Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
01/11/18 Here’s how HUD’s new housing voucher rule affects recipients Curbed NY
01/03/18 How ‘Not in My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’ New York Times
12/04/17 For tenants on the edge, paying the rent often takes more than half their income Los Angeles Times
11/30/17 To Buy a Home in NYC, You’ll Need an Annual Income of $100K: Study Curbed New York
11/15/17 Another way the House tax bill hurts ordinary Americans: Devastating the affordable housing market New York Daily News
11/09/17 Making Affordable Housing Permanently Affordable Huffington Post
10/30/17 Rising Rent Burden in Los Angeles KCET
10/24/17 First Citywide Community Land Trust Announced for NYC Next City
10/17/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter Builder Online
10/12/17 New York Landlords Have to Work Harder to Profit From Airbnb The Wall Street Journal
10/05/17 In Tampa Bay, burdened renters abound as home ownership stays low Tampa Bay Times
10/05/17 The Rise of the Rich Renter CityLab
10/05/17 The Rich Are Driving Up the Rent Bloomberg
10/05/17 Share of Rent-Burdened Households Declines in Possible Reversal of Trend WSJ
10/05/17 Lifestyle switch: More Bay Area residents are choosing to rent than ever before The Mercury News
10/03/17 10 on 10: 10 Predictions on the Next Decade Forbes
09/26/17 Staten Island Is Home to the Most Native New Yorkers, Data Shows DNA info
09/19/17 How can I budget when my rent is so high? The Dallas Morning News
09/19/17 Some gentrifying neighborhoods see rents go from sriracha hot to cold-brew cool Crain’s New York Business
09/08/17 Council Pioneer Faces Tough Race on a Changing North Shore City Limits
08/30/17 The Land of Many Votes: Upper West Side Council District Tends to Bring ‘Em Out City Limits
08/17/17 Is the link between gentrification and displacement actually that strong? The Real Deal
08/17/17 Does Gentrification Really Displace New Yorkers? Crains NY
08/04/17 Bronx Youth Quiz Two Council Candidates on Cabrera’s Sermon, Other Issues in 14th District City Limits
08/01/17 Report: Lower East Side is City’s Third Least Affordable Neighborhood The Lo-Down
08/01/17 LIHTC Front and Center at Senate Finance Committee Hearing Affordable Housing Finance
07/31/17 The 8th Council District: A River Runs Through It City Limits
07/26/17 These NYC neighborhoods are where it’s toughest to build new housing Curbed NY
07/21/17 Election 2017 District Data: Deep Red in the City’s South City Limits
07/14/17 Philly Proposal Looks Ahead to Less Affordable Future Next City
07/07/17 As Rents Rise in the Bronx, Old-Timers Feel the Pressure New York Times
07/07/17 Arts Education for All Runs Into Rising Brooklyn Rents Next City
07/07/17 At the Center of Change, Cherry’s Unisex New York Times
07/02/17 How to Access Massive Amounts of NYC Neighborhood Data Curbed NY
06/30/17 Which Brooklyn Neighborhood Has the Most Native New Yorkers? Brokelyn
06/22/17 Sunset Park: So Hot Right Now WNYC
06/15/17 Industry’s Future, Stores’ Rent Burden are Key Issues in Possible Bushwick Rezoning City Limits
06/12/17 Report: Rents Rose, But So Did Poverty City Limits
06/09/17 The Elusive $1,500 Rental New York Times
06/07/17 Report Finds ‘Distressing’ Trend on Poverty Concentration in New York City Politico Pro
05/25/17 Plans for Housing in the Age of Climate Change Should Include This Tool Shelterforce
05/15/17 Housing Tax Credit Investigation Highlights Profit Amid Poverty Next City
05/11/17 The High-Income Neighborhoods the City Could Look to Rezone City Limits
05/09/17 Three Decades of Homes and Hope Huffington Post
05/08/17 Mapping the Modern Transformation of New York City City Lab
05/01/17 Can Mayor Garcetti Convince Neighborhood Groups to Stop Opposing Homeless Housing? LA Weekly
05/01/17 The Gentrification of Gotham City Lab
04/27/17 Rent-Stabilized Tenants Face Likely Rent Hike After Two Year Freeze The Gothamist
04/26/17 Comptroller Examines Uneven Economic Growth in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Gotham Gazette
04/24/17 Naming rights: Who decides what a neighborhood is called and where it starts and ends? Crain’s NY Business
04/20/17 Optimism Fuels Miami’s Mega-developments, but a Denser Miami Isn’t a Sure Thing The Archictect’s Newspaper
