25/07 BIDs Raise Commercial Property Values (PDF, 36 KB) Crain’s New York Business
01/16/09 Queens homeowners protest foreclosures (PDF, 40 KB) Crain’s New York Business
03/11/09 Past Indicates Little on Home Price Future (PDF, 23 KB) Crain’s New York Business
04/06/09 Four Neighborhoods Roll with the Punches (PDF, 55 KB) Crain’s New York Business
06/08/09 Borough Park Takes it to the Bank (PDF, 66 KB) Crain’s New York Business
03/25/10 City Added 170,000 Housing Units During Boom Crain’s New York Business
06/23/10 Affordable Housing Pays Off for City Crain’s New York Business
01/29/12 Housing visionary draws a crowd in Brownsville (PDF, 99 KB) Crain’s New York Business
03/28/12 Home sales across city fell 11% in 4Q (PDF, 45 KB) Crain’s New York Business
04/27/12 Home foreclosures take longest in Bklyn (PDF, 225 KB) Crain’s New York Business
04/30/12 Renters get stuck with lion’s share of taxes (PDF, 40 KB) Crain’s New York Business
06/24/12 Greg David: Another tax break that benefits the rich (PDF, 368 KB) Crain’s New York Business
08/22/12 Parking lot today, redevelopment site tomorrow (PDF, 184 KB) Crain’s New York Business
03/06/13 Sandy hit the poor hardest in New York Crain’s New York Business
05/02/13 Co-ops Get No Help Crain’s New York Business
03/17/14 Legal Duo Drops $21B Property Tax-Bomb Crain’s New York Business
04/21/14 Officials ‘air’ their plan differences Crain’s New York Business
05/20/14 1 in 5 Bronx homeowners underwater: report Crain’s New York Business
05/28/14 Rents pinch NYers, but at least we’re not in San Fran Crain’s New York Business
10/19/14 Get Ready for a $5 Billion Bill, NY Crain’s New York Business
02/26/15 Mayor Urged to Give Nonprofits a $600M Break Crain’s New York Business
03/27/15 Shelter to Shutter, Proving Hell’s Kitchen is No Place for the Homeless Crain’s New York Business
05/07/15 Design Within Overreach: How a Plan to Make Affordable Housing Beautiful Ran Into Reality Crain’s New York Business
09/21/15 A Crucial Strategy to End The Homelessness Crisis Crain’s New York Business
09/28/15 Rat Race: The Economy Is Hot, But New Yorkers Are Unhappy at Work Crain’s New York Business
11/09/15 Study Finds Revised Property-Tax Break May Be More Lucrative for Rental Developers Crain’s New York Business
05/05/16 To Solve The Fight Over a Property-Tax Break, Answer Three Key Questions Crain’s New York Business
02/09/17 Is Cuomo’s New 421-a Policy a Good Deal for Taxpayers? Crain’s New York Business
09/19/17 Some gentrifying neighborhoods see rents go from sriracha hot to cold-brew cool Crain’s New York Business
02/14/20 Macy’s Herald Square project faces tough road ahead Crain’s New York Business
03/31/20 How the Coronavirus is Intensifying the Gap Between City’s Richest and Poorest Crain’s New York Business
01/04/16 Geeky Solutions For Affordable Housing Crain’s NY Business
01/19/16 Trouble for de Blasio housing plan as deal on property-tax break won’t be reached Crain’s NY Business
01/20/16 Mayor has yet to fulfill his housing promises. That may be a good thing. Crain’s NY Business
03/23/16 Housing think tank gives policymakers the tools to build a dialogue Crain’s NY Business
12/21/16 Will this Bronx neighborhood be New York City’s hottest real estate market in 2017? Crain’s NY Business
04/24/17 Naming rights: Who decides what a neighborhood is called and where it starts and ends? Crain’s NY Business
08/19/11 NY housing sales tumble, but prices hold steady (PDF, 28 KB) Crains New York, Real Estate
