• Research & Policy

    Report: Local Government Responses to Gentrification

    October 27th 2016

    A report by the NYU Furman Center provides an overview of strategies to protect low-income households and the economic diversity of neighborhoods in cities with soaring housing costs. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    The Dream Revisited: Suburban Poverty & Segregation

    September 28th 2016

    The twenty-first discussion on The Dream Revisited, Suburban Poverty & Segregation, explores the increasing diversity of suburbs and increasing levels of suburban poverty and debates the challenges of supporting poor households’ economic self-sufficiency beyond the central city. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    Report Examines Home-Buying Potential in NYC for Households at Various Income Levels

    August 4th 2016

    A new NYU Furman Center and Citi report finds that becoming a homeowner in New York City’s real estate market is a considerable challenge for the vast majority of New York City households due to the city’s severely constrained supply of affordable home-buying opportunities. Homeownership prospects do not necessarily improve by moving to the surrounding New York suburbs. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    The Dream Revisited: Making Vouchers More Mobile

    July 12th 2016

    The twentieth discussion on The Dream Revisited, Making Vouchers More Mobile, examines the benefits of defining fair market rent by zip code, to make it easier for families to move to higher-opportunity neighborhoods, and weighs potential unintended costs. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    Policy Minute: Exploring Gentrification

    May 26th 2016

    Gentrification is an evolving topic, affecting many urban areas and highlighting some of the challenges that arise as neighborhoods evolve. This Policy Minute presents some of the latest research on gentrification, displacement, and neighborhood change. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    The Dream Revisited: Public Housing and Deconcentrating Poverty

    May 17th 2016

    The nineteenth discussion debates what we should do about high-poverty, distressed public housing developments in light of recent research from the Moving to Opportunity Program about the costs of concentrated poverty. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    Report Analyzes New York City’s Gentrifying Neighborhoods and Finds Dramatic Demographic Shifts

    May 9th 2016

    A special report on Gentrification in the NYU Furman Center’s annual State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods report identifies 15 gentrifying neighborhoods in New York City and finds that they have seen greater growth in the shares of the population that are young adults, college-educated, white, and living alone or with roommates. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    Report: Renting in America’s Largest Metros

    March 8th 2016

    NYU Furman Center and Capital One release the 2016 NYU Furman Center/Capital One National Affordable Rental Housing Landscape, which analyzes rental housing affordability trends in the 11 largest metropolitan areas in the US. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    Fifty Years of Historic Preservation in New York City

    March 7th 2016

    The NYU Furman Center’s latest report shows the extent of preservation in New York City and compares the land use, housing stock, demographic characteristics, and commercial property in historic districts with those in areas that are not regulated by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. Read more »

  • Research & Policy

    The Dream Revisited: Segregation & the Financial Crisis

    February 29th 2016

    The latest discussion in the NYU Furman Center’s series debates the extent to which segregation exacerbated the unequal effects of the mortgage-driven financial collapse of 2007 and ways to address racial disparities in mortgage lending. Read more »