04/19/17 The Real Math of An Affordable Housing Lottery: Huge Disconnect Between Need and Allotment CityLimits
04/03/17 What Caused the Downfall of New York City’s Glitziest Restaurant? Bloomberg
03/28/17 New Yorkers, Don’t Cry Over the One (Bedroom) That Got Away Wall Street Journal
03/15/17 Building Permits Up to Start the Year - But the Data Warrants a Closer Look The Real Deal
03/14/17 13 Years After Blocking New Development, Staten Island Hopes to Welcome Just Enough of it City Limits
03/09/17 Crown Heights Residents Protest Development At Bedford-Union Armory Gothamist
03/01/17 Local Nonprofit Hopes To Sway Critics Of Proposed Crown Heights Armory Development Gothamist
03/01/17 March Rent Report Reveals More Renters, ‘Average’ Satisfaction WTTW Chicago Tonight
02/10/17 NY Gov. Cuomo’s 421-a Proposal Could Cost Taxpayers $5.7M per Project Construction Dive
02/09/17 Is Cuomo’s New 421-a Policy a Good Deal for Taxpayers? Crain’s New York Business
02/09/17 New 421a program will be boon to developers… unless construction costs really balloon The Real Deal
02/08/17 Landlords’ Proposed Tax Abatements Would Cut Into City Revenue, Study Says Wall Street Journal
02/08/17 Is Cuomo’s new 421-a policy a good deal for taxpayers? Crain’s New York
02/07/17 Affordable East Harlem development will have 655 passive house rentals Curbed New York
01/27/17 De Blasio and Cuomo Spar Over Cost of Affordable Housing Plan New York Times
01/25/17 How Gentrification Powers New York City’s Tourism Industry Skift
01/23/17 Homeownership: NYC’s Missing Affordable Housing Foundation New York Daily News
01/10/17 Will Rezoning Cause or Resist Displacement? Data Paints an Incomplete Picture City Limits
01/09/17 New Research Shows Why Crime Is The Key To Understanding Gentrification Forbes
01/05/17 How to Predict Gentrification: Look for Falling Crime New York Times
01/05/17 South Bronx Named One Of 2017’s Hottest Destinations By The Times Curbed
12/22/16 The Week in Real Estate Market Reports The Real Deal NY
12/21/16 NYU Data Tool Highlights Lack of Affordable Housing The Real Deal NY
12/21/16 Will this Bronx neighborhood be New York City’s hottest real estate market in 2017? Crain’s NY Business
12/16/16 New York’s Lowest-Income Neighborhoods Are Also The Most Rent-Burdened Gothamist
12/13/16 Mapping the Stark Rich-Poor Divide in Major U.S. Cities CityLab
12/12/16 Now Anyone Can Track Affordable Housing in New York City Using This New Data Mashup Brownstoner
12/12/16 New NYU Data Tool Shows Affordable Housing Throughout NYC The Real Deal
12/07/16 Crown Heights Residents Protest Bedford Armory Site Development Gothamist
11/30/16 City Council Approves Four New Housing Projects With Varying Levels Of Affordability Politico New York
11/28/16 Low-Income Housing Shown to Not Weigh on Nearby Property Values Wall Street Journal
11/26/16 Seven Myths About Homelessness In Los Angeles LA Weekly
11/19/16 New 421-a Tax Break for Developers Could Cost City Billions: Study DNAinfo
11/17/16 Taking Back the South Bronx WNYC
11/11/16 De Blasio Administration Predicts East Harlem Plan Will Make Room for 8,400 More People City Limits
11/10/16 City’s Plans for Public Land in Housing Push Come Under Scrutiny City Limits
11/08/16 Five Ways to Fight Gentrification Brownstoner
11/06/16 Housing Activists Push to Stop New York Pols from Reviving Tax Break for Building Developers New York Daily News
11/04/16 Report: Residential Construction Permits Up In NYC Despite Lack of 421-a Tax Credits Gothamist
11/03/16 In Search of Answers on Gentrification CityLab
11/02/16 Next Big Bet for Apartment Rentals: Mexico City Wall Street Journal
10/28/16 Goldman, Community Preservation Corp. Line Up $70M Loan Facility for Affordable Housing Commercial Observer
10/28/16 A New Report Analyzes the Steps New York Is Taking to Slow Gentrification in Bushwick and Beyond Bushwick Daily
10/19/16 In Search Of The Elusive Struggling Rent-Stabilized Landlord Gothamist
10/19/16 Airbnb likely does keep rents and property prices high in super-hot cities, statistics show Business Insider
10/19/16 In Obsessing About New York and San Francisco, We’re Ignoring the Real Rental crisis Newsday
10/18/16 How Much of my Income Should be Budgeted for Rent? New York Times
10/14/16 A Changing Waterfront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York Times
10/13/16 A Big Bet on ‘Revitalizing Downtown’ Gotham Gazette