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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

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  • Sweat Equity (City) (Unavailable)

    The Sweat Equity program began as a response to the City’s budget crisis in the 1970s, its ownership of a massive stock of in-rem housing, a growing demand for low-income housing, and resident-led initiatives...

  • Sweat Equity (State) (Projects Under Regulation)

    Sweat Equity was overseen by the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity and worked in partnership with New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s (HCR) Mortgage Agency (SONYMA). SONYMA provides a two...

  • Urban Homestead Program (Unavailable)

    As a response to “squatting,” where residents that illegally inhabited vacant buildings helped to revive neighborhoods, the Urban Homestead Program (UHP) granted up to $10,000 per unit to tenants willing...

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