Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
05/19/11 NYC Housing Prices, Foreclosures Decline (PDF, 69 KB) The Real Deal
05/19/11 New York Home Prices Drop, NYU Study Finds (PDF, 284 KB) DNAinfo
05/17/11 10,000 Missing in Astoria? What The Stats Say (PDF, 190 KB) City Limits
05/16/11 Budget Cuts Imperil Aid in Foreclosure Cases (PDF, 221 KB) New York Times
05/10/11 DCP Likely to Propose Lower Parking Minimums for NYC’s “Inner Ring” Streetsblog
05/03/11 Where the REOs are The Real Deal
04/28/11 Refinancings plummeted in minority areas (PDF, 31 KB) Crain’s New York
04/25/11 Tenants Turn to Lenders to Repair Buildings (PDF, 61 KB) The Wall Street Journal
04/19/11 New York City Residential Market Sees Positive Signs, But Multifamily Foreclosures Increased (PDF, 31 KB) Multi-Housing News
04/18/11 A Real Estate Kingdom in Brownsville (PDF, 125 KB) The Brooklyn Ink
04/15/11 Rent regulation battle moves to State Senate Real Estate Weekly
04/13/11 More Landlords Not Paying Up (PDF, 87 KB) The Wall Street Journal
04/13/11 Small Percentage Of NYers Bike To Work, Study Finds (PDF, 36 KB) NY1
04/13/11 City Bike Numbers Unwheel (PDF, 256 KB) New York Post
04/13/11 High Rents Keep Movers, Brokers in Business (PDF, 122 KB) BrickUnderground
04/12/11 Financial 411: The Future of Rent in New York City (PDF, 63 KB) WNYC
04/12/11 Foreclosed Multi-Family Rentals Plague NYers (PDF, 25 KB) The Real Deal
04/12/11 Living and Working in One New York Neighborhood (PDF, 35 KB) The American Prospect
04/12/11 Musings on a Zone-Based Fare Proposal (PDF, 179 KB) 2nd Avenue Sagas
04/03/11 New York’s Next Big Neighborhoods, “Flushingstone” (PDF, 106 KB) New York Magazine
03/29/11 The 10 Most Segregated Urban Areas in America (PDF, 41 KB) Salon.com
03/25/11 Foreclosure Prevention Funds Still Necessary (PDF, 12 KB) New York Law Journal
03/18/11 Losing Home—Immigrant Families’ Path Through Foreclosure and Beyond (PDF, 64 KB) New America Media
03/10/11 New Worries for Buyers Seeking Mortgages (PDF, 51 KB) The New York Times
03/09/11 A House Dies And a Block Sinks (PDF, 109 KB) Brooklyn Ink
03/07/11 City’s Senior Center Cuts Hit LES Harder Than Any Other Neighborhood (PDF, 301 KB) The Lo-Down
03/02/11 Chelsea Residents Fight Over a Small Patch of Land (PDF, 252 KB) New York Press
03/01/11 Brooklyn Pol Wants to Put Banks on the Hook for Maintaining New York Homes They Foreclose on (PDF, 101 KB) New York Daily News
02/26/11 Home Prices Fall, Foreclosures Ease (PDF, 98 KB) The Wall Street Journal
02/25/11 Hangover Lingers for City’s Housing Market (PDF, 26 KB) Crain’s New York
02/25/11 Financial 411: Wall Street Bonuses Shrink and Gas Prices Rise (PDF, 47 KB) WNYC
02/17/11 City Braces for Population Growth (PDF, 41 KB) Washington Square News
02/13/11 Parking Minimums Make Housing More Expensive (PDF, 10 KB) Planetzin
02/13/11 The Added Value in a Staircase (PDF, 83 KB) The New York Times
02/11/11 Parking Minimums Make NYC Housing More Expensive, NYU Report Finds Streetsblog.org
01/21/11 Banks Want Pieces of Fannie-Freddie Pie (PDF, 49 KB) The New York Times
01/16/11 Federal Foreclosure Funds Trickling into Neighborhoods (PDF, 40 KB) Chicago Tribune
12/28/10 No Vacancy: Why Empty Condos Aren’t Becoming Affordable Housing (PDF, 26 KB) City Limits
12/27/10 New Year’s Resolution For NYC: Get A Strategy For Growth (PDF, 17 KB) City Limits
12/27/10 How Big Is Too Big For New York City? (PDF, 18 KB) City Limits
12/14/10 Development, Zoning Fights Fuel Push For NYC Roadmap (PDF, 41 KB) City Limits
12/06/10 East Chelsea Residents Push for Park on 20th St., Not Affordable Housing (PDF, 86 KB) DNAinfo
12/02/10 Sales and Prices Up for Manhattan Homes, Study Finds (PDF, 87 KB) DNAinfo
12/02/10 Housing Prices Rise in Manhattan, Fall in Queens (PDF, 30 KB) WNYC
11/30/10 Community Gardens Safeguarded (PDF, 62 KB) The Epoch Times
11/13/10 City Slowdown in Mortgages Hits Home (PDF, 45 KB) The Wall Street Journal
11/12/10 Home Lending Rose in NYC for Low and Moderate Income Buyers, Despite Overall Decline WNYC
11/12/10 ‘09 NYC Home Loans Fell as Refinancing Exploded (PDF, 41 KB) Crain’s New York
11/05/10 Will Cuomo’s Land Banks Help Bed-Stuy? The Local
