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State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2019

The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods report, published annually by the NYU Furman Center, provides a compendium of data and analysis about New York City’s housing, land use, demographics, and quality of life for each borough and each of the city’s 59 community districts.

The report is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

This year’s report includes the following:

2019 Focus on Eviction Filings

This section aims to build a basic understanding of recent trends in eviction filings in New York City and how they vary among neighborhoods.

Citywide Analysis

This section provides a broad, longitudinal analysis of New York City’s housing and neighborhoods. The chapter is divided into three parts:  renters and their homes; homeowners and their homes; and the City's housing stock.

City, Borough, and Community District Data

This section provides current and historical statistics for housing, neighborhood, and socioeconomic indicators at the city, borough, and community district levels.

Indicators, Rankings, and Methods

The final section includes definitions for each indicator in the report; community district indicator rankings; methods; and an index of New York City’s Community Districts and Sub-Borough Areas.



Felicia Akerele
Elisabeth Appel
Tristessa Arthur
Maxwell Austensen
Max Brueckner-Humphreys
Alexis Captanian
Jiaqi Dong
Gabe Friedman
Emily Golchini
Ben Heller
Sophie House
Noah Kazis
Olivia Lee
Anastasia Lopatina
Sean Martin
Charles McNally
Steve Mello
Kayla Merriweather
Matthew Murphy
Brittany Muscato
Abe Nelson
Bethany O’Neill
Annmarie Rodriguez
Camille Watson
Mark A. Willis
Wei You

Project Director

Hayley Raetz



Focus Authors

Ryan Brenner
Katherine M. O'Regan

Faculty Directors

Ingrid Gould Ellen
Katherine M. O'Regan

Special Thanks

Michael Bierman
Jiaqi Dong
Derek Hogue
Annmarie Rodriguez


This work was supported in part by NYU Data Services, who provided staff expertise and technical assistance in preparing the State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods Report in 2019.

We are also grateful for the New York City Council's support of CoreData.nyc.

The NYU Furman Center would like to thank the following people, whose leadership, advice, and support are invaluable:

Andrew Hamilton
New York University

Sherry A. Glied
Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service,
New York University

Trevor Morrison
New York University School of Law

The NYU Furman Center Board of Advisors