Policy Minute: Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning

Research & Policy | December 18th 2015

City Street with text Policy Minute

On December 16th, NYU Furman Center Executive Director Mark Willis delivered testimony before the New York City Planning Commission at its public hearing on the city's Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability text amendment proposals. His remarks provided an overview of NYU Furman Center research relevant to mandatory inclusionary zoning and the parking provisions (see our Policy Minute on parking) of the Zoning for Quality and Affordability proposal. Read the testimony >>

NYU Furman Center Research

Other Research

  • "Flexible inclusionary housing policies help improve feasibility by offering developers various ways to meet affordability obligations." The Center for Housing Policy examined inclusionary zoning in cities across the U.S. and suggested four ideas that would greatly increase program flexibility without sacrificing inclusion. See: Making Inclusionary Housing More Flexible: Four Ideas for Urban Settings
  • "Achieving lasting affordability requires more than simply setting long affordability periods." In a Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper, authors analyzed 20 inclusionary housing programs and emphasized how a confluence of factors—including long affordability periods and strong legal mechanisms—can help preserve affordable homes produced through inclusionary zoning programs. See: Achieving Lasting Affordability Through Inclusionary Housing

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