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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

Major Capital Improvement (MCI)

The Major Capital Improvement (MCI) program provides incentives for landlords to improve rent-regulated property conditions by allowing an increase in rents for rent-stabilized or rent-controlled units based on eligible construction costs. Landlords who receive MCI increases may also apply for J-51 abatements and exemptions for the same improvements. Owners are able to increase the tenant’s rent based on a certain percentage of cost for work performed in apartments and common areas; however, rent increases may not exceed two percent annually.

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  • Supply/Demand: Supply
  • Category: Homeownership, Housing Stability, and Quality
  • Scale: Very Large Scale (over 10,000 units)
  • Timeframe: 1988 - Present
  • Occupancy tenure: Rental
  • Construction Type: Rehabilitation
  • Building Type: Multi-family
  • Developers/Owners: Non-profit, For-profit
  • Geographic Restrictions: Rent-regulated Buildings

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