Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
04/06/09 Affordable Homeownership and the “$1 Billion Promise” (PDF, 44 KB) City Limits
03/30/09 Bad News Up North: In a Season of Shrinking Sales Volume, Harlem’s Been Hit Extra-Hard (PDF, 190 KB) New York Magazine
03/30/09 Small Business: Suffering in Good Times and Bad (PDF, 104 KB) Gotham Gazette
03/24/09 Buyforeclosedhomes.com? Online Auctions Are Catching On (PDF, 27 KB) New York Daily News
03/23/09 N.Y. Drivers’ Unexpected Allies: Transit Riders (PDF, 62 KB) New York Times
03/12/09 Report Reveals Surprises in NYC Real Estate Trend WNYC Radio
03/12/09 Risks, Rewards Found in Former ‘It’ Locales (PDF, 51 KB) Metro
03/12/09 Foreclosures Rose 7 Percent on Staten Island, Firm Says (PDF, 23 KB) Staten Island Advance
03/12/09 Long and Short of Gotham (PDF, 61 KB) New York Post
03/11/09 Past Indicates Little on Home Price Future (PDF, 23 KB) Crain’s New York Business
03/11/09 Foreclosures and Minorities Nevada Public Radio
03/09/09 Looking for Bottom in N.Y. Real Estate (PDF, 71 KB) New York Times
02/20/09 Education Suffers in NY Projects (PDF, 112 KB) Planetizen
02/20/09 Housing Plan: The Virtues of Moderation (PDF, 24 KB) New York Times
02/18/09 Will You Be Able to Keep Your Home? GRIT TV
02/17/09 New HUD Chief: Simpler Loans, More Private Lending (PDF, 205 KB) Christian Science Monitor
02/16/09 New HUD Chief Calls for Transparency (PDF, 17 KB) GlobeSt.com
02/13/09 Donovan Outlines Vision for HUD (PDF, 57 KB) Affordable Housing Finance
02/13/09 HUD Secretary Unveils Plan to Respond to Housing Crisis (PDF, 43 KB) Builder
02/13/09 Housing Plan Will Accelerate Loan Modifications, HUD Says (PDF, 40 KB) Los Angeles Times
02/13/09 A Homecoming for HUD’s New Secretary (PDF, 18 KB) New York Times
02/13/09 HUD Secretary Calls for Accelerated Loan Modifications (PDF, ) Wall Street Journal
02/12/09 The Faces of Foreclosure (PDF, 96 KB) Queens Courier
02/10/09 Subsidizing Home Buying: Could Be Worse New York Times
02/09/09 Working for a Safer Spring in Brownsville (PDF, 31 KB) City Limits
02/03/09 Luxe Affordability Marks Green Renewal in the Bronx (PDF, 42 KB) City Limits
02/03/09 Supportive Housing Faces Down Routine Opposition (PDF, 62 KB) City Limits
02/01/09 A Foreclosure Freeze Would Ease Their Fears (PDF, 28 KB) New York Daily News
02/01/09 A Month Free? Rents Are Falling Fast (PDF, 81 KB) New York Times
01/19/09 As Economy Stalls, Fewer New Yorkers Moving Out of State (PDF, 49 KB) New York Times
01/19/09 Fed Up & Fighting Foreclosure Angry Group Protests Home Auction (PDF, 23 KB) New York Daily News
01/16/09 Queens homeowners protest foreclosures (PDF, 40 KB) Crain’s New York Business
01/15/09 To Avert Blight, City Will Repair and Resell Vacant Homes (PDF, 41 KB) New York Times
01/15/09 Tenants Face Evictions Amidst Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 31 KB) NY1
12/24/08 Board 1 Opposes Urban Pathways’ Building Queens Gazette
12/15/08 Fannie Mae to End Tenant Evictions in Foreclosures The Wall Street Journal
12/15/08 Education Suffers in NY Projects Planetizen
11/23/08 Children Who Live in Public Housing Suffer in School, Study Says (PDF, 42 KB) New York Times
11/18/08 Homeless Pledge a Real Challenge (PDF, 30 KB) The Globe and Mail
11/14/08 Home Run: Asian American Homeowners and the Subprime Mortgage Fallout (PDF, 211 KB) Asian Week
11/09/08 Election Gives Staten Island Housing Market a Jolt (PDF, 165 KB) Staten Island Advance
11/07/08 Editorial: Good Neighbors (PDF, 30 KB) The New York Times
11/06/08 Mortgages Plunge by 50% in Some Brooklyn Minority Communities (PDF, 22 KB) New York Daily News
11/04/08 Evictions Soar as Banks Foreclose on Landlords During Credit Crisis (PDF, 27 KB) New York Daily News
11/01/08 Could the early 1990s return? (PDF, 44 KB) The Real Deal
10/28/08 Study: Fewer Mortgages to Latinos, Blacks (PDF, 54 KB) NBC New York
10/28/08 New Report Finds Blacks, Latinos Hit Hard by Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 37 KB) NY1
10/28/08 Minorities Hit Hard in Mortgage Crunch (PDF, 19 KB) New York Daily News
