Policy Breakfast: Obstacles & Options for Maintaining Affordability in NYC’s Unsubsidized Housing

News & Events | December 4th 2014

On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014, at NYU School of Law, the NYU Furman Center hosted over 150 participants for a policy breakfast titled Obstacles and Options for Maintaining Affordability in the City's Unsubsidized Housing Stock. It was the second conversation the NYU Furman Center hosted this fall focused on the challenges of preserving affordable housing.

The majority of rental units affordable to low-income renters in New York City are unsubsidized. Even though many of these units are regulated through the state’s rent stabilization laws, fewer were affordable to low-income households in 2011 than were affordable in 2002.

Panelists included: 

  • Jim Buckley, Executive Director, University Neighborhood Housing Program
  • Rafael Cestero, President and CEO, The Community Preservation Corporation
  • Ismene Speliotis, Executive Director, Mutual Housing Association of New York

The panel was moderated by Mark A. Willis, Executive Director of the NYU Furman Center.

As the city works to meet its ambitious new affordable housing goals, it has stated that it will look for ways to stem the loss of affordability in the unsubsidized affordable housing stock. Panelists discussed strategies to bring more units under agreements to regulate their rents, when and where the city might want to use these strategies, and the range of challenges involved in their successful implementation.

For more information, see the event program and the opening presentation deck

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