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State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2020

The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods report, published annually by the NYU Furman Center, provides a compendium of data and analysis about New York City’s housing, land use, demographics, and quality of life for each borough and each of the city’s 59 community districts.

The report is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

This year’s report includes the following:

2020 Focus on Renters and Recovery

This section draws on detailed rent payment data to build an understanding of the experiences of renters in affordable housing in New York City, and by extension, the landlords that house them. 

Citywide Analysis

This section provides a broad, longitudinal analysis of New York City’s housing and neighborhoods. The chapter is divided into four parts: New Yorkers and neighborhoods; renters and their homes; homeowners and their homes; and housing development.

Citywide Data and Neighborhood Data Profiles

These sections provide current and historical statistics for housing, neighborhood, and socioeconomic indicators for New York City and all its boroughs and community districts.



Elisabeth Appel
Maxwell Austensen
Jane Bartman
Isabella Black
Ryan Brenner
Max Brueckner-Humphreys
Gabriela Caballero
Jay Cullen
Jiaqi Dong
Adam George
Nardos Girma
Tyler Haupert
Carl Hedman
Sophie House
Janelle Jack
Noah Kazis
Christine Keough
Katherine Key
Bryan Kim
Julia Konrad
Amrita Kulka
Olivia Lee
Zachary Levine
Ayesha Lilaoonwala
Emma Maniere
Charles McNally
Kayla Merriweather
Deborah Morris
Matthew Murphy
Brittany Muscato
Abe Nelson
Sarina Noone
Bethany O’Neill 
Alan Patterson
Alana Pogostin
Jaden Powell
Hayley Raetz
Katherine Rivard
Andres Rivero
Julie Rong
Alex Sernyak
Chris Shenton
Camille Watson
Isaiah Williams
Mark A. Willis

Project Directors

Maxwell Austensen
Ryan Brenner
Charles McNally
Hayley Raetz

Focus Authors

Hayley Raetz
Katherine M. O'Regan

Faculty Directors

Ingrid Gould Ellen
Katherine M. O'Regan

Special Thanks

Michael Bierman
Derek Hogue


We are grateful for the New York City Council's support of CoreData.nyc.

The NYU Furman Center would like to thank the following people, whose leadership, advice, and support are invaluable:

Andrew Hamilton
New York University

Sherry A. Glied
Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service,
New York University

Trevor Morrison
New York University School of Law

The NYU Furman Center Board of Advisors