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    Furman Center Releases 2010 State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods Report

    April 12th 2011

    April 12, 2011: The Furman Center is pleased to present the 2010 edition of the State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods. In this annual report, the Furman Center compiles statistics on housing, demographics and quality of life in the City, its five boroughs and 59 community districts. This year we examine the impact of foreclosures on New York City’s multi-family rental housing stock, analyze where New Yorkers live and work and how they commute, and highlight the Furman Center’s latest research on public and subsidized rental housing. Read the press release here. Read more »

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    Sarah Gerecke Moderates Foreclosure Panel at New York City Bar

    March 30th 2011

    March 29, 2011: Sarah Gerecke, Executive Director of the Furman Center, moderated a panel titled “The Residential Foreclosure Crisis: Where Do We Go From Here?” at the New York City Bar Association.  The panel looked at policies that have been used to address the foreclosure crisis, such as the Home Affordable Modification Program, and also discussed what the future of mortgage lending and homeownership might look like.  In addition to moderating, Sarah Gerecke presented on current foreclosure trends in New York City and how foreclosures affect renters, children and neighboring properties. View the presentation here. Read more »

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    Ingrid Gould Ellen Presents at New York Chapter APA Panel on the Foreclosure and Credit Crisis

    March 21st 2011

    March 21, 2011: Ingrid Gould Ellen gave a presentation on the causes and consequences of the foreclosure crisis in New York City at a panel discussion titled “2011: The Growing Impact of the Subprime Mortgage and Credit Crisis on New York City,” hosted by the New York chapter of the American Planning Association. Professor Ellen talked about the continuing impacts of foreclosures on people and neighborhoods, as well as the number and neighborhoods most affected. View slides of the presentation. Read more »

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    Furman Center Researchers Present at the HUD American Housing Survey User Conference

    March 8th 2011

    March 8, 2011:  Furman Center researchers presented two new studies highlighting creative ways to use AHS data at the inaugural U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development American Housing Survey (AHS) User Conference in Washington, DC. Keren Horn presented “Urban ‘Pioneers’: Why do Higher Income Households Choose Lower Income Neighborhoods?” which uses AHS data to study households who move into neighborhoods with lower incomes than their own in 1991-1995 and 2001-2005.  Samuel Dastrup presented “Household Energy Bills and Subsidized Housing” which studies incentives that federal housing assistance programs create for whether tenants or landlords pay utility bills and for subsequent energy consumption.  Read more »

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    Ingrid Gould Ellen Moderates Abu Dhabi Panel “Housing Middle Income Households in High Cost Cities”

    March 3rd 2011

    March 3, 2011: Furman Center Faculty Co-Director Ingrid Gould Ellen moderated a panel at the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute on “Housing Middle Income Households in High-Cost Cities.”  The panel discussed how the increase in income inequality over the past two decades has contributed to higher housing costs.  Additionally, the panel noted that middle income households often get left out because they do not qualify for government housing programs and cannot afford housing due to the rising costs.  Panelists included Talal Al Dhiyebi, Director of Planning and Infrastructure at Aldar Properties, and Val Zillig, Planning Manager at Urban Planning Council. Read more »

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    Josiah Madar Presents at FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion’s Mortgage Subcommittee

    March 1st 2011

    March 1, 2011: Furman Center Research Fellow Josiah Madar joined the FDIC’s Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion’s Mortgage Subcommittee for a forum, “Restoring Responsible LMI Mortgage Lending” on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011.  Josiah discussed mortgage lending trends, obstacles, and challenges for low and moderate income households on a panel moderated by Barbara Ryan, Deputy to the Vice Chairman of the FDIC. Read more »

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    Furman Center Releases New York City Quarterly Housing Report

    February 25th 2011

    February 25, 2011: A new Furman Center analysis of fourth quarter housing indicators finds that home prices outside of Manhattan are still in decline, but foreclosures are down citywide. The Quarterly Housing Update, which uses six key indicators of housing market performance from a variety of data sources, is the only New York City housing report to incorporate sales data, development indicators, and foreclosures. It also presents a repeat sales index for each borough to capture price appreciation while controlling for housing quality. View the press release. Read more »

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    Furman Center Research Fellow Moderates Discussion on Parking Regulations in Europe

    February 23rd 2011

    February 23, 2011: Furman Center Research Fellow Simon McDonnell moderated a discussion with Michael Kodransky, of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, on innovative parking policies in Europe. The event was hosted by the Urban Planning Student Association and the Wagner Transportation Association at NYU’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. View more information about the event. Read more »

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    Furman Center and IESP Recieve MacArthur Grant to Study Impact of Foreclosures on School Performance

    February 7th 2011

    February 7, 2011: NYU’s Furman Center and the Institute for Education and Social Policy have been named one of nine MacArthur Foundation grant recipients, as part of the Foundation’s $25 million initiative on How Housing Matters to Families and Communities. The initiative is based on the premise that stable, affordable housing is an essential platform that promotes positive outcomes in education, employment, and physical health by helping to ensure a greater return from other social and public investments. After a competitive selection process, NYU’s Furman Center and Institute for Education and Social Policy, along with researchers from the University of Connecticut, the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University, and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, were awarded an $800,000 award for research into the impact of housing instability due to foreclosure on school performance. View the press release. Read more »

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    Study on Rezonings and Park Accessibility Published in Cities and the Environment

    February 1st 2011

    February 1, 2011: The article “How do New York City’s Recent Rezonings Align With its Goals for Park Accessibility?” is featured in the 3rd Volume of Cities and the Environment.  This study investigates how well city-initiated rezonings correlate with the goal of providing New Yorkers with good access to the City’s parks.  View the report Read more »