Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
08/14/13 Companies Spruce Up Neighborhoods, Putting Gentrification in Overdrive Wall Street Journal
11/12/13 Loan Woes Buffet Apartment Group Wall Street Journal
12/16/13 In Search of the Next Hot Neighborhood Wall Street Journal
02/28/14 New York City’s Property-Tax System Faces a Challenge Wall Street Journal
06/13/14 Jamaica Bets on Rezoning for a Delayed Boost Wall Street Journal
09/05/14 St. Albans: Suburban Homes, Signs of Rebound Wall Street Journal
09/28/14 Higher Land Prices Test Affordable-Housing Plan Wall Street Journal
10/27/14 City Looks at Life Beyond Housing Wall Street Journal
11/17/14 Flushing Is Up Next for City Housing Focus Wall Street Journal
02/03/15 De Blasio Housing Push Faces Hurdles as Neighbors, Politicians Raise Questions Wall Street Journal
02/08/15 Renters Are Majority in Big U.S. Cities Wall Street Journal
02/19/15 City Housing Rules Examined Wall Street Journal
02/24/15 CoStar Pours Money Into Apartments.com Wall Street Journal
03/25/15 Some Pick at Math in New York City Affordable-Housing Strategy Wall Street Journal
05/05/15 New York Is Getting Less, Not More Cramped Wall Street Journal
04/05/15 Up in the Air: Development Rights of New York City Landmarks Wall Street Journal
05/20/15 New Luxury Rental Projects Add to Rent Squeeze Wall Street Journal
07/31/15 Where the Hipsters Haven’t Gone (Yet) Wall Street Journal
08/23/15 New York City Website Lets Users Drill Deep Into Census Data Wall Street Journal
09/02/15 Students Ditch Dorms for Apartments Bought by Their Parents Wall Street Journal
10/08/15 Micro Units Are Coming to Queens Wall Street Journal
01/19/16 Tax Exemption Hits State Deadline Wall Street Journal
03/02/16 Inwood’s Pleasant Time Warp Wall Street Journal
05/08/16 Rising U.S. Rents Squeeze the Middle Class Wall Street Journal
07/28/16 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity Wall Street Journal
08/05/16 High Costs Squeeze New York City Homeowners Wall Street Journal
07/29/16 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity Wall Street Journal
08/21/16 Bustling Crown Heights Hits Its Stride Wall Street Journal
11/02/16 Next Big Bet for Apartment Rentals: Mexico City Wall Street Journal
11/28/16 Low-Income Housing Shown to Not Weigh on Nearby Property Values Wall Street Journal
02/08/17 Landlords’ Proposed Tax Abatements Would Cut Into City Revenue, Study Says Wall Street Journal
03/28/17 New Yorkers, Don’t Cry Over the One (Bedroom) That Got Away Wall Street Journal
11/10/18 Housing-Voucher Recipients Get Help Moving to Better Neighborhoods Wall Street Journal
06/07/20 Covid-19 Stalks Large Families in Rural America Wall Street Journal
09/09/20 Population in New York City Homeless Shelters Drops in Pandemic Wall Street Journal
06/30/08 Neighborhoods Bear the Brunt (PDF, 54 KB) Washington Post
06/30/08 Subprime Mortgages and Race: A Bit of Good News May Be Illusory (PDF, 59 KB) Washington Post
06/16/09 Supreme Change (PDF, 173 KB) Washington Post
11/03/11 D.C. area housing market feels the pinch from lower jumbo mortgage limits (PDF, 165 KB) Washington Post
05/29/14 Neighborhood violence is hurting black kids’ test scores Washington Post
04/21/15 The Rise of Singles Will Change How We Live in Cities Washington Post
02/17/11 City Braces for Population Growth (PDF, 41 KB) Washington Square News
07/21/20 Seeking Suburban Votes, Trump Targets Rule To Combat Racial Bias In Housing wbur
06/09/22 In New York City, the end of COVID deals leaves many struggling to find affordable housing WBUR
