Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
02/07/17 Affordable East Harlem development will have 655 passive house rentals Curbed New York
11/30/17 To Buy a Home in NYC, You’ll Need an Annual Income of $100K: Study Curbed New York
04/19/12 How Much Does a Rent-Stabilized NYC Apartment Cost? (PDF, 561 KB) Curbed NY
06/22/12 Rent Guidelines Board Approves Increases on Stabilized Rents (PDF, 606 KB) Curbed NY
04/28/14 Check Out This Depressing Rental Market Infographic Curbed NY
05/28/14 Despite Growing Income Inequality, Rents Continue to Rise Curbed NY
08/15/14 6 Charts That Show New York Needs More Micro-Apartments Curbed NY
02/23/15 What is a Micro Home? And What Does it Mean in New York? Curbed NY
05/08/15 Understand New York’s Current Building Boom in 6 Charts Curbed NY
05/13/15 Report: NYCHA Should Only Lease Land in High Rent Areas Curbed NY
01/19/16 Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s 421-A Tax Program, Posed to Expire Today Curbed NY
03/02/16 Dozens of ‘Affordable’ Houses Sit Vacant After Over a Decade: Report Curbed NY
05/09/16 Behold, NYC’s 15 Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods Curbed NY
08/15/16 L train riders will find little sympathy from commuters in NYC subway deserts Curbed NY
07/02/17 How to Access Massive Amounts of NYC Neighborhood Data Curbed NY
07/26/17 These NYC neighborhoods are where it’s toughest to build new housing Curbed NY
01/11/18 Here’s how HUD’s new housing voucher rule affects recipients Curbed NY
11/19/19 Evictions are on the decline in NYC—but not in the Bronx Curbed NY
02/14/20 What happens to a neighborhood’s rent when a luxury tower rises? Curbed NY
08/19/20 As New York Hurtles Toward an Eviction Crisis, These Are the Tenants Most at Risk Curbed NY
09/11/20 Rents Are Down in Manhattan, But Up in Neighborhoods Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Curbed NY
06/21/21 Boulder Joins National Efforts To Promote Equal Opportunities Through Housing Policie Daily Colorado News
12/13/09 Unwelcome Mat Out for Project to House Chronically Homeless (PDF, 68 KB) Dallas Morning News
07/28/15 Dallas is Screwed up, Which is What Drew Many of Us Here in the First Place Dallas Observer
05/22/12 How to Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in New York City (PDF, 335 KB) DNA Info
11/27/13 Want Cheap Rent? Here’s How to Enter a Housing Lottery DNA Info
10/14/15 Increase in Homelesness Affecting City Real Estate, Brokers Say DNA Info
09/26/17 Staten Island Is Home to the Most Native New Yorkers, Data Shows DNA info
12/02/10 Sales and Prices Up for Manhattan Homes, Study Finds (PDF, 87 KB) DNAinfo
12/06/10 East Chelsea Residents Push for Park on 20th St., Not Affordable Housing (PDF, 86 KB) DNAinfo
05/19/11 New York Home Prices Drop, NYU Study Finds (PDF, 284 KB) DNAinfo
09/27/11 High-Priced Neighborhoods Less Safe for Property Crime, Report Says (PDF, 704 KB) DNAInfo
05/12/16 Here Are City’s Top 15 Gentrifying Neighborhoods DNAinfo
11/19/16 New 421-a Tax Break for Developers Could Cost City Billions: Study DNAinfo
01/13/16 City Could Face Extra $2.8B in Construction Costs Under New 421-a Tax Deal DNAinfo NY
03/10/16 Even Landlords Know Rents Are Too High DNAinfo NY
11/09/20 Landlords Are Threatening Renters, Despite The Eviction Moratoriums Documented
04/09/19 (Un)affordable New York Domus
06/28/21 Addressing the Housing Needs of Small and Midsize Cities DS News
06/18/12 NYU’s State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods Report (PDF, 620 KB) Dumbo NYC
11/16/12 Study: Housing Aid No Path to Better Schooling (PDF, 372 KB) Education Week News
02/08/10 Bushwick is Dying (PDF, 55 KB) El Diario
02/10/10 Where Did the Stimulus Funds Go? (PDF, 44 KB) El Diario
01/08/14 Displacement of the Poor: Bloomberg’s Legacy El Diario
09/29/15 Why D.C. Needs More Affordable Housing—And How We Can Get There Elevation D.C.
