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User Guide

Getting Started

How to Find Information

There are two ways to search for data in CoreData.nyc:

  • The Toolbar menu across the top of the screen allows you to view and select available datasets.
  • The Search Box allows you to search the map by address, location, or BBL (borough-block-lot).

The Control Panel allows you to turn map layers on or off, refine a selected dataset, and toggle between Map and Table View.

The Toolbar and Control Panel work in tandem to ensure you are able to find the information you are looking for.

Viewing Data

You can view the data in either the Map View or Table View.

  • Map View (default): The default view in CoreData is a map with all data shown as either points or regions.
  • Table View: Data can also be displayed as a table. From this view, you may download the data.