03/29/21 As Eviction Deadline Looms, Some Cities Provide Free Attorneys to Renters WCNC
12/11/20 When Togetherness Means Home Is No Safe Haven WHYY
05/20/20 How Does a Virus Spread in Cities? It’s a Problem of Scale WIRED
02/09/10 Jesse Jackson Walks Through Overtown for Change WLRN
03/22/10 Study Finds Racial Disparity in Rezonings (PDF, 23 KB) WNYC
03/25/10 Study: New York Building Boom Less Dramatic Than in Other Cities (PDF, 19 KB) WNYC
10/04/10 More City Students Affected by Foreclosures (PDF, 13 KB) WNYC
11/12/10 Home Lending Rose in NYC for Low and Moderate Income Buyers, Despite Overall Decline WNYC
12/02/10 Housing Prices Rise in Manhattan, Fall in Queens (PDF, 30 KB) WNYC
02/25/11 Financial 411: Wall Street Bonuses Shrink and Gas Prices Rise (PDF, 47 KB) WNYC
04/12/11 Financial 411: The Future of Rent in New York City (PDF, 63 KB) WNYC
05/19/11 Housing Market Continues to Disappoint (PDF, 86 KB) WNYC
06/07/11 As the High Line Grows, Business Falls in Love with a Public Park (PDF, 199 KB) WNYC
06/13/11 New Court Rule Drives Down Foreclosures in NYC (PDF, 84 KB) WNYC
06/17/11 Foreclosure Notices Up for Owners of NYC Rental Buildings (PDF, 53 KB) WNYC
01/31/12 Housing Groups Warn Homeowners Still Struggling (PDF, 62 KB) WNYC
06/29/12 Mayor’s Housing Plan Shifts From Building to Preserving Units: Report (PDF, 337 KB) WNYC
10/02/12 In Southeast Queens, Epicenter of Housing Bust, Holding Onto Homes Still Elusive (PDF, 288 KB) WNYC
07/08/13 New York, the Vertical City, Kept Rising Under Bloomberg (PDF, 618 KB) WNYC
07/09/13 As Bloomberg Built Affordable Housing, City Became Less Affordable (PDF, 2 MB) WNYC
01/09/14 In Central Harlem, Breaking into the Middle Class WNYC
02/08/14 How I Landed a $38,000 Apartment in Brooklyn Heights WNYC
06/16/14 Is the Rent Too Damn High… Because of Property Taxes? WNYC
07/16/14 1,500 Buildings Caught Between the Next Flood and a Hard Place WNYC
01/14/15 More Subsidized Rentals Found in Less Desirable Neighborhoods WNYC
01/13/15 My Mystery Landlord WNYC
05/05/15 It’s Not You: NYC Rents Rising Faster than Income WNYC
05/09/16 The City’s Top Gentrifying Neighborhoods WNYC
09/19/16 Four Signs the South Bronx is Gentrifying WNYC
11/17/16 Taking Back the South Bronx WNYC
06/22/17 Sunset Park: So Hot Right Now WNYC
07/07/22 Mayor Adams’ Housing Plan and the Affordability Crisis WNYC (The Brian Lehrer Show)
04/16/12 Evictions on the Rise in the City (PDF, 76 KB) WNYC News Blog
10/27/08 NYC Minorities Receive Fewer Mortgages (PDF, 21 KB) WNYC Radio
04/14/08 Renters Also Hurt by Mortgage Crisis (PDF, 32 KB) WNYC Radio
04/12/07 Sub-Prime Market Heads Skyward (PDF, 17 KB) WNYC Radio
03/12/07 Crowded Houses WNYC Radio
03/12/09 Report Reveals Surprises in NYC Real Estate Trend WNYC Radio
04/30/12 The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show
05/29/20 New York’s plan to become a fairer city after COVID-19 World Economic Forum
07/01/11 Austerity Measures Threaten Legal Aid for New Yorkers Facing Foreclosure (PDF, 129 KB) World Socialist Website
10/05/17 Share of Rent-Burdened Households Declines in Possible Reversal of Trend WSJ
03/01/17 March Rent Report Reveals More Renters, ‘Average’ Satisfaction WTTW Chicago Tonight
04/22/20 L.A. Housing Stricken by Overcrowding Triggers Fears of Coronavirus Spread Yahoo News
07/16/20 In Wake of Coronavirus, A Looming Epidemic of Evictions Yahoo News
05/08/22 Facing Soaring Rents, Some U.S. Tenants Are Fighting Back Yahoo News
06/25/09 Mortgage Scams Still a Threat (PDF, 226 KB) Your Nabe