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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

Loan Management Set-Aside (LMSA)

The Section 8 Loan Management Set Aside Program (LMSA) for projects with HUD-insured and HUD-held mortgages is designed to reduce claims on HUD’s insurance fund by stabilizing the financial condition of troubled HUD-insured or HUD-held multifamily projects. The program is intended to assist projects with immediately or potentially serious financial problems.

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  • Alternative Name(s): Section 8 Loan Management Set Aside
  • Supply/Demand: Demand
  • Category: Rental Subsidies and Assistance
  • Timeframe: 1937 - Present
  • Occupancy tenure: Rental
  • Building Type: Multi-family
  • Developers/Owners: For-profit
  • Income Restrictions: Low-income

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