NYU Urban Seminar: Marquise McGraw on Airport Hubs and Urban Growth

News & Events | February 2nd 2016

Image Copyright: Chris Parypa Photography via Shutterstock

On February 2nd, the Spring 2016 NYU Urban Seminar Series, co-hosted by the NYU Furman Center and Marron Institute, welcomed Marquise McGraw, assistant professor of Economics at Middlebury College. He presented his preliminary research on the marginal effect of an airport hub on a metropolitan area’s economy based on his paper, "Causal Effect of Airport Hubs on Urban Growth".

He discussed the effect of an airport being designated as a “hub” by an airline on the surrounding economy, which he estimates relative to cities that have airports, but not hub airports. His research suggests that airport hubs have a small effect on the local economy nearby but that this effect diminishes for areas not in close proximity. However, it does not rule out the possibility that there could be long-term effects of an airport hub on the overall metropolitan economy.

The NYU Urban Seminar series is co-hosted by the NYU Furman Center and the Marron Institute. The speaker series is focused on research with implications for urban policy, and features a variety of researchers from across the U.S. discussing their work. The NYU Urban Seminar is open to the public; registration is required.

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