10/27/10 Unfinished Business: Updating CRA (PDF, 33 KB) US Banker
10/14/10 Revise the CRA’s Rules to Make It More Relevant (PDF, 36 KB) American Banker
10/11/10 The Economic Importance of Being Educated (PDF, 4 MB) Forefront
10/05/10 Foreclosure in the Family Harms School Performance, Report Finds (PDF, 44 KB) The Wall Street Journal Metropolis
10/04/10 Foreclosures Taking Toll on More City School Kids (PDF, 41 KB) Crain’s New York
10/04/10 More City Students Affected by Foreclosures (PDF, 13 KB) WNYC
10/03/10 Southeast Queens is Foreclosure Central (PDF, 45 KB) Crain’s New York
09/15/10 How the 30-year Mortgage Came to Be Marketplace
09/10/10 Comptroller Liu And Other Leaders Press Banks On Foreclosures (PDF, 3 KB) Black Star News
09/10/10 Dallas Rep. Jeb Hensarling wants Fannie Mae, FreddieMac gone (PDF, 25 KB) The Dallas Morning News
09/04/10 Bedford-Stuyvesant: Buyers Have Upper Hand (PDF, 200 KB) The Wall Street Journal
08/23/10 Beyond the Poverty Line (PDF, 4 MB) Stanford Social Innovation Review
08/18/10 Mortgage Role for U.S. Is Affirmed The New York Times
08/18/10 Treasury, Lenders Seek to Keep Government Role in Housing Fix (PDF, 137 KB) Bloomberg.com
08/17/10 Geithner: Housing System Needs Government Support Marketwatch
08/17/10 Geithner Calls for Housing Finance Reform The Financial Times
08/01/10 Purchasing Power Changes Hands (PDF, 312 KB) The Real Deal
08/01/10 Brokers Get Creative to Attract House Hunters The Real Deal
07/29/10 Urban Land Use: Looking Beyond the Charter Commission Urban Omnibus
07/25/10 The Roller-Coaster Ride Called a Short Sale (PDF, 525 KB) The New York Times
07/22/10 Planners Tackle Big Questions About How to Shape NYC Development Streetsblog.org
07/01/10 Like a Broken Record: 100 Years of Busts (PDF, 118 KB) The Real Deal
06/23/10 Low-income housing development fuels economic gains in distressed neighborhoods, stabilizes families (PDF, 162 KB) Local Initiatives Support Corporation
06/23/10 Affordable Housing Pays Off for City Crain’s New York Business
06/21/10 A Housing Price Collapse in Queens New York is Almost Certain (PDF, 122 KB) Real Estate Channel
06/15/10 Jonathan Miller Podcast Interview with Furman Center Resident Research Fellow Mark Willis Housing Helix
06/10/10 Rep. Clarke Applauds the Passage of the Federal Housing Administration Reform Act (PDF, 31 KB) Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke
06/10/10 Higher Ground (PDF, 148 KB) The Wall Street Journal
05/27/10 New Construction Is Farther From Green Space (PDF, 31 KB) The New York Times
05/21/10 City Foreclosures Climb In First Quarter (PDF, 60 KB) Wall Street Journal
05/17/10 Saga of the Worthless Condo (PDF, 52 KB) City Limits
05/09/10 Demand Grows for F.H.A. Mortgages (PDF, 43 KB) The New York Times
04/22/10 Bloomberg’s PlaNYC Not So Green, Critics Say (PDF, 69 KB) NBC
04/21/10 How ‘Transit-Oriented Development’ Will Put More New Yorkers in Cars (PDF, 83 KB) Gotham Gazette
04/11/10 The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York New York Magazine
04/01/10 How Credible is Case-Shiller? (PDF, 86 KB) The Real Deal
03/29/10 E. Flatbush is Rail Far (PDF, 29 KB) NY Post
03/25/10 Study: New York Building Boom Less Dramatic Than in Other Cities (PDF, 19 KB) WNYC
03/25/10 City Added 170,000 Housing Units During Boom Crain’s New York Business
03/25/10 Housing Boom Brings 170K New Units to NYC (PDF, 36 KB) The Real Deal
03/25/10 Study Shows Building Boom Before Market Crashed (PDF, 25 KB) New York Times
03/22/10 Study Finds Racial Disparity in Rezonings (PDF, 23 KB) WNYC
03/22/10 Despite Much Rezoning, Scant Change in Residential Capacity (PDF, 43 KB) New York Times
03/15/10 Mentally Ill Look for Home in NYC Metro
03/14/10 Picking Up the Pieces Crain’s
02/22/10 City’s New Plan on Affordable Housing: Build Less, Preserve More (PDF, 35 KB) The New York Times
02/22/10 Bloomberg Shifts Affordable Housing Focus (PDF, 39 KB) NY1
02/22/10 Bloomberg Retools Affordable MF Program Globe Street
02/18/10 Shaping the Next New York: The Promise of Bloomberg’s Rezonings Streetsblog
02/10/10 Where Did the Stimulus Funds Go? (PDF, 44 KB) El Diario
02/09/10 Jesse Jackson Walks Through Overtown for Change WLRN