Furman Center in the News

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03/31/20 How the Coronavirus is Intensifying the Gap Between City’s Richest and Poorest Crain’s New York Business
03/30/20 Could NY’s Work From Home Moment Fuel Office-to-Residential Conversions? The Real Deal
03/24/20 Housing Policy Must Change in Wake of COVID-19 Shelterforce
03/20/20 New York’s Millennial Homeowners and Where to Find Them New York Times
02/14/20 What happens to a neighborhood’s rent when a luxury tower rises? Curbed NY
02/14/20 A Luxury Apartment Rises in a Poor Neighborhood. What Happens Next? New York Times
02/14/20 Macy’s Herald Square project faces tough road ahead Crain’s New York Business
02/13/20 Lessons from Amazon ‘HQ2’: Corporate Tax Incentives and Affordable Housing Need to be a Package Deal Gotham Gazette
02/12/20 Save our city: Stop making it so damn hard to build New York Post
02/10/20 Global Entry: What to Know About the Enrollment Freeze New York Times
02/06/20 New Yorkers no longer have to pay a broker’s fee when renting an apartment CNN.com
02/06/20 As NYC neighborhoods push back against rezonings, can the city meet its affordable housing goals? Curbed
02/04/20 A balancing act in Brooklyn City & State
01/29/20 Will softer Community Reinvestment Act regulations harm communities of color? City & State New York
01/13/20 The Decade Dominated by the Ultraluxury Condo New York Times
01/09/20 How Wealthy Towns Keep People With Housing Vouchers Out ProPublica
01/02/20 This Union Defeated Airbnb. Now It’s Taking Aim at a New Target. The New York Times
12/06/19 The Taxman Cometh for Some Condos New York Times
11/19/19 Evictions are on the decline in NYC—but not in the Bronx Curbed NY
11/18/19 Evictions Declined Before Debut of New Rent Laws, Study Finds Crain’s New York
11/07/19 Fort Greene, Brooklyn: Riding the Wave of Gentrification New York Times
10/21/19 Short-Term Rentals and the Effects on Housing Affordability Urban Land Magazine
10/18/19 Recent Study Ties Gentrification to Increase in Mental Health Challenges Among Low-Income Children BadCredit.org
10/03/19 Cause of poverty decline in NYC fuzzier than de Blasio claims Politico
09/27/19 Call for City to Take Aggressive Steps on Affordable Homeownership City Limits
09/27/19 It’s Manhattan’s Last Affordable Neighborhood. But for How Long? New York Times
09/25/19 Will luxury towers edge out the last of the working-class Chinese in New York’s iconic Chinatown? Vox
09/04/19 Does Gentrification Give Children Anxiety? CityLab
08/27/19 When Anti-Displacement Means Segregation NextCity
08/16/19 ‘Yelled Out Of The Room’: Building Housing In Places That Need, But Don’t Want, Development Bisnow
08/05/19 New Studies Say Gentrification Doesn’t Really Force Out Low-Income Residents Intelligencer
08/05/19 Can a ‘Storefront Tracker’ Save New York City From its Vacancy Crisis? CityLab
07/31/19 Gentrification Did Not Displace NYC’s Most Vulnerable Children CityLab
07/31/19 Controversial Program Boosts Funding for Scarce Public Housing MPR News
07/18/19 Integration vs. White Intransigence New York Times
07/09/19 Is Landmarking a Tool of Gentrification or a Bulwark Against It? Pacific Standard
06/25/19 NYC rent reform is a major step — but in which direction? The Hill
06/24/19 Stop building on floodplains, say flood-hit U.S. families Reuters
06/21/19 How New Rent Laws in N.Y. Help All Tenants New York Times
06/19/19 Are rent controls the solution to the affordable housing shortage? Minnesota Public Radio
06/17/19 Rent Laws’ Impact: Tenant Paradise or Return of the ‘Bronx Is Burning’? New York Times
06/14/19 New York just passed sweeping protections for renters, while rent control measures died in Californi KCRW
06/11/19 NY rent reforms: Tenant protection or backdoor New York City rent control for Upstate? Syracuse.com
06/10/19 Small landlords caught in rent-regs crossfire Crain’s New York
05/30/19 Solving Segregation, One School at a Time New York Daily News
05/29/19 When NYC neighborhoods grow whiter, public schools don’t always follow suit: report New York Daily News
05/06/19 The Old ‘Flop House’ Emerges as Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis MPR News
04/29/19 The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White. The New York Times
04/23/19 Can California boost home building without supercharging gentrification? LA Times
