Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
09/21/16 City Agrees Displacement is a Worry, Disputes That Investment is the Cause City Limits
09/19/16 Four Signs the South Bronx is Gentrifying WNYC
09/16/16 Enthusiasm Seen for Far Rockaway Rezoning Plan City Limits
09/10/16 Jerome Ave. Rezoning to Enable Taller Buildings, More Residential Housing Bronx Times
09/06/16 Affordable Housing Will Only Work With For-Profit Developers in the Mix The Observer
08/30/16 The last affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan: ‘The air is fresher up here’ The Guardian
08/22/16 Building Justice: New York City’s Separate and Unequal Neighborhoods City Limits
08/21/16 Bustling Crown Heights Hits Its Stride Wall Street Journal
08/15/16 New Yorkers in Subway Deserts Have Advice for L Train Riders: ‘Suck It Up’ New York Times
08/15/16 L train riders will find little sympathy from commuters in NYC subway deserts Curbed NY
08/15/16 There is no perfect place for home LA Times
08/14/16 Building the next New York: The city must create more housing to have a bright future. Here’s how. NY Daily News
08/05/16 As prices soar, NYC homeowners saddled with housing costs The Real Deal
08/05/16 High Costs Squeeze New York City Homeowners Wall Street Journal
07/30/16 At home in the club: the LGBT parties changing the face of Brooklyn’s nightlife The Guardian
07/29/16 Analysis: Tax lien properties concentrated in central and eastern Brooklyn and southeast Queens Politico
07/29/16 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity Wall Street Journal
07/28/16 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity Wall Street Journal
07/27/16 Is Historical Preservation What’s Keeping Cities From Building Affordable Housing? Fast Company
07/20/16 Can Training Programs Help Improve Police-Community Relations? The Atlantic
07/16/16 How New Yorkers are hacking an exorbitant rental market: Treat it like dating CNBC
07/15/16 An Art Installation Visualizes the Boggling Tax Disparities Along Central Park CityLab
06/29/16 This Politician Wants Congress To Fight Gentrification The Huffington Post
06/15/16 Opposing the Move NY Plan Does No Favors for Southeast Queens Streetsblog NYC
06/13/16 Williamsburg Unbound Observer
06/02/16 New Research on How Historic Districts Affect Affordable Housing City Limits
05/27/16 Moving to the Bronx New York Times
05/23/16 VIDEO: The top 5 most gentrified neighborhoods in NYC The Real Deal NY
05/19/16 Why the Rent is Too Damn High: The Affordable Housing Crisis Curbed
05/17/16 Why is L.A. too pricey? Blame low vacancy rates, not luxury high-rises LA Times
05/13/16 New York City Is More Crowded Than Ever—Except in Its Gentrifying Neighborhoods Slate
05/13/16 How Sky-High Rents Are Radically Changing New York’s Neighborhoods Huffington Post
05/12/16 Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Central Harlem, LES/Chinatown And Bushwick Among NYC’s 15 Gentrifying Neigh Gothamist
05/12/16 Here Are City’s Top 15 Gentrifying Neighborhoods DNAinfo
05/12/16 Where New York Is Gentrifying and Where It Isn’t CityLab
05/11/16 I’ve Lost Three Jobs in Three Years. Can I Buy a Home? Slate
05/10/16 Williamsburg leads NYC in gentrification, report says AM New York
05/10/16 On the Market: In Gentrifying Areas, Middle Class Is Most In Danger of Displacement Observer
05/10/16 Defining NYC Gentrification Through the Cost of Rent NextCity
05/09/16 City sees record year for inclusionary housing units, residential permit approvals The Real Deal NY
05/09/16 Behold, NYC’s 15 Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods Curbed NY
05/09/16 The City’s Top Gentrifying Neighborhoods WNYC
05/08/16 Rising U.S. Rents Squeeze the Middle Class Wall Street Journal
05/05/16 To Solve The Fight Over a Property-Tax Break, Answer Three Key Questions Crain’s New York Business
04/27/16 NYC housing a sticking point this session The Legislative Gazette
04/18/16 South Florida Cities Among Worst for Affordable Housing, Study Finds Sun Sentinel
04/18/16 Potential Young Buyers Delay Homeownership in Part Because of Skyrocketing Prices Houston Chronicle
04/14/16 Tiny Is the New Big: The Next Wave of Space-Defying, Affordable Homes Realtor.com
04/14/16 Segregation Issue Complicates de Blasio’s Housing Push The New York Times
04/11/16 City’s Housing Plan Moves Away from Bolstering Homeownership City Limits
