Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
07/09/15 Sometimes, Defaulting on a Mortgage Is a Smart Decision The Atlantic
06/19/15 Study: Home-Loan Process Skewed Against Non-Whites Capital New York
06/17/15 Report asks, could a tax benefit keep rents down? Real Estate Weekly
06/15/15 On the Market: Rent Regs Expire Today; Brooklyn Bridge Park Construction Can Resume Observer
06/15/15 New York’s Rent Regulation Fight BBC
06/11/15 The Big, Big, Big, Big Money Behind Tall Buildings Citylab
06/11/15 How to Dump Tenants and Make a Fortune The Nation
06/11/15 NYU’s Furman Center Floats New Tax Abatement for Affordable Housing The Real Deal
06/06/15 Why building moratoriums won’t solve San Francisco’s housing crisis LA Times
06/04/15 Stop Saying That San Francisco’s Median Rent Is $4225 SFist
06/04/15 Berlin Imposes Rent Caps As World’s Most Desirable Cities Become ‘Gated Communities’ Vice News
06/03/15 Too many people, too few units Boston.com
06/03/15 NYC rent-stabilized units increasing, but housing advocates call for more protection laws amNY
06/03/15 It’s time to make room for a million more New Yorkers Real Estate Weekly
06/02/15 Even the Good News About Boston’s Rental Market Is Upsetting Curbed National
05/29/15 Middle-income New Yorkers struggling with heavy rent burden, study says amNY
05/28/15 Renters getting priced out of America’s big cities CBS News
05/28/15 A Taxing Matter: Looking Back on the History of 421-a The New York Observer
05/28/15 Is rent out of reach? Study shows how 11 US cities stack up Associated Press
05/21/15 The Plan to Save Public Housing The Awl
05/20/15 New Luxury Rental Projects Add to Rent Squeeze Wall Street Journal
05/19/15 The Social Commute: How the Big Schlep Is Changing the Way New Yorkers Live The New York Observer
05/19/15 US housing construction reaches post-crisis record The Real Deal
05/14/15 De Blasio’s Housing Push Spurs Anxiety Among Those It’s Meant to Help The New York Times
05/13/15 Developing NYCHA Land Has Benefits, But They Drop Off in Less Affluent Neighborhoods Observer
05/13/15 Report: NYCHA Should Only Lease Land in High Rent Areas Curbed NY
05/11/15 Why Billionaires Don’t Pay Property Taxes in New York Atlantic CityLab
05/11/15 Past to Present: Changing New York Huffington Post
05/08/15 Understand New York’s Current Building Boom in 6 Charts Curbed NY
05/07/15 The Key to a Shorter NYC commute? Location, Location, Location New York Post
05/07/15 Design Within Overreach: How a Plan to Make Affordable Housing Beautiful Ran Into Reality Crain’s New York Business
05/05/15 It’s Not You: NYC Rents Rising Faster than Income WNYC
05/05/15 New York Is Getting Less, Not More Cramped Wall Street Journal
05/05/15 As Tenants Rail Against Subsidy, REBNY Comes Out Swinging Capital New York
04/23/15 Imagining Affordable Housing in New York Marketplace
04/21/15 The Rise of Singles Will Change How We Live in Cities Washington Post
04/07/15 NYC Housing Focus Needs to Help Homeless, Too, Advocates Say Newsday
04/07/15 Multifamily Meltdown Commercial Observer
04/05/15 Up in the Air: Development Rights of New York City Landmarks Wall Street Journal
03/27/15 Developers and Cities Are Navigating the Affordable Housing Sea in a Leaky Boat Next City
03/27/15 Shelter to Shutter, Proving Hell’s Kitchen is No Place for the Homeless Crain’s New York Business
03/26/15 Density Won’t Spur Developers to Build in Low-Rent Areas The Real Deal
03/25/15 Some Pick at Math in New York City Affordable-Housing Strategy Wall Street Journal
03/25/15 In Rising Market, Vital Mitchell-Lama Program at Crossroads City Limits
03/25/15 Are Co-Op Owners Entitled to ‘Windfall’ Profits? City Limits
03/24/15 Trust Invests in Low-Income Housing Los Angeles Business Journal
03/19/15 Miami renters increase 25% in 7 years Miami Today
03/09/15 Experts Urge de Blasio to Expand his Housing Horizons Capital New York
03/02/15 De Blasio’s 421-a Dilemma Capital New York
02/26/15 Mayor Urged to Give Nonprofits a $600M Break Crain’s New York Business
