State of New York City’s Housing & Neighborhoods – 2006 Report

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The Furman Center is pleased to present the 2006 edition of the State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods. Every year the Furman Center compiles statistics on housing, demographics and quality of life in the City, its five boroughs and 59 community districts.

Our analysis this year also takes a hard look at homeownership in the City, evaluating the impact of rapid housing price appreciation on affordability, unpacking the demographics of NYC’s homeowners, and better understanding the costs that they bear.

The Furman Center discovered that the data we were provided for Acres of Open Space per 1,000 residents was incorrect. We regret reporting the erroneous numbers. Please download the correct data here, which you can insert in your State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods 2006 report.

You can access our Focus Chapter and Citywide Data in the PDF files below. For a copy of the full report, email

  • Front Matter   Acknowledgments and Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary   Introduction to the 2006 Edition and a summary of key findings
  • Recent Homeownership Trends in New York City  
  • Does Housing Supply Track Growth in New York City?  
  • Notes on the 2006 Edition   Geographic definitions, ranking information, and a look at what’s new in the State of NYC’s Housing and Neighborhoods 2006
  • Indicators   Data indicator definitions, source information, and geography and year for which data is available. This section also provides rankings for each indicator, showing the neighborhoods that have the highest and lowest totals.
  • New York City   Data and analysis of trends on New York City as a whole
  • Bronx   Data and analysis of trends on the Bronx and its 12 community districts
  • Brooklyn   Data and analysis of trends on Brooklyn and its 18 community districts
  • Manhattan   Data and analysis of trends on Manhattan and its 12 community districts
  • Queens   Data and analysis of trends on Queens and its 14 community districts
  • Staten Island   Data and analysis of trends on Staten Island and its three community districts
  • Appendix   This section includes a description of our data methods and pages about NYCHANIS, PlanNYC, the Furman Center and an index of the Community Districts.

The data for each community district may be downloaded as an individual PDF file below.