10/27/08 NYC Minorities Receive Fewer Mortgages (PDF, 21 KB) WNYC Radio
10/27/08 Study Notes Fewer Loans to Hispanics and Blacks (PDF, 37 KB) New York Times
10/23/08 Expert Q&A: A Downturn for New York Real Estate? (PDF, 67 KB) New York Times
10/18/08 Door to Door, Foreclosure Knocks Here (PDF, 46 KB) New York Times
10/15/08 Your Neighbor’s Troubles May Become Your Own (PDF, 25 KB) New York Times
09/25/08 Does Seeing Green Lead to Seeing Greenbacks? (PDF, 32 KB) New York Times
09/23/08 Tougher Times Hobble Mayor’s Affordable Housing Ambitions (PDF, 316 KB) New York Observer
09/19/08 Best Design: West Village (PDF, 176 KB) Time Out New York
08/26/08 Foreclosures Mean Crises for H.I.V. Positive Renters (PDF, 44 KB) New York Times
08/25/08 Chinatown’s ‘Glorious Flute’ Facing an Unusual Primary Challenge (PDF, 124 KB) New York Sun
08/25/08 Reshaping the City: Who’s Being Heard—and Why? (PDF, 79 KB) Gotham Gazette
08/22/08 What You Need to Know Before You Rent (PDF, 49 KB) New York Times
07/27/08 Growing Pains Come and Go (PDF, 46 KB) New York Times
07/01/08 Foreclosure Epidemic Skips Big Apple…So Far (PDF, 131 KB) The Cooperator
06/30/08 Subprime Mortgages and Race: A Bit of Good News May Be Illusory (PDF, 59 KB) Washington Post
06/30/08 Neighborhoods Bear the Brunt (PDF, 54 KB) Washington Post
06/22/08 Fighting Foreclosures on Staten Island (PDF, 63 KB) New York Times
06/22/08 In Confronting the Foreclosure Crisis, a Bill Strikes a Balance (PDF, 53 KB) New York Times
06/12/08 Not ‘Fore’ Us (PDF, 96 KB) New York Post
05/28/08 Mixed Use (PDF, 224 KB) The Villager
05/22/08 Kucinich: Neighborhoods Are Blameless ‘Victims’ in Subprime Crisis (PDF, 54 KB) Wall Street Journal
05/22/08 Death By ‘Preservation’ (PDF, 106 KB) New York Post
05/12/08 Nabe Groups Battle to Save Affordable Apartments (PDF, 34 KB) AM New York
05/01/08 No Bailout for Brownsville (PDF, 44 KB) The Real Deal
04/25/08 Is Inclusionary Zoning Providing Our Much Needed Affordable Housing? (PDF, 74 KB) San Francisco Chronicle
04/17/08 Jamaica Woman Struggles for Home (PDF, 157 KB) Queens Chronicle
04/15/08 City Foreclosures Threaten Renters (PDF, 22 KB) New York Daily News
04/15/08 Mortgage lending trends and high rates of foreclosure in New York City (MP3) Bloomberg Radio
04/14/08 NYC Renters Get Foreclosure Blues (PDF, 35 KB) Crain’s New York Business
04/14/08 Renters Also Hurt by Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 32 KB) WNYC Radio
04/13/08 Even Renters Aren’t Safe (PDF, ) New York Times
04/02/08 New York and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 50 KB) New York Times
03/29/08 Rethinking Real Estate (PDF, 47 KB) New York Times
03/07/08 The City Responds to the Foreclosure Crisis (PDF, 55 KB) Gotham Gazette
03/04/08 Governor Proposes New Foreclosure Legislation (PDF, 38 KB) NY1
03/04/08 Spitzer to Present a Plan to Reduce Foreclosures (PDF, 45 KB) New York Times
03/03/08 Real Estate Revelations: Churches Weigh Deals (PDF, 49 KB) City Limits
03/03/08 Bill Would Set Foreclosure Moratorium (PDF, 53 KB) New York Times
03/02/08 God’s Row (PDF, 71 KB) New York Times
03/01/08 Subprime Crimes From Wall Street to Brooklyn and Beyond (PDF, 338 KB) The Brooklyn Rail
02/27/08 Housing Market Faces Anxiety from Many Sources (PDF, 63 KB) Gotham Gazette
02/23/08 Subprime Mortgage Wasteland in the Bronx Village Voice
02/11/08 Options Are Studied Regarding Expected ‘Tsunami of Default’ (PDF, 50 KB) New York Sun
02/04/08 Helping to Keep Homelessness at Bay as Foreclosures Hit More Families (PDF, 52 KB) New York Times
01/07/08 Filling New York’s “Vacancies” (PDF, 151 KB) Gotham Gazette
01/05/08 Unaffordable NY: Tough Choices at $150,000 (PDF, 42 KB) Crain’s New York Business
12/20/07 Housing Crisis Extends to the Rental Market (PDF, 130 KB) New York Sun
11/30/07 Being Able to Live Where You Work (PDF, 168 KB) USA Today
11/11/07 What Market Slump? (PDF, 47 KB) New York Times
11/10/07 Housing Program on Track Amid Financing Concerns (PDF, 43 KB) New York Times
11/04/07 No Defense Against Foreclosure (PDF, 26 KB) Crain’s New York Business
10/17/07 Subprime in Black and White (PDF, 34 KB) New York Times