Policy Breakfast Explores Public Housing Authorities and Their Programs

News & Events | October 24th 2016

This fall, the NYU Furman Center will host two policy breakfasts exploring housing reforms for the next president. The first breakfast, Public Housing Authorities and Their Programs, was held on Wednesday, October 19th at NYU School of Law.

The conversation focused on the federal laws and rules that govern Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and the two biggest programs they administer—Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers. The discussion explored possible reforms to help address the funding needs for public housing, the challenge of improving mobility for voucher recipients, and potential lessons from the Moving to Work program.

NYU Furman Center Executive Director Jessica Yager facilitated the panel, which also included:

  • Michael Kelly, General Manager, New York City Housing Authority
  • Stephen Norman, Executive Director, King County Housing Authority
  • Barbara Samuels, Managing Attorney, ACLU of Maryland’s Fair Housing Project
  • Diane Yentel, President and CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

The second policy breakfast in the fall 2016 series will be held in November and will explore how federal funding can be more responsive to differences in localities housing needs and economic conditions. The policy breakfast events are part of a larger series of work by the NYU Furman Center, Housing Reforms for the Next President.  The series will explore ideas for reforming federal housing policy to help address the needs of our nation’s diverse cities.


View a video of the policy breakfast or download the slide deck from the introductory research presentation. 

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