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    NYC’s Homeless Shelter Population

    August 27th 2013

    New York City’s sheltered population has changed over the past 30 years. Read more »

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    A Tax Coup for Co-ops?

    August 15th 2013

    NY state law allows some of NYC’s most expensive apartments to be valued at a fraction of their market price, and thereby pay a much lower tax rate than other types of properties. Read more »

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    From Knish to Kebab: NYC Remains a City of Immigrants

    August 8th 2013

    New York City has long been considered the Golden Door to the U.S.—and appropriately so. In 2010, over one-third of New York City residents were born outside the U.S. Read more »

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    New York City Renters Feel the Squeeze

    July 29th 2013

    New York City renters are feeling the squeeze. According to the State of NYC’s Housing and Neighborhoods 2012 report, released today, between 2007 and 2011, the median monthly gross rent citywide increased by 8.6 percent and median household income decreased 6.8 percent. Read more »

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    The Price of Building Higher

    July 19th 2013

    In New York City, developers can sometimes buy unused development rights from nearby properties to increase the size of their own building projects. This visual shows the locations, numbers, and average price per square foot (in 2013 dollars) of recent (2003-2011) development rights transfers in Manhattan. Read more »

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    Summer of 311

    July 11th 2013

    High temperatures weren’t the only thing New Yorkers were sweating last summer. Read more »

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    Where Have All the Foreclosed Properties Gone?

    July 3rd 2013

    The stock of bank-owned, foreclosed properties in New York City has declined from a high of 2,095 properties in 2009 to 684 properties by the end of 2012. Read more »

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    Feel the Squeeze

    June 26th 2013

    Not just your imagination; it really is getting more expensive to live in New York City. Read more »

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    Growing More Than Greens

    June 20th 2013

    Turns out New York City’s community gardens grow more than just flowers and vegetables. After opening, these plots have shown a positive impact on surrounding property values, which grows steadily over time, especially in low income communities. Read more »

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    Gossip Girls or Golden Girls?

    June 11th 2013

    Although the recently wrapped show Gossip Girl portrayed the Upper East Side as a playground for the young, rich, and beautiful, the neighborhood is actually home to the most rapidly aging population in New York City. Read more »