Policy Breakfast Explores Optimizing Federal Subsidies

News & Events | December 1st 2016

This fall, the NYU Furman Center hosted two policy breakfasts exploring housing reforms for the next President. The second breakfast, Optimizing Federal Subsidy, was held on Thursday, November 17th at NYU School of Law.

The panel discussion explored the implications of the recent election for federal housing policy. It also considered how, in the next administration, federal funding can be made more responsive to the diversity of local housing needs. In particular, the discussion focused on whether the federal government can and should allow more flexibility across funding streams.

NYU Furman Center Senior Policy Fellow Mark Willis facilitated the panel, which also included:

  • Laurel Blatchford, Senior Vice President, Solutions, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Thomas Gleason, Executive Director Emeritus, MassHousing
  • Ethan Handelman, Vice President for Policy & Advocacy, National Housing Conference
  • Celia Smoot, Director, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Housing

The first policy breakfast in the fall 2016 series, Public Housing Authorities and Their Programs, was held in October and explored the federal laws and rules that govern Public Housing Authorities and their programs. The policy breakfast events are part of a larger series of work by the NYU Furman Center, Housing Reforms for the Next President. The series explored ideas for reforming federal housing policy to help address the needs of our nation’s diverse cities.

View a video of the policy breakfast here.

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