08/17/17 Does Gentrification Really Displace New Yorkers? Crains NY
09/08/11 Cool Map Thing Charts New York City’s Affordable Housing (PDF, 123 KB) Curbed
07/29/13 Five Facts About New York City Rents and Renters’ Incomes Curbed
01/27/16 Why Homes in Major U.S. Cities Are Nearly Impossible to Afford Curbed
05/19/16 Why the Rent is Too Damn High: The Affordable Housing Crisis Curbed
01/05/17 South Bronx Named One Of 2017’s Hottest Destinations By The Times Curbed
02/06/20 As NYC neighborhoods push back against rezonings, can the city meet its affordable housing goals? Curbed
03/25/16 Affordable Housing ‘Increasingly Out of Reach’ in Atlanta Curbed Atlanta
03/09/16 Los Angeles is Getting Even Less Affordable For Renters Curbed Los Angeles
06/02/15 Even the Good News About Boston’s Rental Market Is Upsetting Curbed National
04/11/16 New Bill Seeks to Map Disappearing Subsidized Housing In NYC Curbed New York
02/07/17 Affordable East Harlem development will have 655 passive house rentals Curbed New York
11/30/17 To Buy a Home in NYC, You’ll Need an Annual Income of $100K: Study Curbed New York
04/19/12 How Much Does a Rent-Stabilized NYC Apartment Cost? (PDF, 561 KB) Curbed NY
06/22/12 Rent Guidelines Board Approves Increases on Stabilized Rents (PDF, 606 KB) Curbed NY
04/28/14 Check Out This Depressing Rental Market Infographic Curbed NY
05/28/14 Despite Growing Income Inequality, Rents Continue to Rise Curbed NY
08/15/14 6 Charts That Show New York Needs More Micro-Apartments Curbed NY
02/23/15 What is a Micro Home? And What Does it Mean in New York? Curbed NY
05/08/15 Understand New York’s Current Building Boom in 6 Charts Curbed NY
05/13/15 Report: NYCHA Should Only Lease Land in High Rent Areas Curbed NY
01/19/16 Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s 421-A Tax Program, Posed to Expire Today Curbed NY
03/02/16 Dozens of ‘Affordable’ Houses Sit Vacant After Over a Decade: Report Curbed NY
05/09/16 Behold, NYC’s 15 Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods Curbed NY
08/15/16 L train riders will find little sympathy from commuters in NYC subway deserts Curbed NY
07/02/17 How to Access Massive Amounts of NYC Neighborhood Data Curbed NY
07/26/17 These NYC neighborhoods are where it’s toughest to build new housing Curbed NY
01/11/18 Here’s how HUD’s new housing voucher rule affects recipients Curbed NY
11/19/19 Evictions are on the decline in NYC—but not in the Bronx Curbed NY
02/14/20 What happens to a neighborhood’s rent when a luxury tower rises? Curbed NY
08/19/20 As New York Hurtles Toward an Eviction Crisis, These Are the Tenants Most at Risk Curbed NY
09/11/20 Rents Are Down in Manhattan, But Up in Neighborhoods Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Curbed NY
12/13/09 Unwelcome Mat Out for Project to House Chronically Homeless (PDF, 68 KB) Dallas Morning News
07/28/15 Dallas is Screwed up, Which is What Drew Many of Us Here in the First Place Dallas Observer
05/22/12 How to Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in New York City (PDF, 335 KB) DNA Info
11/27/13 Want Cheap Rent? Here’s How to Enter a Housing Lottery DNA Info
10/14/15 Increase in Homelesness Affecting City Real Estate, Brokers Say DNA Info
09/26/17 Staten Island Is Home to the Most Native New Yorkers, Data Shows DNA info
12/02/10 Sales and Prices Up for Manhattan Homes, Study Finds (PDF, 87 KB) DNAinfo
12/06/10 East Chelsea Residents Push for Park on 20th St., Not Affordable Housing (PDF, 86 KB) DNAinfo
05/19/11 New York Home Prices Drop, NYU Study Finds (PDF, 284 KB) DNAinfo