04/11/16 New Bill Seeks to Map Disappearing Subsidized Housing In NYC Curbed New York
04/07/16 Jonathan Mechanic Is the Go-To Real Estate Lawyer Extraordinaire Commercial Observer
04/07/16 When 421a Expired in January It Sent a Shiver Through a Lot of Multifamily Lenders Commercial Observer
04/07/16 What Does That New Luxury Building in Your Neighborhood Mean for Your Home’s Value? U.S. News and World Report
04/01/16 Habitat for Humanity Came to Bedford-Stuyvesant And Many Longtime Residents Got Pushed Out New York Daily News
03/28/16 Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Affordable Housing Plan Faces Roadblocks The Wall Street Journal
03/25/16 Affordable Housing ‘Increasingly Out of Reach’ in Atlanta Curbed Atlanta
03/24/16 De Blasio Earns Political Win in NYC Affordable-Housing Vote Bloomberg Politics
03/23/16 Housing think tank gives policymakers the tools to build a dialogue Crain’s NY Business
03/21/16 Proposed Housing Bill Good Idea, but Won’t Replace a Property-Tax Break Crain’s New York
03/11/16 South Florida’s High Rents Called ‘Troubling’ Sun Sentinel
03/11/16 D.C. Least Affordable Major U.S. Metropolitan Area for Renters The Washington Times
03/11/16 Is There a Better Way to Provide Affordable Housing? AM New York
03/10/16 Even Landlords Know Rents Are Too High DNAinfo NY
03/10/16 Renter Population Growing in Nation’s Largest Metro Areas with Affordable Housing Hard to Find MultifamilyBiz
03/10/16 Landmarked districts as dense as non-historic areas: report The Real Deal NY
03/09/16 Los Angeles is Getting Even Less Affordable For Renters Curbed Los Angeles
03/09/16 More and More People are Renting. Thank the Suburbs The Wall Street Journal
03/08/16 Study: Renters’ Rise Extends Beyond Big US Cities to Suburbs Associated Press
03/08/16 Historic districts in the city are just as dense as its neighbors, report says Crain’s New York
03/07/16 Is micro-living really the answer? The Real Deal
03/03/16 The Ghost Tenants of New York City Slate
03/03/16 Are Micro-Apartments a Good Solution to the Affordable-Housing Crisis? The New Yorker
03/02/16 Dozens of ‘Affordable’ Houses Sit Vacant After Over a Decade: Report Curbed NY
03/02/16 Inwood’s Pleasant Time Warp Wall Street Journal
02/24/16 Trouble on the Dream Coast: Housing Policy Challenges Capital & Main
02/17/16 In About-Face, Bushwick Could Accept Towers For More Affordable Housing Bedford + Bowery
02/10/16 A Vote for Parking Minimums Is a Vote to Keep the Rent Too Damn High StreetsBlog NYC
02/09/16 Americans Less Optimistic About Owning a Home Realtor.com
01/27/16 Itʼs a daunting task, but REBNY is committed to affordable home building Real Estate Weekly
01/27/16 Why Homes in Major U.S. Cities Are Nearly Impossible to Afford Curbed
01/27/16 Why We Should Grieve for 421-a Commercial Observer
01/26/16 New York Wants to Close Gap Between Housing Residents and Wall Street Bankers NextCity
01/26/16 To Own or Lease? NY Times
01/26/16 Community Gardens Imperiled by New York’s Affordable Housing Plans NY Times
01/20/16 Lapsed 421a Break Leaves City’s Real Estate Community Scrambling to Get the Program Back Commercial Observer
01/20/16 Mayor has yet to fulfill his housing promises. That may be a good thing. Crain’s NY Business
01/19/16 Developocalyse: The Day After The Real Deal NY
01/19/16 A Tax on Views of Central Park? New York Times
01/19/16 Tax Exemption Hits State Deadline Wall Street Journal
01/19/16 Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s 421-A Tax Program, Posed to Expire Today Curbed NY
01/19/16 Trouble for de Blasio housing plan as deal on property-tax break won’t be reached Crain’s NY Business
01/13/16 City Could Face Extra $2.8B in Construction Costs Under New 421-a Tax Deal DNAinfo NY
01/04/16 How Affordable Housing Mandates Make Housing More Expensive Los Angeles Times
01/04/16 Why New York Must Build Its Way To An Even Brighter Future Real Estate Weekly
01/04/16 The 2015 NYC Streetsies, Part 1 StreetsBlog NYC
01/04/16 Geeky Solutions For Affordable Housing Crain’s NY Business
12/18/15 De Blasio’s Controversial Zoning Plan Stretches Definition Of “Affordable” Gothamist
12/18/15 In New York, the Fireplace Flickers The New York Times
12/15/15 Housing Policies Still Pin Poor in Baltimore, But Some Escape to Suburbs The Baltimore Sun