The NYU Furman Center’s Policy Minute highlights research and discussion relevant to current policy debates.

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  • Housing a Nation: The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

    February 17th 2017

    The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), established by the Tax Reform Act of 1986, is the nation’s largest subsidy for the construction of affordable rental housing for low-income households. This first installment of the NYU Furman Center’s Housing a Nation Policy Minute series summarizes timely research and sheds light on how these subsidies operate in jurisdictions across the U.S. More >>

  • Exploring Gentrification

    May 26, 2016

    Gentrification is an evolving topic, affecting many urban areas and highlighting some of the challenges that arise as neighborhoods evolve. This Policy Minute presents some of the latest research on gentrification, displacement, and neighborhood change. More >>

  • New York State Property Tax System

    February 5, 2016

    In January, the New York State Assembly Committee on Real Property Taxation held a public hearing to evaluate New York City’s real property taxation system. Over the years, there have been numerous calls for reform from public officials, advocates, and academics alike, to address inequities within the current four property class system. More >>

  • Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning

    December 18, 2015

    Many local governments are adopting inclusionary zoning as a means of producing affordable housing without direct public subsidies.With such a program, provided market-rate development continues, affordable units are automatically created without the need for any direct expenditure of city subsidy dollars. More >>

  • Multifamily Housing Resilience

    October 29, 2015

    Three years after Superstorm Sandy made landfall, New York City's multifamily housing stock continues to face design and financial challenges in adapting to become more resilient against future storms. More >>

  • Minimum Parking Requirements

    October 14, 2015

    New York City’s minimum parking requirements requires affordable housing developers to provide some off-street parking in most neighborhoods, which drives up the cost of that housing. More >>