07/25/12 Raising Our Aspirations (PDF, 1 MB) Enterprise Blog
07/06/20 5 Policy Research Centers Helping Us Understand And Improve Our Society Ezvid Wiki
12/14/15 Micro Apartments: Utopia or Dystopia? Fast Company
07/27/16 Is Historical Preservation What’s Keeping Cities From Building Affordable Housing? Fast Company
11/12/20 If Joe Biden wants to fix the housing crisis, he should start in New York’s suburbs Fast Company
08/12/09 Immigrant Neighborhoods in New York Continue to Reel From Mortgage Foreclosures and Job Losses (PDF, 73 KB) Feet in 2 Worlds
09/26/14 New York’s Harlem Enjoys New Real Estate Renaissance Financial Times
02/20/15 New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant District Enjoys Real Estate Revival Financial Times
07/31/21 Struggling US renters at risk as eviction moratorium expires Financial Times
01/09/17 New Research Shows Why Crime Is The Key To Understanding Gentrification Forbes
10/03/17 10 on 10: 10 Predictions on the Next Decade Forbes
11/24/20 New York’s Covid Comeback Must Target Equitable Growth Forbes
10/11/10 The Economic Importance of Being Educated (PDF, 4 MB) Forefront
06/17/21 Arlington’s High Housing Costs, Segregated Neighborhoods Could Be Focus of Partnership Fort Worth Star-Telegram
05/06/22 These Employers Are Helping Workers Achieve Their Dreams of Homeownership Fortune
07/18/13 What New Yorkers Complain About Fox 5 News
06/13/13 Discrimination Still Exists in Housing in More Subtle Ways (PDF, 132 KB) Fox Business
02/22/10 Bloomberg Retools Affordable MF Program Globe Street
02/16/09 New HUD Chief Calls for Transparency (PDF, 17 KB) GlobeSt.com
10/23/12 NYU: LIHTC Requires More Subsidies (PDF, 269 KB) GlobeSt.com
08/25/08 Reshaping the City: Who’s Being Heard—and Why? (PDF, 79 KB) Gotham Gazette
03/07/08 The City Responds to the Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 55 KB) Gotham Gazette
02/27/08 Housing Market Faces Anxiety from Many Sources (PDF, 63 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/07/08 Filling New York’s “Vacancies” (PDF, 151 KB) Gotham Gazette
10/03/07 Taking Stock of New York’s Housing (PDF, 52 KB) Gotham Gazette
04/26/07 Predatory Lending Fuels Rise in Foreclosures (PDF, 52 KB) Gotham Gazette
02/22/07 Housing’s Impact: Need for New Research (PDF, 45 KB) Gotham Gazette
09/12/06 Housing in New York City—Figuring Out the Big (and Little) Picture (PDF, 142 KB) Gotham Gazette
03/30/09 Small Business: Suffering in Good Times and Bad (PDF, 104 KB) Gotham Gazette
10/05/09 Affordable Housing, Not Included (PDF, 233 KB) Gotham Gazette
11/30/09 Foreclosures Continue to Threaten Neighborhoods (PDF, 134 KB) Gotham Gazette
12/21/09 The Top Stories of 2010 (PDF, 137 KB) Gotham Gazette
04/21/10 How ‘Transit-Oriented Development’ Will Put More New Yorkers in Cars (PDF, 83 KB) Gotham Gazette
07/18/11 Mayor Still Looks to Building and Zoning to Ease Housing Crunch (PDF, 178 KB) Gotham Gazette
09/07/13 Every Candidate Is for Affordable Housing, Whatever That Means Gotham Gazette
11/13/15 Council Hearing Will Amplify Calls for More Supportive Housing Gotham Gazette
10/13/16 A Big Bet on ‘Revitalizing Downtown’ Gotham Gazette
04/26/17 Comptroller Examines Uneven Economic Growth in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Gotham Gazette
02/13/20 Lessons from Amazon ‘HQ2’: Corporate Tax Incentives and Affordable Housing Need to be a Package Deal Gotham Gazette
07/06/22 Passed by Legislature, Uncertain Future for Bill to Ensure Access to Public Housing for Formerly Incarcerated New Yorkers Gotham Gazette
12/18/15 De Blasio’s Controversial Zoning Plan Stretches Definition Of “Affordable” Gothamist
05/12/16 Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Central Harlem, LES/Chinatown And Bushwick Among NYC’s 15 Gentrifying Neigh Gothamist
10/19/16 In Search Of The Elusive Struggling Rent-Stabilized Landlord Gothamist
11/04/16 Report: Residential Construction Permits Up In NYC Despite Lack of 421-a Tax Credits Gothamist
12/07/16 Crown Heights Residents Protest Bedford Armory Site Development Gothamist
12/16/16 New York’s Lowest-Income Neighborhoods Are Also The Most Rent-Burdened Gothamist
03/01/17 Local Nonprofit Hopes To Sway Critics Of Proposed Crown Heights Armory Development Gothamist
03/09/17 Crown Heights Residents Protest Development At Bedford-Union Armory Gothamist
06/18/20 Citing Pandemic, City Grants Rent-Regulated Tenants One Year Rent Freeze Gothamist
08/05/20 Thousands Of New Yorkers At Risk Of Eviction As Cuomo’s Moratorium Expires Gothamist
01/22/22 One Week After Eviction Moratorium Ends, Thousands Of At-Risk Tenants Seek Assistance Gothamist
05/19/22 Debate swirls over property tax exemption for real estate developers Gothamist
07/28/22 New NYC Storm Surge Map Shows How Climate Change Threatens Affordable Housing, Upscale Waterfront Gothamist
10/03/22 NYC casino process moves ahead as key siting board gets members Gothamist
10/08/20 The COVID-Related Housing Crisis Nobody Mentions Governing