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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)

Through the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP), the New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) provides financial support for non-profit community-based housing corporations, called Preservation Companies, to perform housing and community renewal activities around the state. These corporations provide assistance including, but not limited to: housing rehabilitation, homebuyer counseling, tenant counseling, landlord and tenant mediation, community rehabilitation and renewal, crime watch programs, employment programs, and legal assistance. Preservation Companies are also involved in the planning and development of capital projects including new construction and rehabilitation of older housing stock. HCR’s funds may be leveraged by the private sector and other governmental sources. Preservation Companies primarily serve low- and moderate-income residents.

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  • Alternative Name(s): Neighborhood and Rural Preservation Programs
  • Supply/Demand: Supply, Demand
  • Category: Land and Financing
  • Scale: Very Large Scale (over 10,000 units)
  • Timeframe: 1977-Present
  • Occupancy tenure: Rental, Homeownership
  • Construction Type: Rehabilitation, New Construction
  • Building Type: Multi-family
  • Developers/Owners: Non-profit
  • Income Restrictions: Low-income, Moderate-income

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