02/25/15 After the Shouting, Do Shelters and Supportive Housing Harm Neighborhoods? City Limits
02/24/15 CoStar Pours Money Into Apartments.com Wall Street Journal
02/24/15 The Housing Market is Still Struggling Marketplace
02/23/15 What is a Micro Home? And What Does it Mean in New York? Curbed NY
02/20/15 New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant District Enjoys Real Estate Revival Financial Times
02/19/15 City Housing Rules Examined Wall Street Journal
02/09/15 Majority of People in Big US Cities Opt to Rent: Report The Real Deal
02/09/15 More Than 1 in 4 Rent-Burdened in These 7 U.S. Cities Next City
02/09/15 Renters Outnumber Homeowners in Chicago, 8 Other Cities Chicago Tribune
02/09/15 NYU Furman Center and Capital One Release National Affordable Rental Housing Landscape Business Wire
02/08/15 Renters Are Majority in Big U.S. Cities Wall Street Journal
02/04/15 Flight to Fairfield County? Stamford Advocate
02/03/15 De Blasio Housing Push Faces Hurdles as Neighbors, Politicians Raise Questions Wall Street Journal
01/30/15 Let Them Bake Baguettes: Programs and Promises Haven’t Banished Poverty in a Bronx Neighborhood New York Times
01/28/15 The Red Host Rubble of East New York New York Magazine
01/20/15 Gentrification May Be Complicated, But It’s Not a Myth and Neither is Displacement New York Observer
01/16/15 Why is Affordable Housing Disappearing in NYC? Multi-Housing News
01/15/15 Only 6% of Affordable Apartments Built Since 2000 Have Been in Manhattan Below 96th St. New York Daily News
01/15/15 Only 6% of NYC’s Affordable Units Were Built in Manhattan Below 96th St. The Real Deal
01/14/15 More Subsidized Rentals Found in Less Desirable Neighborhoods WNYC
01/14/15 Affordable Housing More Frequently Preserved in Less Desirable Neighborhoods New York Observer
01/13/15 My Mystery Landlord WNYC
01/11/15 Battle Looms Over NYC Rent Stabilization Law amNewYork
01/05/15 How Michael Bloomberg Greenwashed New York City Tablet
12/26/14 What’s Up Next in New York? New York Times
12/10/14 Mayor’s Mandate: Experts Fear Affordable Upzoning Plan Will Fall Short New York Observer
11/20/14 Chicagoland’s Vanishing Middle-Class Neighborhoods Chicago Magazine
11/20/14 Korean War Vet Walter McClary Moving On Up - Into Coveted Affordable Apartment New York Daily News
11/20/14 For 124 Families, This Lottery’s Jackpot Was an Affordable New Home in Manhattan New York Times
11/17/14 Flushing Is Up Next for City Housing Focus Wall Street Journal
11/14/14 Divided by a Windfall: Affordable Housing in New York City Sparks Debate New York Times
10/30/14 Micro Cosmopolitan: The Promise of Tiny Apartments in a City Where Size Is Everything New York Observer
10/29/14 The Storm That Will Be: Protecting Public Housing in the New 100-Year Floodplain Urban Omnibus
10/27/14 City Looks at Life Beyond Housing Wall Street Journal
10/25/14 Property Tax Envy New York Times
10/19/14 Get Ready for a $5 Billion Bill, NY Crain’s New York Business
09/28/14 Higher Land Prices Test Affordable-Housing Plan Wall Street Journal
09/26/14 New York’s Harlem Enjoys New Real Estate Renaissance Financial Times
09/18/14 Manhattan Historic Districts See Meager Relative Value Appreciation, Report Finds New York Observer
09/14/14 Trading Parking Lots for Affordable Housing New York Times
09/05/14 St. Albans: Suburban Homes, Signs of Rebound Wall Street Journal
08/29/14 Micro-Unit Apartments: Tiny and Booming Marketplace
08/28/14 Many in Seattle Are Taking a Stand Against Rise of Micro-Apartments Seattle Times
08/15/14 6 Charts That Show New York Needs More Micro-Apartments Curbed NY
08/15/14 The Housing Being Built in New York Doesn’t Meet the Needs of New Yorkers New York Observer
08/14/14 Manhattan Condos at Half Price Reshape New York’s Harlem Bloomberg
08/11/14 The Cost of New York City Journal
08/01/14 The Cost of Retrofitting Multifamily for Resilience Urban Land Magazine
07/28/14 Affordable Multi-family Housing Faces Financial Hurdles in Doing Resiliency Retrofits New York Observer
07/23/14 New York’s Storm-Proofing Could Make Apartments More Expensive Next City