Katherine O’Regan Confirmed as HUD Assistant Secretary for Policy Development & Research

News & Events | April 29th 2014

The NYU Furman Center congratulates Katherine O’Regan for her confirmation this week as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research (PD&R) at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A Professor of Public Policy at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service and a longtime affiliated faculty member with the NYU Furman Center, O’Regan was nominated by President Obama in June of 2013 and confirmed by the Senate on Monday, April 28th.

Prior to her nomination, Kathy served as the Director of the Public and Nonprofit Management and Analysis Program at the NYU Wagner Graduate School for Public Service, where she has taught since 2000. Her research has focused on issues affecting the urban poor and the neighborhoods in which they live. She has also co-written numerous publications with Furman Center researchers, including:

The Assistant Secretary for PD&R directs HUD’s independent research and policy arm. PD&R's research activities are designed to have immediate relevance to the policy issues facing the HUD Secretary (currently Shaun Donovan) and his principal staff.

The White House announcement, released June 27, 2013, can be read here.

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