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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

Sweat Equity (State)

Sweat Equity was overseen by the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity and worked in partnership with New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s (HCR) Mortgage Agency (SONYMA). SONYMA provides a two percent, fixed interest rate mortgage to homebuyers, who, in exchange, must work 200 hours or more on the construction of their buildings and put a one percent down payment toward the purchase price of the home. In addition to the down payment, buyers made monthly payments equal to one-third of their incomes. Only low-income, first-time homeowners with credit scores above 620 were eligible.

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  • Supply/Demand: Supply
  • Category: Land and Financing
  • Scale: Small Scale (between 1 and 999 units)
  • Timeframe: Started 2008
  • Occupancy tenure: Homeownership
  • Construction Type: Rehabilitation, New Construction
  • Building Type: One- to Four-family
  • Developers/Owners: Non-Profit
  • Income Restrictions: Very Low-income, Low-income

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