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    NYU Furman Center and Abt Associates Launch Tool to Tackle High Housing Costs

    October 11th 2018

    The NYU Furman Center and Abt Associates have launched LocalHousingSolutions.org, an online, interactive tool to help communities develop local strategies that promote housing affordability. Read more »

  • The State of Rent Stabilization in New York City

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    VIDEO: Policy Breakfast on the State of Rent Stabilization in New York City

    October 4th 2018

    On October 3rd, 2018 the NYU Furman Center hosted an event to examine the state of rent stabilization programs, tenants, and the effect of regulated units on New York City neighborhoods. Read more »

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    WEBINAR TRAINING: New York City Neighborhood Data 101 - Subsidized Housing

    September 25th 2018

    This free webinar training was hosted by NYU Furman Center researchers on September 25th, 2018 and provides an overview of our recent data brief, the State of New York City’s Subsidized Housing in 2017, and shows how to access the data summarized in the brief through the CoreData platform. Read more »

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    New York City Property Tax Reform

    September 24th 2018

    This week, the New York City Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform will begin holding a series of public hearings on the current property tax system in New York City. Convened by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Speaker Corey Johnson in May, the commission is charged with developing proposals to make the system simpler, clearer, and fairer, while also ensuring no reduction in city revenues. Numerous public officials, advocates, and academics have called for property tax reform in order to address inequities within the current four-class property tax system. Currently, litigation is pending against the city in which a coalition of real estate developers and civil rights advocates assert that the property tax system is inequitable and discriminates on the basis of race. Read more »

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    A Better Conversation about Area Median Income (AMI)

    September 10th 2018

    There is a widespread misconception that the methodology used to calculate AMI prevents the poorest households from accessing affordable housing. That’s an intuitive response to affordable housing lotteries where the eligibility is too high for many neighborhood residents but these outcomes are the result of policy choices at the state and local level, not the methodology used to calculate AMI. Read more »

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    Characteristics of Local Schools Near Families with Federal Housing Assistance

    September 6th 2018

    Ingrid Gould Ellen, Faculty Director of the NYU Furman Center, co-authored a new report on the characteristics of local schools near families with federal housing assistance. Read more »

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    NYU Furman Center Comment on 2020 U.S. Census

    September 4th 2018

    NYU Furman Center submitted a comment to the Department of Commerce on the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. Census. Read more »

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    City NIMBYs

    August 30th 2018

    In a recent article in the Journal of Land Use, City NIMBYs, NYU Furman Center Director Vicki Been explores the differences between city and suburban NIMBYism and explains why rising opposition to new development, and its increasingly restrictive regulation, matters Read more »

  • Making Dirty Land Clean report Cover

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    Making Dirty Land Clean: An Analysis of New York City’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP)

    July 31st 2018

    A new policy brief by the NYU Furman Center examines how New York City’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) is being used to redevelop hundreds of brownfield sites in the city. The VCP is the city’s primary brownfield remediation program, providing oversight and support for developers to clean up properties with actual or potential contamination. The policy brief released today, Making Dirty Land Clean: An Analysis of New York City’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), sheds light on this city program to incentivize remediation and redevelopment of contaminated sites. Read more »

  • Fact Brief - June 2018 - State of New York City's Subsidized Housing in 2017

    The State of New York City’s Subsidized Housing in 2017

    June 28th 2018

    The NYU Furman Center released a new fact brief on the state of New York City’s subsidized housing. The brief reviews major programs used to develop and preserve affordable housing in the city, and provides the number and location of properties benefitting from a subsidy or incentive in 2017. Read more »