Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
01/09/14 In Central Harlem, Breaking into the Middle Class WNYC
02/08/14 How I Landed a $38,000 Apartment in Brooklyn Heights WNYC
06/16/14 Is the Rent Too Damn High… Because of Property Taxes? WNYC
07/16/14 1,500 Buildings Caught Between the Next Flood and a Hard Place WNYC
01/14/15 More Subsidized Rentals Found in Less Desirable Neighborhoods WNYC
01/13/15 My Mystery Landlord WNYC
05/05/15 It’s Not You: NYC Rents Rising Faster than Income WNYC
05/09/16 The City’s Top Gentrifying Neighborhoods WNYC
09/19/16 Four Signs the South Bronx is Gentrifying WNYC
11/17/16 Taking Back the South Bronx WNYC
06/22/17 Sunset Park: So Hot Right Now WNYC
07/07/22 Mayor Adams’ Housing Plan and the Affordability Crisis WNYC (The Brian Lehrer Show)
04/16/12 Evictions on the Rise in the City (PDF, 76 KB) WNYC News Blog
10/27/08 NYC Minorities Receive Fewer Mortgages (PDF, 21 KB) WNYC Radio
04/14/08 Renters Also Hurt by Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 32 KB) WNYC Radio
04/12/07 Sub-Prime Market Heads Skyward (PDF, 17 KB) WNYC Radio
03/12/07 Crowded Houses WNYC Radio
03/12/09 Report Reveals Surprises in NYC Real Estate Trend WNYC Radio
04/30/12 The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show
05/29/20 New York’s plan to become a fairer city after COVID-19 World Economic Forum
07/01/11 Austerity Measures Threaten Legal Aid for New Yorkers Facing Foreclosure (PDF, 129 KB) World Socialist Website
10/05/17 Share of Rent-Burdened Households Declines in Possible Reversal of Trend WSJ
03/01/17 March Rent Report Reveals More Renters, ‘Average’ Satisfaction WTTW Chicago Tonight
06/03/23 People who earn $100K still struggle to pay rent WWCO-AM (News Talk Radio Minneapolis)
04/22/20 L.A. Housing Stricken by Overcrowding Triggers Fears of Coronavirus Spread Yahoo News
07/16/20 In Wake of Coronavirus, A Looming Epidemic of Evictions Yahoo News
05/08/22 Facing Soaring Rents, Some U.S. Tenants Are Fighting Back Yahoo News
06/25/09 Mortgage Scams Still a Threat (PDF, 226 KB) Your Nabe