The Dream Revisited: A Discussion on Economic Segregation in Schools

Research & Policy | March 10th 2014

Launched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day earlier this year, The Dream Revisited is a “slow debate” on the role that segregation in neighborhoods and schools plays in hindering economic and racial equality. It is presented as part of the Furman Center’s year-long Integration Research Initiative.

The second discussion in the series is focused on economic segregation in schools and argues for its continued relevance today. Essays in the second discussion include:

Join the discussion on Twitter via the hashtag #TheDreamRevisited.

The Dream Revisited will feature a new discussion each month for the entire year. At the conclusion of project in 2014, the debates will be digitally archived. The Dream Revisited is presented as part of the NYU Furman Center's Integration Research Initiative and supported in part by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.

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