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Data Downloads

Subsidized Housing Database Downloads

Subsidized Housing Database download package contains two data files and two corresponding data dictionary files:

The FC_SHD_subsidy_analysis_yyyy-mm-dd.csv file is provided for detailed analysis of subsidies and properties. Each entry in this data file represents the combination of a subsidy record and a property. If multiple subsidies are available for one property (identified by Borough-Block-Lot aka BBL), there will be multiple entries associated with the single BBL. Also, if a single subsidy contract applies to multiple properties, then there will be multiple entries associated with the single subsidy. Along with the subsidy information such as corresponding agency, subsidy type, as well as the start and end date, the subsidy analysis file provides the information of the property including address, the number of residential units, year built and etc. The file also provides latitude and longitude points of the BBLs for potential geospatial analysis. For the detailed information, please refer to FC_SHD_subsidy_analysis_data_dictionary_yyyy-mm-dd.xlsx.

The FC_SHD_bbl_analysis_yyyy-mm-dd.csv file will be useful for property-level analysis. Each entry is a unique property (BBL). The data set has compiled all the subsidies associated with the BBL into one entry with the property details, captured in a series of columns for each program. The file also provides latitude and logitude points of the BBLs for potential geospatial analysis. For the detailed information, please refer to FC_SHD_bbl_analysis_data_dictionary_yyyy-mm-dd.xlsx.

Full Neighborhood Indicators Downloads

The full CoreData.nyc Neighborhood Indicator download file is a spreadsheet (Neighorhood_Indicators_CoreDataDownload_yyyy-mm-dd.xlsx) that contains the data table, data dictionary, and notes. This file includes all of the neighborhood indicators available on CoreData.nyc, for all available years and geographic levels including the City of New York, boroughs, and neighborhoods (community districts and sub-borough areas). The data files include the necessary geographic identifiers that will allow you to join the neighborhood indicators data to geometries for mapping or other datasets for further analysis (such as data from the above Subsidized Housing Database files). The definitions and data sources for all indicators are listed in the data dictionary sheet in the file.


Read more about Subsidized Housing Database and Neighborhood Indicators on the methodology page.