WEBINAR TRAINING: New York City Neighborhood Data 101 - Subsidized Housing

News & Events | September 25th 2018

This free webinar training was hosted by NYU Furman Center researchers on September 25th, 2018 in conjunction with the two-year anniversary of CoreData’s release. It provides an overview of our recent data brief, the State of New York City’s Subsidized Housing in 2017, and shows how to access the data summarized in the brief through the CoreData platform.

Neighborhood data is critical for understanding local housing and demographic trends, identifying community needs, and informing policy conversations. This free webinar training will demonstrate how to use the NYU Furman Center’s New York City’s Subsidized Housing in 2017 in conjunction with CoreData.nyc to explore trends in New York City neighborhoods.

The presentation covers:

  • Findings from the State of New York City’s Subsidized Housing in 2017 
  • New Subsidized Housing Neighborhood Indicators available in CoreData
  • How to use each component of CoreData to understand the information at the neighborhood, borough, and citywide level
  • The difference between the subsidized housing database and subsidized housing indicators
  • How to move from the map to neighborhood data profiles to see new indicators in the context of datasets on the community district level
  • Questions and answers about the Subsidized Housing Brief, Neighborhood Data Indicators, and relevant CoreData issues

Download the slidedeck or view a recording of the presentation.

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