04/11/19 ‘I Don’t Want to Stay Here’: Half a Million Live in Flood Zones, and the Government Is Paying New York Times
04/09/19 (Un)affordable New York Domus
04/05/19 Mayor Taps Vicki Been as New Housing Czar The Real Deal
04/01/19 Heard the Term ‘Rent Control’ Lately? What It Is and the Pros and Cons Boston.com
03/29/19 Why doesn’t Philadelphia have rent control like many other big cities? Billy Penn
02/28/19 Area Median Income: What It Means and How It’s Calculated 6sqft
02/01/19 NYC Property Tax Overhaul Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor Bloomberg Law
01/15/19 Call for City to Assess Racial Impact as it Reviews Impact of Real-Estate Development City Limits
12/13/18 As Other Cities Look to Copy it, a Report on How Right to Counsel is Working in NYC City Limits
11/28/18 Rent Control Is Making a Comeback. But Is That a Good Idea? The Pew Charitable Trusts
11/14/18 In New York, a New Focus on Housing Could Also Spur More Diversity in Schools Chalkbeat New York
11/13/18 Our Fair City Urban Omnibus
11/10/18 Housing-Voucher Recipients Get Help Moving to Better Neighborhoods Wall Street Journal
11/01/18 Co-Living Goes Affordable New York Times
10/18/18 Yes, 311 Nuisance Calls Are Climbing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods City Lab
10/08/18 The Future of the American City: Part Two Justia Verdict
09/26/18 Affordable Co-ops in Harlem Are Facing Foreclosures. Columbia May be Able to Help Columbia Spectator
08/24/18 The New High-Rent Districts New York Times
07/19/18 City Adds Record Number of Affordable Apartments Crain’s New York
06/19/18 100,000 New Jobs for New York: Will Enough go to Poorer Workers? New York Times
05/30/18 New Housing Inadequate to Meet Population Growth Crain’s New York
05/25/18 Housing Supply Growing, but Getting Outpaced by Population’s Swell, Jobs Boom City Limits
05/24/18 NYU Report Describes City in Housing Affordability Crisis Politico
03/07/18 New York Housing is Getting (Gasp!) More Affordable The Wall Street Journal
02/27/18 New York Advocates see a Place for 21st-Century SROs NextCity
01/26/18 How a red-hot housing market became a crisis Marketplace
01/11/18 Here’s how HUD’s new housing voucher rule affects recipients Curbed NY
01/03/18 How ‘Not in My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’ New York Times
12/04/17 For tenants on the edge, paying the rent often takes more than half their income Los Angeles Times
11/30/17 To Buy a Home in NYC, You’ll Need an Annual Income of $100K: Study Curbed New York
11/15/17 Another way the House tax bill hurts ordinary Americans: Devastating the affordable housing market New York Daily News
11/09/17 Making Affordable Housing Permanently Affordable Huffington Post
10/30/17 Rising Rent Burden in Los Angeles KCET
10/24/17 First Citywide Community Land Trust Announced for NYC Next City
10/17/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter Builder Online
10/12/17 New York Landlords Have to Work Harder to Profit From Airbnb The Wall Street Journal
10/05/17 In Tampa Bay, burdened renters abound as home ownership stays low Tampa Bay Times
10/05/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter CityLab
10/05/17 The Rich Are Driving Up the Rent Bloomberg
10/05/17 Share of Rent-Burdened Households Declines in Possible Reversal of Trend WSJ
10/05/17 Lifestyle switch: More Bay Area residents are choosing to rent than ever before The Mercury News
10/03/17 10 on 10: 10 Predictions on the Next Decade Forbes
09/26/17 Staten Island Is Home to the Most Native New Yorkers, Data Shows DNA info
09/19/17 How can I budget when my rent is so high? The Dallas Morning News
09/19/17 Some gentrifying neighborhoods see rents go from sriracha hot to cold-brew cool Crain’s New York Business
09/08/17 Council Pioneer Faces Tough Race on a Changing North Shore City Limits
08/30/17 The Land of Many Votes: Upper West Side Council District Tends to Bring ‘Em Out City Limits
08/17/17 Is the link between gentrification and displacement actually that strong? The Real Deal
08/17/17 Does Gentrification Really Displace New Yorkers? Crains NY
08/04/17 Bronx Youth Quiz Two Council Candidates on Cabrera’s Sermon, Other Issues in 14th District City Limits
08/01/17 Report: Lower East Side is City’s Third Least Affordable Neighborhood The Lo-Down