Spotlight Report: How to Preserve Affordable Housing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods

Research & Policy | July 11th 2013

This week, New York Appleseed released a two-part manual titled, "Preserving Affordable Housing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods: Strategies to Prevent Displacement". This resource, geared towards community-based organizations, legislators and policy makers, outlines the various preservation tools currently being utilized in New York City and also highlights, in part II of the manual, strategies used by other jurisdictions across the country.

In Part I of the manual, Appleseed offers a comprehensive look into New York City's generally applicable affordable housing tools, offering detailed descriptions, population information and practical applications for initiatives like Low Income Housing Tax Credits, the Proactive Preservation Initiative and Article A-8 Loans. The manual also details information and options for properties participating in New York's existing affordable housing programs.

"In order to determine which programs might be available to any one property, the first step is to find out if the property is presently in an affordable housing program and what restrictions (if any) exist on the property", states Appleseed. The Furman Center's Subsidized Housing Information Project (SHIP) search tool  makes this process easy by allowing any resident to access information about the status of individual properties and also demographic, housing market, and land use data about NYC's diverse neighborhoods.

Check out the link to the full report below:
Part 1: Introduction and Preservation Strategies in New York City
Part 2: Preservation Strategies Outside of New York

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